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  • Anonymous left a Comment

    You would think a Veteran and Formerly Homeless person would sympathize. I can’t help but believe you are lying. Would you like it if someone walked up to you In an Alley and Told you, “You are useless, go F***ing Die!”
    No, you wouldn’t like it. People who are in the streets begging for money need that money to get started. To get food, to buy clothes for a job interview, to buy clothes for a job, etc. They try their hardest, but it’s almost impossible to join society from scratch. As for Forcing people to do something with their lives, You can’t. Most people on the streets probably aren’t healthy enough to do anything, and wouldn’t be trusted to do anything right. You simply plummet deeper down into the depths of despair, knowing that no one trusts you, or thinks you are worth anything.

    And here you are venting about your stupid First World ‘Problems’
    Show some respect

  • Anonymous gave Advice

    All you're doing is looking to be validated for your efforts, but don't belittle others because they struggle and are not able to pull themselves out from that hole they're stuck in without some help like you managed to do.

    Also, you mentioned most are "druggies" in your replies, but did you know a majority use alcohol or drugs to cope with mental trauma and illness? You have many things to be angry about, but you choose to be angry over the poor people who are already at their lowest. Shame. Why don't you complain about the billion dollar companies asking for handouts?

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    You are out of touch with the reality. People don't choose to be in that situation.

    • Anonymous replied

      I didn’t choose to be in that situation. I knew that I needed to get out of it, and I took the right steps to fix t. I asked and reached out for help, and through programs I was able to get it. There’s no excuse. At least half of the homeless are druggies, they’ll continue to druggies for the most part. They’re not contributing to society.

  • Anonymous left a Comment

    No, what's sad is that someone, somewhere convinced you that the "poor" are "projecting" their problems onto the working class.

    It's right in front of your face, but it's easier to hate on the weak people than on the powerful people with wealth.

    Good luck in life with your fecked up morality.

    • Anonymous replied

      Excuse me? Is soliciting people constantly after they have a good time and are trying to continue to have a good time NOT projecting? Like I said, I was a homeless veteran. I took the INITIATIVE to rectify my absolutely dismal situation. They ought to register homeless people and be case managers. If they don’t manage within a year to find some sort of employment - force them to do agricultural work in the countryside. Or rudimentary construction to fix the roads and buildings.