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Twit t*** : Defines those that use twitter in every aspect of their lives.

Twit t*** : a dumbass who likes vaginas.

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Westminster attack. Four dead, including a police officer and attacker. Another incident that Mayor Sadiq Con once said is "part and parcel" to city living.

the third lady is a lazy trophy wife wasting millions of dollars every day hiding in a penthouse. Don't even try to compare her to the First Lady, Michelle, who actually cares about all children enough to fight childhood obesity while raising two daughters in the White House. Melonjia only cares about protecting her brand and sitting on her bleached a** when she's not plagiarizing the First Lady.

Would you hide your tax returns if you were president? Is profit more important than public service and safety? $$$$$$$ how much Russian oil is donnie invested in, ask rosneft.

It looks like Ivanka Trump has a new desk in Washington, D.C. It is a result of her gaining her OWN office in the White House.

Ivanka won’t be working as an official government employee, but she will be acting in an unofficial capacity as an adviser to the president.

Which means, in addition to her own working space, she will gain security clearance for classified information. She will not be sworn in or get a government salary.

I'm so glad I voted for Hillary and not a treasonous p**** grabber that lies about everything, even his real name. She won without Russians or gerrymandered racists She's not perfect but she would protect this country from hostile countries like Russia and would not put profit and greed ahead of the presidency. She showed her tax returns. How much Russian rosneft oil is drumpf invested in? What's the real kompromat? Wake up and resist.

sorry/not sorry, Sean Spicer, but Donald Trump doesn’t deserve a cookie just yet: Upon closer look (and Trump’s actions usually warrant one), the president is simultaneously going back on the fiery words of his campaign. After hurling nasty base attacks at Hillary Clinton over everything from her alleged failing health to conflicts of interest at the Clinton Foundation, Trump is currently engaged in at least five of the same exact behaviors he had attacked his opponent ov... read more

Save our libraries! Don't disarm American minds!

#SaveIMLS #Author #GetItTrendingEverywhere

You know why I don't support anti-racism groups that openly mock and stereotype whites?

Because I don't enjoy being around people who act like a**h*** and claim the moral high ground for it. Simple as that.

Why did Hillary Clinton’s emails supposedly warrant an FBI intervention and announcement of investigation in the election campaign, yet Donald Trump’s Russian connections didn’t??? Why did FBI douche comment on that days before the election (with no consequences) but not on important issues like treason?

dear trump supporters... how does it feel that voting for the a**h*** doesn't mean you're immune to his policies.

next time you want to vote? kill yourselves.

Why is trump being treated so differently? He should be treated like every other president before him. Whether you like him or not, he deserves equality. IMO, i think hes doing a bit of good. At least hes honest with us. He intentionally ignores the press. With the corruption that goes on in the media, dont you think thats worth something? I think before blindly hating someone, you should look into the facts first. And not use the media to do so.

FBI Director Comey confirmed, for the first time publicly, that the FBI is investigating alleged links between Russia and Trump. Read it again, the FBI is investigating the president and his administration for treason. I bet they find way more than they found in Hillarys emails that comey was happy to comment on days before the election, giving Russia the president they wanted.

Hillary won without the help of Russia or racists. Instead we get Woman hating pig who can't even get his wife to live with him costing us millions every day while they make million dollar deals and wipe their a**es with the constitution.

What is rosneft?

Love the way the Trumpeters are trying to gaslight their way out of even a small chance of the Great Orange One being impeached on treason many of his cronies would fall with him, I wonder ?

Any free society like the USA has no room for bigots.

trump is boyfriend goals

politics more like who cares

With jabs clearly pointed at an increasingly protectionist United States, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke up for free trade at a major technology fair on Sunday.

"In times when we have to argue with many about free trade, open borders and democratic values, it's a good sign that Japan and Germany no longer argue about this but rather are seeking to shape the future in a way that benefits people," Merkel said.