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Her: I can't believe I'm half naked.
Me: No you're not.
Her: Yes, I am. My top is off.
Me: Yeah, but your bra is still on. You're more like a quarter naked... You are really bad at fractions.

Why is it that 3 percent of the people can tell the other 97% what is normal, then get offended
when you call them on their sh**??????????

Rainbows everywhere
Rainbows everything
Rainbows everyone

Boootyful world we live in

Escort makes $7000 a night where do I sign up

If you choose to participate in the hatred, you're not part of the problem,
YOU are the problem!!!

Muttr needs a chat room

Imagine working really hard to get into your dream college and getting denied. Pretty bad. Now also imagine your own mother reminding you every single day what a failure you are. She doesn't stop telling me every day how I'm never going to achieve anything and that I don't have what it takes to study my career of choice. Not only does she hurt me by insulting me academically but she also doesn't stop insulting my body every time she sees me pick up a piece of food. She calls ... read more

How not to pick up girls: Part II

Idiot2 was sighted throwing rocks at my window aprox 9:30pm when I refused to answer his text.

Most people would realize: not answering is just a polite way of saying go f*** yourself.


What would republicans say and do if hillary was president and Chelsea and her husband were her closest advisors? What about Chelsea getting top secret clearance and an office but somehow avoiding nepotism laws? Would you buy Chelsea Clinton boots at Nordstrom or boycott them after her mom flipped out on twitter?

If you hurt me it is YOUR FAULT
I do not need to toughen up or grow up, you need to stop
I didn't do anything wrong so I don't need to change

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All jokes Assad,

things are getting pretty Syrias.

Whether you like it or not, if you are a man who has grown up in the United States or really any Western culture, you have picked up some aspect of toxic masculinity. This doesn't mean you are a rapist, but it probably means you have been taught to objectify or underestimate women at some point. Own it.

This random a** comment from an Anonymous Person deserves Recognition

Pick up a history book yourself. Slave comes from the word Slav, as in slavic people. Whites who were enslaved in the Barbary slave trade. There is no race on this earth that has not been enslaved at some point in history. Slavery is still going on in Africa, Libya, China, and other places. No one cares about that though. You don't hear BLM protesting and burning down their neighborhoods to fix that. They... read more

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-Kitty (TeenTalks President)
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I hate my mom. She's a pathetic loser and I hope she dies soon.

I'm a gay man that's grown up in a conservative christian household. Due to my experiences, I've made it a point to always keep my mind and heart open. And today I'm going to say something that pisses off a ton of people, and I don't give a sh**. Lately, I've had nothing but racism-linked posts blowing up my facebook feed. Nothing but comments about how 'society is racist' and how 'greedy, racist ceo's' are responsible for black people suffering. I've had enough. I've heard y... read more

Mike Pence went from yesterday’s forum on "empowering women" (hahaha) to today leading a group of male politicians in a vote to take away access to birth control and cancer screenings and deny family planning to poor women. Can't trust them to make personal medical choices but it's fine to force birth and motherhood on women.