Oh man, I just had an encounter on a forum and this guy just humiliated the hell out of me, and I'm pretty sure being humiliated is one of my biggest fears. Oh my God, I'm just fuming, I didn't know how to respond to this guy, he got right under my skin, baited me in, I decided to give him a chance and revealed something really vulnerable, then he just dissected it and ripped it to shreds, exposing me as a massive idiot! I wrote a slightly angry response but quickly regretted it and deleted it, but somehow he read it and replied to that too, making me look like an even bigger idiot! Oh my God, who are these people that exist in the world?! I guess he sounds very much like a troll, but he was a very active user on this forum and his other posts didn't seem that bad. Ok, I'll tell you what I'll do, I was new to the forum anyway, I'll just delete my account and start again! Or better yet, perhaps I should stop turning to the internet for help altogether. There's just so many nasty people out there. This guy was acting like he wasn't nasty, that he was just trying to help, but he was saying little things like, "but if you can't take a joke, that's fine"......I dunno.....maybe I don't need to stew over this.......what does it mean though?........it means this happens sometimes.......people can get under my skin really easily....I'm really easy to wind up because my fear of humiliation is so sharp and strong........I've got a long way to go man......think I'm just gonna avoid the human race for a while.....f***! why are people so f***ing hateful though? I don't understand it. I feel like every conversation i have these days, the other person is just trying to "win" the conversation. To beat me or something, to make me look small or to poke holes in me. What is that impulse? I don't understand it. f*** it, I can't let this experience mess me up. A man can make a mistake. I'm not sure I even made a mistake actually, not really.......this other guy was the one being a t***......infact, yea, if a stranger read that back, all of my posts were very civil and nice......except, only slightly, the one that I deleted, although even that was still pretty civil......but I may have come off as a p****.......especially as he kinda set me up that way........so that's a shame......hopefully some users had sympathy for me......hopefully not too many sided with the other guy and developed a bad opinion of me........but why do I care what they think anyway? Well I care because I was kinda hoping to participate in this forum more regularly, and build up a reputation. So yea, maybe I'll start again with a different username. I'm allowed to make mistakes. I'm allowed to get outwitted by a smartass. It doesn't make me a bad person. I wish I didn't get roped into it though. It was only that final post I made, but I deleted it straight away, and I planned to respond in a civil way again, but this guy wouldn't let me off the hook. Actually, yea, the biggest lesson learned is not react too quickly....wait til my emotions have settled.....cause as my emotions settle I'll realise that I don't give a sh** what some smartass thinks of me, or a bunch of other strangers for that matter......I gotta go to bed....I'll forget this all by the morning.