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What ever happened to simply giving a compliment and the other person not assuming you want to bang the piss out of them? I seem to have offended some of my co-workers by complimenting on their hair cuts, glasses, etc. It is not just the females (although they are the ones who are offended) if one of the male co-workers is compliment worthy I compliment him as well. Positive affirmation, I thought that was still ok. Am I wrong????

I don't get it. Muttr is a place to get things off your chest. Not say how awesome your day was or to ask questions. Muttr is where you can vent. *sigh* *rolls eyes* Whatever. . .

In science, I'm stuck working in a group with a bunch of idiots, with the exception of my best friend. Therefore, I end up having to do most of the work. One girl was doing a slide on pneumonia. It was our last day, we had little time left, and she had absolutely NOTHING written down. I took over and finished the slide. Then, she went and put her name at the bottom, and said that she deserved partial credit because it was hers to start with. She wrote absolutely NOTHING on th... read more

What is with all of the FMLesqe muttrs lately? The point of muttr isn't to write your woes out in a witty fashion. Its to express how pissed/irritated/sad/devastated/confused/happy/whatever you are. And you all irritate me.

I was sitting next to the guy that I fancy. Shyly, I write our initials (L and A) into a heart on his hand to see his reaction "I love Los Angeles too!" FML

I hate men,I hate Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime ministers and all other useless heads of state. I hate stupid women who want to be just like men rather than stand up for who they are, I hate Americans , I hate British, I hate Europeans I hate Australians , I hate Israel and Zionists . I hate stupid Arabs ,stupid Africans, stupid Paki's , stupid Afghani's and stupid Muslims .I hate puppet regimes. Homosexuality IS abnormal . All the above represent all that is unjust and w... read more

were you not listening to me? have i not told you, what type of person your sad excuse of a man/boyfriend really was? and still is? i am sorry for all the sh** you are in hun. but i do not want to hear of it ANYMORE.

MUTTR!, Today i feel pretty damn good. I have no complaints whatsoever. Wish me luck on getting my drivers!!:D

Smoking pot does not make someone a Druggie

Why the f*** do we have a "not guilty by reason of insanity" plea?

Muttr is a great way of getting sh** off your chest, but it also shows you how many stupid, ignorant, close-minded a**h*** there are in this world. People get on here to vent and should not have deal with the stupid comments these dumbass motherf***ers post. If you have to be hateful, do us a favor and kill yourself!


Did I say you were an idiot for what you believe? No, I did not. Did I insult you in any way for what you believe? Nope, I didn't. What I did was express that I don't believe what you believe...and I'm a c***that bashes people for not thinking the same way? You need to reflect, and realize that you are the one "bashing people for not thinking the way you do."

Disagreement is not intolerance.

someone called my house with the number.. 3-354-802-7081 what state or country or whatever did this come from ?

When you speak down to me, or hurry through a conversation do you somehow think I am not worthy of your company? You are somehow better then me, and I can be have no idea of the pain I feel and the confusion you cause. I want to pray for you, but I have nothing left.

You are so wrong and f***ed up in the head! I don't even know why I try anymore.

OMG what a relief! thought i was the only one. phew

I'm naked right now. . . show me some love. lol jk everyone will say i'm an idiot

I'm not being nasty to fat dudes, I'm 16 stone myself, but jeeeesus! Don't waste the best years of your life giving a sh**! If your a teenager, don't eat so healthy Jamie Oliver would be jealous, eat what you want just don't over eat. You'll be suprised how you turn out, you get a lot of fat boys that turn out tall and buff - the tables always turn after school, you'll see. Bullys become b****es, smart guys get b****es.

All these teens that want to be famous don't see the big picture. It's ok to have these dreams, but remember, people don't just get famous. You hear about a lot of people who live their lives and stumble on fame or get a chance and kick a**! One fine example... British comedian Harry Hill. Trained as a surgeon, now one of the funniest TV cmics around. Hold on to your dreams, Don't let them hold you.