I'm a gay man that's grown up in a conservative christian household. Due to my experiences, I've made it a point to always keep my mind and heart open. And today I'm going to say something that pisses off a ton of people, and I don't give a sh**. Lately, I've had nothing but racism-linked posts blowing up my facebook feed. Nothing but comments about how 'society is racist' and how 'greedy, racist ceo's' are responsible for black people suffering. I've had enough. I've heard your arguments, your complaints, as well as your racist slurs against white people, and your genuine belief that white people, such as myself, don't deserve the success we have in our lives. You say that it's harder for you to get a job because the system is racist, and you use that as an excuse not to try. Want to know something? It wasn't f***ing easy for me either. Once I did manage to get a job, of course it was minimum wage, as well as the next 3 jobs I got after that. It wasn't until I was 23 years old that I managed to get a job that paid a decent wage that I could support myself on. And even that one required that I print off a pile of resumes and drive around the city in a suit and tie handling them out for weeks on end personally AFTER I had already submitted hundreds more online. The result of my efforts? One company called me back. One. I'm a g**d*** college graduate with a plethora of working experience, and it took me all of that to get one miserable call back. But you know what? I kept at it until I got that call back. I didn't make excuses. I didn't blame anybody when I got turned down for jobs time and time again. The thought of playing the gay discrimination card never even crossed my mind. Why? Because rather than hold on to a victim mentality, I chose to just get sh** done. And somehow, I'm not deserving of my accomplishments because I'm white? f*** you. You actually have the nerve to belittle my accomplishments, then demand that I acknowledge and agree that you deserve reparations for injustices committed 40 years before your time when you've not made it past a couple of failed job interviews? f*** you some more. I work 2 jobs and work for everything I have. And I did so despite having black and hispanic people beat me out for positions simply based on the color of our skins under AA, and also receiving less scholarships and less financial aid for education for no other reason than because of the pigment of my skin. So no. I have no sympathy for your cause. I don't care if you get offended. You can bust your tail to get a job or start your own business just like the rest of us. Anything less, and I don't care what color you are, you're just a lazy whiny b**** as far as I care.