That's it I want to run for president! I know I can do a better job than this greedy bastard. Unlike 45 I can do research, admit I do not know everything, take the advice of other more experienced people, take criticism, act rationally, and logically. I see the problems and I have no conflicts of interest. I have no foreign dealings and I've never been convicted of a crime. I have 2 degrees and I'm a veteran that once held a top secret/Sci clearance. I've experienced a lot of what this world has to offer and I did it on my own and with the help of my friends. I believe all lives matter, especially the minorities that have been treated like sh** for so long. I believe global warming exists and we need to stop it now. I'm against the death penalty and I'm for the legalization of marijuana, especially for medicinal and commercial use. I think our border has enough security. Pharmaceuticals should be allowed to be exported from our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada.
My fellow Americans, I'd love the chance to be your president. With me your guns would be safe, and in your care. Unless you have some mental disorder or criminal record that is. As president my main goal would be to fix this countries failing infrastructure. Too many communities are being poisoned by contaminated drinking water. Dams are about to bust! Something needs to be done. We need a president that actually cares about the people and not just himself. Our current president can't even bring himself to tweet about the horrible wildfires destroying people's lives. He doesn't care. We deserve better from a president. I would do better as president. Unfortunately no one would take me seriously because I'm not rich. My family wasn't very well off. No one really knows my name. But honestly, is having a reality TV personality as president any better? #MAGA #MeforPresident #Politics #SickSadWorld #NiceToMeetYou #Trump #Potus