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Trump sits on the toilet and drops a turd
then you hear tic tic tic ding and a paper
comes out with another bright idea :(


All the LEFT WING nut jobs who claim to be so 'tolerant' and sputter violent rhetoric should ALL MOVE TO HOLLYWOOD so all the drama queens can be in the same place. Then with any luck California will float off into the sea and be its own island. Seriously, no real plans on the LEFT except to jump up and down and make noise, threaten violence and obstruction and just make any outrageous claims they can come up with as if its fact and hope that the uninformed just agree with th... read more

Trump and the KKK making America Great again :)

Haha, I made a Canadian angry! I mean, it's not hard. Just tell them that their precious country might not be perfect.

Can a country base its entire national identity on patting themselves on the back for not being their southern neighbors?

Sure. Canada did it.

I'm a rather politically neutral individual. Sometimes I agree with conservatives. sometimes with liberals. My problem is that I'm trying to work in the super left-wing entertainment industry. I'm worried that my co-workers will be hostile towards me and my beliefs. I;m also worried that I'll be unable to control my emotions and get into a fight with one of my coworkers and lose my job.
I'm also really worried about being labeled a racist, sexist, homophobe, or something else... read more

So I compensate by antagonizing an anonymous venting site.

Trump 2020 !!!!!!!!!! :)

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo hahahahahaha

haha johnny depp wants to be wilks booth hahahahahaha

Again another example of a person who rejects and shuts down all forums of intellectual debate and conversation. I implore you, if you're going to write a long liteney of weak-based or downright un-based drivel why not open up the floor to those who might question WHY you believe or view things the way you do, instead of locking yourself away with your own opinions and own internal voices? Is it because you fear those who may challenge your thought processes? Or is it that do... read more

Wish the news would drop all the Trump crap. Thought that once the US elections were done, all the fart of an excuse for a human would go away. But no, mister drama has to put his ignorant opinion into every f***ing tweet. America now reminds me of that movie Idiocracy. To all you a**es that voted for him, ask yourselves did you really believe a autocratic oligarch was the best choice to run a representative democracy or psephocracy. Why the hell am I asking, 70% of you can't... read more

To the Poster of the long and arguably weak-based "June 22, 2017" post: Sir or ma'am, you claim to be against the flow of current policy yet you as a poster have blocked any and ALL forms of debate and refutation. I ask you why? You say and I quote "#SayNoToInjustice" yet you will not allow anyone to have a civilized and intellectual conversation or debate as to why you feel the way that you do. Is it because you fear confrontation and debate or is it that you are simply devo... read more

"Murdered in droves" implies that this group is being hunted down, lined up, and shot in the streets.

A few high-profile, unjustified shootings of black men by (usually) white police officers is unconscionable, but does not mean they are "being murdered in droves."

North Korea is getting ready to be able to "NUKE US" and Trump spent the last 41 days jerking us around, just for the fun of it, about the White House Tapes. Why in Gods name did we ever elect this jerk?

A yes vote on AHCA is a vote to kill 40,000 Americans per year, more than any terrorist ever has. If this passes, those who voted yes will be America's most dangerous mass murderers. When you sentence so many people and their children to death, it is foolish not to think that a great number of them will break bad and strike back at those who killed them. #trump #healthcare #AHCA #US #Politics

I love Trump. I'm so glad he's our president.

Just FYI:

There is not one shred of evidence that Otto Warmbier actually stole a sign from North Korea. His roommate believes the charges are probably trumped-up.

Stop blaming this young man for his own death, a**h*** .

Trump doesn't want poor people handling the money cause lord knows
no one knows how to make a dollar stretch farther than a rich person