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I don't care if your black or white or yellow or red, if you are a racist you are simply a pathetic excuse for a human
and really should just off yourself and save the taxpayers a dime or two!

Gotta stop obsessing.

To the f***er who keeps downvoting the user posting about God:

Knock it the f*** off. They're just trying to figure out truth as they see it. Am I religious? Not anymore. But do I think it's okay to treat people who are religious and open about it like my own personal punching bag? f*** no. It makes them happy, and they're not forcing their faith on you. They're simply talking about it in a public forum that allows free expression. So leave them alone.

P.S.: Before you say ... read more

being unwanted is kind of like a way of life to me now

The girl I liked just rejected me... I've made my decision... next monday, I kill myself.

I've had enough of this motherf***ing life.
I've never felt loved, as my parents never have time for me, and I've been bullied almost all my life...
No matter how much I pray to God and Jesus, I never get an answer...
No matter what I do, in the end, it gets f***t up...

So next monday, while my parents are on some sh**y christian meeting, I'm killing... read more

ITS MY BIRTHDAYYY TODAYY. :D I'm one year olderr. :)

As I go through muttr's on here, I get quite saddened because so many of them are upset, mad, depressed, tired, stressed, and many other things. I just want to hug and comfort you all. I try to comment on some of them but I'm not always sure what to say. But if there are any of y'all out there who post, and don't think anyone pays attention to them, I do. I wish you all well. I hope things work out and you feel better. <3

I never thought my name was anything special until I heard the way it sounded coming from your mouth

IF WE BURN, YOU BURN WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could we meet for a coffee a few years from now?

When we're both in better places and better mindsets

Reasons why eBay sucks for sellers:

1. Not allowed to use anything but PayPal. eBay bought out PayPal, and in a bid to earn more revenue, is now forcing everyone to use it for all the payments. You get banned if you use WesternUnion, WireTransfer, or Money Order.

2. PayPal holds payments from eBay items for 21 days. Gives you a friendly message saying "ship your item, and once we know buyer has received it, we'll release your funds." Great, thank you Pay... read more