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Some people come with so much baggage, yet they hide it so well.

Is there a psychological term or explanation for people who counter everything you say? The person is my father in law and he is not mean or argumentative but he does reject most statements but then agrees later if he remembers.
Example: he complains about my cat escaping so I say if you feed the cat before you leave he won't try to escape. He then says no, I don't wanna that won't work and will spoil the cat. he them wants to talk about his other cats who someone else takes ... read more

when pedophiles get brutally murdered 😍😍😍😍💘💘😍😍😍💘💯💯

Stop being a creep telling people how to feel and that their feelings aren't valid. Is someone is scared, show some empathy instead of acting superior and inhumane. You're not cool, you're an a**🍩

I might be young and kind, but I'm not naive. You don't fool me.

i love how you put zero effort into caring for me and basically expect me to tend to your every need

Once a b****, always a b****.

i'm so tired and angry at you, you are such a scumbag and your many failed relationships are failed for a reason, probably because you treated them the same sh**y way you treat me

im f***ing sick of all your guilt tripping and the strain you put on this f***ing family that we definitely don't need any more of, i get lonely too without constant attention but you want sex all the time and you expect everyone to fulfill your needs while you don't give a rat's a** about mine. i am able to f***ing control my feelings even when it makes me suicidal to where they don't hurt you, but you won't do the same for me. you f***ing suck and the only reason i'm hangin... read more

Fix this site kmao

Dead a**.
I would plow the sh** out of you

Can't believe this girl I know wants to get a PhD and become a clinical psychologist when she always baby talks and acts like she's a 5 year old around other people

Why are people so into drinking?? I'm underage and never had the fascination for it. I have a few people I met who were talking and said we should like "get lit" and one of them talked any fireball and the other said they didn't drink during spring break. .. it feels so awkward when you push out of it and say "I Dont drink"! !

"You didn't ask me how I'm doing" maybe I dont f***ing care?

The new overwatch update nerfed anas damage from 80 to 60



She was bad enough as is

this place is not for the faint of heart-they are always saying about me-that one knows what she is going to get-not really what am I going to get? I wish I knew. I would move but where? I really hate this place-this dog eat dog state-I wish I could move but where with what? nasty people

I hate group projects. Especially when it's online and you hate everyone in your class and they all hate you back. This is going to be such a freaking joy.

when you're secretly saying i love you to a straight guy without them actually knowing it

I've been in contact with an online predator for almost a year now and I regret the time I wasted with them, I've completely cut contact from them but I regret the talent and drawings I've given them. I handed to them a portrait of myself (which again thankfully isn't accurate) back when I trusted them most, but I've never ever drawn something indecent thankfully. The attention they would give me was amazing, they glorified exactly everything and anything I did, just to get i... read more

I once heard someone say "we came" first. We came to meetings first, and listened to other people talk and share their wisdom. I need to go to meetings in order to "come to." To realize and clear my mind. And eventually that leads to "coming to believe." So, "we came to believe" is a process, not an event. It takes time to get to a place where you believe in a power greater than yourself, but it's worth it.