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    "Is that hard for your little brains to grasp?"

    Lol, You're the dumb sexist, dood. There wouldn't be a need for feminism if there were equal rights. Liberal post modern feminism is more male propaganda that woman are all angry and want superiority and special privledges like guys have nope just want equality but you cant even consider that. Why can't you have any empathy or consideration for how other people feel and live, oh yeah you're a jerkoff.

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    No, you're just too stupid to actually read a book about feminism. Instead, you take internet trolls as real feminists.

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    Jesus....not every feminist is like that but okay.

    • Anonymous replied

      It is imperative that men work against their own privileges, advantages, entitlements, and structural power, toward the liberation of ALL PEOPLE from all systems of oppression and dehumanisation.