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Is he asleep yet?
OMG I don't care who owns him China or Russia.
Please for the love of god just one single day without a scandal
quite him down please, just for a few days Please!

We elected Trump, now like stepping in sh**, we have to put up with our smelley foot.

If you truly want to honor the people who fought and died for this country honor them by doing what you can on the home front.
#DumpTrump #SaveIMLS #Deportation #MemorialDay

Just reduce the age limit for medicare for US Citizens.

Call your senators and your congressmen and tell them to keep funding libraries and museums.

Get it trending everywhere.

I'm going to keep pushing politics in everyone's faces until something changes.
Concerning yourself with the way the government works isn't an every four years thing...
#Deportation #SaveIMLS #Feminist #CallYourSenators #DumpTrump #GetYourHandsDirtyAndGetInvolved

Single payer healthcare

If this "72+ gender" thing is true, I identify as a lightbulb at 8:00 am and a male dragon at 12:00 pm. Around 9:00 pm, I identify as a cactus. Memorize all my genders or you're dead to me!!!!1!!!1!!

Donald Trump can't eat ice cream with out ending up on CNN. but hey it doesn't matter cause he said a thing about women in a van 10 years ago.

Barack Obama couldn't take a sh** without it being a top story on Fox news, but they won't call Donald Trump on his abhorrent attitudes toward women or the poor.

I hope trump turns out to be as bad as people think he is. It would be such a great day when he purges the blacks and Mexicans. Locks away the Muslims. Silences the GLTBQ communities and puts women back in the kitchen and removes them from the work force.

I can dream, can't I?

hoooo kaluod xet please lang

Don't normalize Trump.

#SaveIMLS #Deportation

Are you really going to let Donald Trump take away our access to free information?


Have... Have you guys had your heads buried in the sand? Seriously, look at the headlines! People are being picked up on the streets--Often Mexicans or people of Mexican heritage-- and checked to make sure they have papers. Some are innocent and being detained for God knows how long until they can prove their innocence! Seriously, wake the f*** up!


Can we talk about what absolute bulls*** it is that everyone who's not white or black or Asian has to worry about getting deported? Like, you could be sitting there in your favorite restaurant with your family and BAM! Someone's trying to arrest you and throw you out of America! Is this honestly the country we have been brainwashed into loving so much we'd die for it since we were children? This isn't the America I was shown in Elementary school. This is the land of opportuni... read more

That feel when you're praying for your tamale dealer.

there's only two genders stop with the genderfluid bulls*** you literally aren't fooling anybody

I cannot believe that the American people seem content to be governed by a man who acts like a 11-year-old at state events.