So the partners sh*t stirring sister just rang ,didnt bother answering the phone,then checked the messages and she had rang and left a message yesterday as well. yeah i know why shes trying to ring my partner to sh*t stir even more . no doubt she will be ringing again.
what really annoys me she can say nasty things to me yet my partner makes excuses for her like "you took it the wrong way" "she didnt mean it like that" then what gets to me even more "your paranoid" . never defends me cos shes always got a excuse that her family hasnt said anything wrong.yeah great get out clause that is .
its like her sisters have this stupid power battle that my partner must not put me first but them. but i'm going to prove what they are like. i'm off out soon and no doubt this sister will ring again ,i'm hiding my mobile on voice record then i will hear what my partner is saying about me to her sister and have a good idea what her sister is saying by my partners answers. ive done this before hid my phone and wow heard my partner and her mother slagging me off.