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I'm tired... My little sister was buying a bag for his boyfriend's birthday and couldn't choose beetween the blue one with big Nike text or the black one with smaller and neater nike logo... (her bf is a basketball captain, and already has black bag)
If my phone was on I was thinking about asking to muttr lol. In the end she chose the black one.

Some dudes are narcissistic as f***. I had a stranger try to shout me down because he made a rude comment about a girl in a skirt and I called him out. He went on about how women don't dress for themselves, they dress for men. With that mentality it's no wonder men think it's excusable to give their unwanted opinions. FYI: literally no woman on earth dresses themselves for the opinions of strangers. No one cares what you think about their outfit. 9 times out of 10 it's a dude... read more

"Friend" is fake and annoying, but a work colleague so have to maintain "friendship".

Invites me to lunch. Ew. Want to say no but cannot... and this what I get for mixing "friends" with work.

So day comes for lunch and not a peep out of "friend". So I think, "hurray! I'm free."

BUT NOPE. Two weeks later, "friend" texts with "OMG I am so sorry. I suck. What day can we make it up? Where do you want to go?" I left that hoe on read for 3 weeks so she starts commenting on every... read more

so my partner is lazy ,does nothing at all. but low and behold her sisters ring and say they are coming . now my lazy partner has known this for nearly a week but has done nothing to help clean up. so i thought no i'm not cleaning up or doing the washing up so imagine my kitchen after about 5 days of me not washing up lol then yesterday my partner goes and buy food especially to cook a meal for her sisters.i'm like wtf she dont bother cooking for me. so i tell her she better ... read more

I hate how some guys think theyre slick like I dont know what theyre doing. But I do. Dont fking touch me or youre gonna catch these hands :')

ohhhh my god my friend is such a manipulative f***.

When I first met one of my coworkers, my first impression was that she was a b****.

One year later, I'm still waiting for her to prove me wrong.

Do you people really think depression is an excuse to be cruel to people?
Sure, maybe it explains some things. People make mistakes, especially those who are blinded by what they're going through. But stop using it as crutch to sh** on people time after time. Especially people who love you, especially when you know you're hurting them.

Real humans do things so disgusting and horrible that even GRRM's imagination can't conceive the nightmare humans have unleashed upon each other.

I want you to catch me. That's the whole point. I'm not even trying

Pf, even the b**** on suicide hotline wants me to kill myself.

Does anyone here know how you can tell if someone wants a platonic relationship vs a romantic or sexual relationship with you? Like, what do I look for? Lol

Wanna know what's f***ing dumb? My school gives out laptops and blocks certain websites cause kids get distracted in class by them in class. They allow Facebook, and twitter but not chat based NA meetings "because it's a chat system". SO i don't have another computer, I can't get to a meeting tonight and i'm in crisis and the coatroom won't run on my phone! f***ING bulls***, WHY DO THEY DISCRIMINATE, I'M TRYING TO HELP MYSELF, NOT LEARN ABOUT DRUGS ON THE INTERNET!!!

Acting on self-will. Seeing as I clearly do not have the ability to tolerate rejection of any kind, I can see how my need for revenge has caused me a lot of damage to my relationships and friendships. How could Luis do that to me? How dare he? Who the f*** does he think he is? A mere worm do that to me. Me! I needed to get back at him. I needed to get him back. I would stop at nothing. Nothing worked. I tried everything. He just would continue to walk all over me. What I want... read more

I work for the LGBT division of Coca Cola. I help gays enjoy Coke.

man all i wanna do is talk to my bf all day but whenever i attempt, i get left on open fml

Am I the only one who remembers random stuff and then gets mad about it?

I hope that my Aunt Debbie can help take care of Rosie while I'm gone.

And they shall be white as snow, except you, you're all heathens uwu

Hey, RAMBO (Rambling Abrasive Man-Bashing Obnoxious) Feminist, what the hell are you smoking? It must be some good sh**, given all the crap you spew.