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Rapists deserve torture and death, heart if you agree!

i desire to kiss you every time i see you
but what to do
i desire to hug you when you feel cold
but what do do
i desire to just look at you and keeping saying beautiful
but what to do
i desire to hold your hands at least once
but what to do
i know once i hold your hands i never let you go
i am little selfish want you to be just mine :)
i desire to walk with you but what to do
i will never let you fall down
i desire to take you on dinner on the moon up there too ba... read more

when ever a pirate in some movie says argh i reply back with argh

its automatic reply i cant control it i wonder if i am destined to be a pirate like captain jack sparrow

i guess i should stop watching the movies too much

before i lose control start replying to everything with just argh lol

i am just expressing myself
just wanna ask why people break hearts
i dont get it
why not be honest
be loyal be caring
be nice to each other
always be there when you are needed
why not love to the fullest
how many people actually say i love you loud in public rarely why i dont get it
why so afraid in love people want to be loved but when someone comes in life they just get afraid to open heart
i dont get it love is giving someone the power to hurt you but trusting th... read more

i am not saying that you should love me back
but i really want that
i am not saying that you should hold my hand
all i am saying i will never let you go
i am not saying that you should hug me
but my heart wants that
i am not saying that you should kiss me
all i wanna ask Why your lips are so yummy
i am not saying that i wanna watch movie with you
its the popcorn that wants you to be here with me
i am not saying that you should change your hairs
just wanna say i lov... read more

i really wanna sing every word i say in college classes too bad people will freak out

i love singing

thing i wanna ask things i wanna do

when i look at you can i tell you how perfect you are
before you say something every time can i say i love you
when we watch a movie will you let me hold your hand cause i really want that
when we walk near beach will you let me hold your hand and can i kiss it
every time
i really wanna sing a song that i made own my own
every lyric of this song is i love you
cause i wanna say these magical words to you all the time
will you let ... read more

have a bad habit of reading romantic stories just read a story in which when a guy was young he drove 1000 miles for the lady he loved just to have launch with her then drove back home so different from our current time world is so changed now a days people just think about lust both genders do it too bad people confuse lust with love the story really inspired me to do some crazy stuff in love i did some crazy stuff in life when i look back i am still young lol right now maki... read more

If guys had periods they would brag about how big their tampons are.

isuru who lives in australia, i am in love with you

God is real= A fact.

ALLAH is the only god of every one and every thing
islam is peace it is never war or terrorism
the world we live in many people are trying to demolish the name of islam
trying to show religion of peace as war
in islam injustice is never allowed
injust killings arent allowed
such people who do these kinda killings only use the name of islam
to demolish the image but truly they are at lost cause those
who can see and read the Quran
read the verified verses by the last Prophet M... read more

I was gonna have sex with a friend. She has a boyfriend. We were making out, but right before we started undressing each other, I decided not to go any further, and I just left. The next day she called me to thank me for that. The honest truth is I decided not to do it because I noticed she was wearing crocs.

Just got a call from my Mom... My dad has been taken to the hospital and this time doesn't seem like he'll be making it back home. 55 Years old... diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in August of 2008. Mom says the doctors say it will be today or tomorrow. :o(

Im a black man and i can honestly say im sick of you white people as a whole. Youre governments and corporations are all racist a**h*** who think they can control everyone and everything they can get their greedy fat a**es on. Some of you truly believe you are superior to blacks and other minorties in every way, f*** some of you want to exterminate us as a whole, similar to what Hitler did to the Jews in WWII and dont pretend we dont know thats what some of you are thinkin c... read more


i saw her felt like my world is this girl
i dont know how to say to her
i know what i wanna say to her
i love you
but i dont have the courage to say it
cause she wont reply me back :(
i look at her hands dream of holding them
not fair cant hold :(
i look at her lips cant hear a thing can see only lips moving
they are so soft :)
i look at her sitting over there wanna go over there
but i am afraid :(
i never look in her eyes cause she will know i love her :(
when i hear her lau... read more

I just tried to brush a hair off my laptop screen... with my cursor.

I love this type of weather gloomy dark weather wish it could always be like this

I work as a cashier in my family's fast food business. And today a customer came in to order food that was worth £7. So when he paid, he gave me a £10 note, and i don't know if he purposely or deliberately dropped a 2pence coin on the counter, in which i just ignored it because i thought he did it accidently and would pick it up. So i just took his £10 note, and proceeded to give him his change back which was £3 coins change, and also picked up the 2pence coin that i saw ... read more