I am the Pleiadian starseed.
I came from the stars.
I came from the parallel world!
I can travel between dimensions!
I am light! I am the star! I am GOD!!!
Mwaaaa... Mwaaaaaaa... Mwahahhahahahahahahhahhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uh... yeah.

Oh well. At least my doctors believe me. I hope so, yes. I have no idea. They do believe me, I think... They say I have schizophrenia. Delusions.
Well, time for my medicine now. And my room with very soft walls...

...I guess, you'd love to think that I'm as miserable as it could seem. I guess, it does raise your self-esteem somehow. I have no idea about now, but you seemed to enjoy bullying me few years ago very, very much. If you claim that you remember everything... it's kinda hard to forget such a person as me, right? Well, if you did forget about me, good for you! The... uh... ah, scratch that. I'll just let you think that my life is miserable. Like, you know, as before. Enjoy the feeling. After all, it reveals a lot of the concealed, isn't it? A perfect mirror, eller hur? Alright. Time for the outer space... uh, pills... uh, huh-huh-huh, you know. Whatever you prefer to imagine. The choice is yours!