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Every f***ing fat girl/thick girl on Instagram all of a sudden "learned how to love their body" and jump on the "body positive" movement since they already have assets which make them confident. Which is the big a** and (some) small waist

I'm sick of being less important to everyone I make front an centre in my life. Can't someone pick me over everyone else for once? Because honestly, this sh** is exhausting and I just want to be happy again.

U know people who blantly lie really piss me off. Like the scum that lives next door and his best buddies who live next door who think they own the street. Not only do they bang on the window if they catch someone parking outside theirs.telling them they can't park there.if I park outside my own house they purposely block my car in .now these morons have large drives .so when this did it this week I called the cops. Making sure I filmed it all them driving past their house wi... read more

My partners personal hygiene is bad and I mean only taking a shower once a month if that ,today she has gone to a wedding and it's about a month ago now she last had shower. Not even got dressed up she's wearing old jeans and a thick jumper and it's quite hot outside today.
As she was not on the invite list to the reception meal as the couple kept their guest list small but invited her to the wedding ceremony I think my partner is hoping a guest doesn't turn up so then she wi... read more

I don't like a girl, I'm told I'm jealous of her looks.
I don't like a guy, I'm told I'm jealous of his female company.
I think you're self-projecting, just saying, if that's your first conclusion.

Why are thin girls anorexic? Do you realize what you are? Do you enjoy starving yourself? Do you sincerely believe that's health? I'm just curious, these are all genuine questions.

When people assume that I have a happy and loving life but how about finding out you were raped as a toddler, now that's something to think about. It's no wonder why I have depression for no reason and why sometimes I think about torturing people but least I don't have the memories of the event

My husbands doing sh** behind my back again. He must know more than he's letting on....

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

lmao i think i've stopped caring abt other/fickin hate because it's basically all the same sh** repeated over and over again
i kind of feel like i've seen it all now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dear Neighbor..
Stop blocking the driveway.
Stop letting your dog bark at nothing at 1am
Stop being so f***ing loud.
Stop reproducing.

Thanks in Advance :)

The desperation. It can be smelled.

Why must people be c***s when I'm already weary both physically and mentally? Everything feels like work, even tolerating people.

I hate when theres a knock at the door and everyone in the house comes to tell me "someones knocking at the door"

I know b****, the f***, so answer it.
Im not the only one with hands.

So the missus goes spending loads on money on her family while they was on holiday near us. Giving them spending money then spending more money on them. This was a few weeks ago then today asks me for money for petrol to go to her cousins wedding she is only going to the ceremony not been invited to the reception.yet she has money to give as a cash gift. I'm like wtf ,I have been telling her for months to take our dog to the vets to get her claws cut but she just ignores me ,... read more

Well most people's partners are protective of their partner,you know what I mean got their back when they need it.
Not my partner. But hey if one of her mates is getting picked on she wades in. Not me .i have had certain members of her family slag me off and she never defends me.i even found she had copied and pasted something from my Facebook I put about one of her sisters after she sh** stirred and sent it to her sister yeah loyal....not.
I've warned and warned her I won't ... read more

So this arrogant t*** purposely blocks my car in when his drive was empty,his girlfriend had done this the day before when their drive was he gets a police ticket then has the audacity to come to my door complaining saying they had no where else to park.and we was in neighbourly.he said this to my missus I was just waiting for this arrogant t*** to say something to me. Oh his good buddy was in on it to parking his lorry so they could block me in thought he was... read more

Trans people have it rough. It's true. But you know who has it even rougher? The country kids who would get lynched if they came out. Meanwhile, you're in a city dying your hair teal, drinking $5 coffee, and bitching because no one will use your made-up pronoun "zhe". Do you even know what problems are?

While you were fighting someone about your made-up gender being under represented I was fighting not to punch an old man in the face at a town hall meeting after he told me "Ah shutup. You're just a woman."

I walk into a room or I'm in a room and it's like people automatically think I'm weak and I never understood how I give off that impression it's like people automatically look at me and make me a target sometimes they find the littlest things to say about me and I could just be standing there I realized I'm a easy target but I never understood why or how I am... or is this just a problem with everyone