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To the f***er who keeps downvoting the user posting about God:

Knock it the f*** off. They're just trying to figure out truth as they see it. Am I religious? Not anymore. But do I think it's okay to treat people who are religious and open about it like my own personal punching bag? f*** no. It makes them happy, and they're not forcing their faith on you. They're simply talking about it in a public forum that allows free expression. So leave them alone.

P.S.: Before you say ... read more

I'm a librarian.

The number of grown-a** adults who don't know how to print, log on, use the internet, save a file, download a file, or figure out how to use a copier seriously scares me.

From Stephen Hawking to Alan Turing, many of the most intelligent people in the world are Atheists.


Defend yourself and attack the person molesting you. Squish his balls, twist kick punch stomp them and scratch as much as possible and scream and get help tell someone

It's sad when I want friends who are willing to defend me, be there for me, fight with me, cry with me and have fun but I don't have none of those but snakes even though I did all those things for them.

Sometimes you just gotta shove your feelings in your back pocket and move on.

For people who are from other religions, it may be hard to understand specially since before they even research about the religion its already classified as a terrorist religion. A religion of terror. People taking verses from quran such as that without anything else as 'proof'. Ive been studying Islam for 11 years. For people who just simply read quran- even if they read it from top to bottom and dont refer to sunnah and teachings which helps us understand what it truly mean... read more

If this "72+ gender" thing is true, I identify as a lightbulb at 8:00 am and a male dragon at 12:00 pm. Around 9:00 pm, I identify as a cactus. Memorize all my genders or you're dead to me!!!!1!!!1!!

I finally talked to my mom about something that was bothering me for so long and we actually had a good conversation about it! The other few times i tried to talk about it didn't go so well but that went so good. I feel so relieved. :)

My husband raped me last night. Again. And I've had enough. I told him it was over. If he ever touches me again I will have him locked up. Then I will go to the doc website, look up other inmates and send them letters telling them my whole story of abuse and rape and let them deal with him. I AM NO LONGER A VICTIM

Yo this place is a little toxic. If you are having a hard time with life or anything I Highly recommend dropping social media, ignoring politics, celebrity news, this site, just about everything. Get close and understand yourself in the rawest form you possibly can. I'm currently doing it and it's doing m wonders, I highly recommend. It's depressing because the world can live without you, so see if you can live without it. This life is about understanding your experiences and... read more

It kills me inside that one day my mother and father will be dead.

Jumping up and down throwing a temper tantrum
and yelling how everyone is against you.
shouldn't our president be more dignified than that?

skinny shaming exists too.