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OMG, this WHOLE time these past few weeks I've been text messaging who I thought was my life coach but it turns out it's been the WRONG number!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every time I see my coach I've wondered why they were so casual about our texts and why we don't talk about them - she hasn't been getting anything!!!! Omg.

Leave it up to the anonymous internet to laugh at the reasons I want to die

Some guy or girl, IDC, got their drivers license or something recently and now won't stop driving up and down the street. They're using a really loud motor or something, I'm not educated on cars but it's so irritating and makes the neighborhood dogs bark like mad.

People can't go around confronting each other but people also shouldn't give reasons to. Drive reasonably, responsibly and necessary.

This girl at my school is so clingy! She won't leave me the f*** alone! I didn't sit by her yesterday and she came up in front of my group and asked me why I'm so quiet... I was just sitting there doing hw, what do you want from me. Then after another class she asked why I don't wait for her after class to walk together. And now she's trying to get me to try her to school one day of the week. She comes on so aggressive and doesn't pick up hints that I'm not trying to be her b... read more

I'm about to ruin my 3 month long "no self harming" streak. I just can't hold out much longer.

my next door neighbor brings me food almost every day and takes me grocery shopping once a month-I am lucky-blessed-she is very nice-

there are some really angry people around here-I am afraid to set foot outside-very aggressive angry people-totally selfish only interested in number one-I probably am just as bad-

You don't judge and are apparently the most understanding person ever but you laugh about fat people??? Uhhhhhhh, okay. Literally so fake.

Dear ms. Hayworth...

Here you laugh at people's diets and preach the proper ones... yet you're a big, fat hog.

You laugh at women's rights yet want justice against the hate against them.

You go on and on about spirit animals and tell everyone you're a wolf... yet you laugh at those who practice animal characterization.

You gospel endlessly about unique, crazy is a good thing... then when you see someone like that you insult them, ridicule them.

When people fear weather e... read more

Labeling every opinion you dislike "bigotry" is an extremely childish way to view the world.

What a horrible nightmare.

I hope you all die.

Sick and tired of people saying that black people can't be racist. Racism has nothing to do with power and if that were the case, then all poor and impoverished white people can never be racist b/c they have no power. Racism has nothing to do with power so stop justifying your own racism, Bigots.

I swear to god if you come near him with your sweaty, fat a** I'll f***ing KILL YOU

Ok so people i need your help this is my first time in court and tell me if im gonna say something wrong.

*in court*

Will you always tell the truth and only the truth so god help you


Judge- *my name* i read that you have striked this girl will you care to tell me what happened?

Me- yes my honor, i striked her out of madness and my reason is that when we came back from therapy i had packed up and she told me to get out of her apartment and i kept declining and kept... read more

Stupid b**** at work is always rude, always tries to tell you how to do your job and always tries to find fault in your work when she has absolutely nothing to do with you and works in a completely different department. Seriously f*** off you don't know how to do my job

Her: if nobody's told you today your ugly that's why you single
Me: I'm actually single becuase I don't date dumb c***s like you

I'm so freaking done! Do you know how many times I put up with people asking "oh is she going to cry again"?! Yes I am because you're pointing me out to the public which is why I cry in the first place. I have social anxiety! What in the actual f*** do you expect me to do?! Immediately fix it? That not how this sh** works! I made progress and attempts. Here I am a stranger to an all too comfortable group. You guys talk about expanding the group?! Making people feel comfortabl... read more

I am melodramatic sometimes, but I think that's because I can't find people who really feel things the way I do. People just don't "get" my feelings and think it's okay to undermine them because of that, their excuse is always that I am melodramatic.

I really wish I could find people who were like me. I wish I felt like I had a people, a group to go to or to be a part of. I wish I had a consistent friend base beside my friends from high school who, if I'm honest with myself, I f***ing hate them. I hate them. But I'm a sh**y weird person and there doesn't seem to be many sh**y weird people who are like me.