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someone stay up with me and keep me company until I can''t stay awake any more

UR A SPECIAL KINDA a**h*** ! U know EVERYTHING I'm going thru and you STILL act the way you do? Beyond SELFISH!!!!!

Okay I didn't really make you up but I'm trying to figure out if you're you. Tell me something so I know it's you.

Canoe girls sister:

I have a perfect f***boy for you to date.

I still want to set him up just once he'll be surprised i even set him like I really want him to be hurt and In danger not die from It though just hurt

Soon I won't have anyone left but maybe that'll be better I don't want to even get close to anyone either you'll hurt me to
Won't you

How is it the british have socialized medicine and yet their teeth are f***ed up

Canoe girl:

LOL. Case in point

HAHA thanks for the truth. Joke is on you. I made up canoe boy. I only told one person about him. BYE.

To canoe girl:

I know why you're single. Your posts tell me exactly why you are single

I'm non-binary! Girls, boys, non-binary, genderfluid, and more,humans join me and tell me your gender! Cis or not! We're humans!

all my friends are sad and have problems and i just ????????? cant do sh** to help i feel so bad...\
im sso stressedd

I f***ing HATE YOU I HATE YOU I WISH I NEVER EVEN MET YOU!! f*** you stupid a**h***

How about this: Everyone stop arguing about abortion. We all have our opinions on it. We get it.
If you dont want an abortion dont get one; if you want an abortion get one. Dont try to control other people, just make the choices for yourself. Because whether or not some random person in the world desides to get an abortion or not does not effect you. So just stop and act like adults for once and let people make choices for themselves, and have their own opinions.

You don't have to worry about me anymore

So this happened.... I'm about to drive in the left turn lane at a red light, this curly haired fat lady physically gets out of her car, waddled over to the black truck in front of her and talks briefly to the driver. She does this as I'm passing her car. f***ing b**** bout get herself run over.

Is it because I don't pick sides (okay I do slander everyone) that I'm hated by everyone?

I know I should forgive
but you don't feel sorry at all
I'm supposed to lighten my heart
if I wanna meet God

I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying...but there's just so much from the past I can't forget or forgive. You hurt me. Maybe God will forgive you, but I am having a really hard time joining him in that.

I look at Kim Kardashian's a** and I ask myself, WTF? That is the most unattractive derriere ever. I don't get it.

Yeah this is gonna be a while