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Defend yourself and attack the person molesting you. Squish his balls, twist kick punch stomp them and scratch as much as possible and scream and get help tell someone

I recently submitted a vent in regard to a childhood friend I reconnected with who was serving in the army, and then he blocked me with no explanation, yeah my feelings were hurt. the response I was greeted with. "He is just not that into you, find someone else to screw you!"
For the Record, this had nothing to do with having SEX! but everything to enjoying someones personality in conversation. I posted here because I was sad and he made me happy. I don't live in f... read more

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Could really use a friend right now ?

Thank God you can't vote
Go Hillary

My boyfriend just had a pee inside me during sex, what a disgusting prick!

Stupid people are so easy to manipulate ha ha ha ha!

anybody that uses a proxy to get here is the biggest loser of all:)

i miss my mom. i miss her warm, comforting hugs..i miss her voice. her laugh was the best thing, it was contagious and she had the best smile.. i cry for her everyday..i miss her so damn much. i miss her presence..

The fact that sloths aren't extinct, somehow proves that if you go at your own pace and mind your own business, you too can succeed! #success #notextinct #foodforthought

If this "72+ gender" thing is true, I identify as a lightbulb at 8:00 am and a male dragon at 12:00 pm. Around 9:00 pm, I identify as a cactus. Memorize all my genders or you're dead to me!!!!1!!!1!!

For people who are from other religions, it may be hard to understand specially since before they even research about the religion its already classified as a terrorist religion. A religion of terror. People taking verses from quran such as that without anything else as 'proof'. Ive been studying Islam for 11 years. For people who just simply read quran- even if they read it from top to bottom and dont refer to sunnah and teachings which helps us understand what it truly mean... read more

I'm in such a horrible mood, everything went wrong today and I just want to cry.

People who play on others emotions and vulnerabilities are really sick.

Starting to realize the closest thing I have to friends are anonymous muttr posters...

If you want to think of me as black, that's just fine!
But then it means a n***abeat your a** down, so it's your choice:)

Aww some one just commented something really sweet I was so happy I literally cried. I feel loved!

my girlfriend of 1 year gets snapchats from a ton of guys and she snapchats steadily about 5 or 6 guys, one of wich she was with romantically for a short period of time, but are still friends. All of this makes me jealous and in turn because I don't like the feeling I get distant and push her away little by little. please help I need some advice!!! I've told her how I feel before and she lied and assured me all the guys she snapchatted were gay.

Happy Easter to those celebrating :)

I want a connection with someone.