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    Yeah okay? I'm black and I obviously don't believe that to be true. You know that whoever posted whatever racist about white people is probably just one person. I can assure you that the majority of black people don't think that way or really just don't care. There are a lot of racists, black and white. Sucks, just gotta deal with it. My friends and I don't sit around blaming white people for our problems, but we have experienced racism when it comes to opportunities, you being gay I'm sure you've suffered some discrimination too. It happens to people who are "different" sometimes.

    I'm twenty two, I never made minimum wage.
    I took a caregiving course in high school and my first job I held at 18 I made around $11.50?/hr... In a red state, (Which is uh...Pretty good)

    I'm also a woman so there's that.

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    Thank you! I am so over all of the lazy people, NO MATTER WHAT RACE, complaining that they’re mistreated in this country. How about instead of crying like a big baby, you go out and make a damn change! Get a job, pay your bills, be a damn adult! We all treat eachother like sh**! Make a change today, say something nice to a stranger. Negativity gets you NOTHING!

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    I like this guy right here... He literally just said most of what was on my mind... I'm black and I know this....

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    Agreed. Racism is real. Racism is also not an excuse. Lets all just leave each other alone and get sh** done

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    You know, I don't think I've ever seen something that I can relate more to. Thank you.

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    This gay white boy is right. He needs to be raped by black boys prisoners.

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    You have issues. Homework assignment: Watch 'Mississippi Burning' and commit to memory the poem ' Walk a mile in my shoes'. Extra credit - donate to the NAACP.

  • pshuzo left a Comment

    just because you're gay doesn't mean you can't be racist, what the f***.
    you experience homophobia, not racism.
    racism against white people is not and will never be real, so like, get your head out of your a** and stop victimizing yourself because you're white.

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      There absolutely is racism against white people in OUR country these days. Until you can acknowlege that there will never be change.

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    Never has someone proved my point so well, thank you so much

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    I think. . . yep. Yep. I think I love you for this.

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    Please everyone the word n***eris not for black only It's for people that have no since of respect for other and there self take care let go off hate God bless

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    So you having a hard life means other people can't have hard lives? Because that's what I got from this whole thing. Yes, some people overreact to it. I just got done replying to a racist black person. But you can't seriously say that prejudice ended with the Civil Rights Movement.

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    *applause* PREACH!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you so much and f***ing God bless you.