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NPR and CNN are not neutral. They are neutral presenting. Know the difference.

Trump's real problem with the healthcare program in place right now is his ego. The name Obama Care just eats him up, you can see it. Make some changes in it, be sure he thinks he did it. Change the name to Trump Care. He will quit crying and we can move on.

Though Jack only spent two months on the subreddit, he quickly fell in with anti-feminist and libertarian rhetoric. “An uncomfortable misogynistic streak grew within me,” he says. “At one point [I] thought that Donald Trump was a good candidate for President.” 😹#redpillRetards

I'm not against bringing politics into everything. I'm against people bringing THEIR politics into everything. No one is examining the political side of this or that event; they're just turning the event into a moral lesson for their favorite party. Everything is a sermon now.

Black person on here: ...
Racist: *Spews racist slurs at us*
Black person: You're racist.

Women who used call themselves (third wave) feminists are leaving and denouncing the movement, but people within the movement will still see zero fault in their ideologies and how they communicate with the public.

I'm just waiting for the KKK to take a page from the liberal playbook and say that it's impossible for white people to be racist, so they can't be a racist organization.

How cute Trump is being Putin's apprentice

I love how the left keeps inventing new reasons to pat themselves on the back for being racist.

Where do I get my news from? I watch whoever trump is decrying fake news about, because they have the truth!

That one racist guy on here is so f***in' funny. Please, go on about how I'm a fatherless ape. You're not funny, you're not gettin under anyone's skin, you're just jealous. (Also, whites originated from Dravidian Albinos. You're f***in stupid.)

Wonders of the world. Trump thinks that tiny little wall he can't stop
whining about will compare with real wonders of the world that took centuries to build. 🎻

I'm so paranoid I see my stalker everywhere

Damn, why are people so racist? Are they just mad they're not allowed to say n***er? I mean, they seem that petty ahaha

SJWs are some of the most racist people you will ever meet.

Trump believes if he repeats anything over and over we'll believe it. WRONG

Here’s a guy who is constantly appraising other people and using that as a measure of social worth, but not taking care of himself,” Trump biographer Tim O’Brien told me. “That’s a revealing thing; there’s a little bit of self-loathing here.” Added O’Donnell: “You see the side-by-side pictures of presidents from the beginning of their terms to the end. They age, their hair turns gray. Think of what he’s going to look like.... 💩🤢👻

Are you sick of winning yet? hahahahahahaaahahahaha
Trump hahahahahahahahahahaha

You know what genuinely upsets me? People are probably going to go all out saying that I'm some angry liberal snowflake, when I'm actually quite conservative leaning... though I'm not going to lie, i am feeling "triggered."

I'm just confused as to how some people * cough, cough* ( conservative guys) think that they are so smart, saying that all women want from men is domination and financial stability, so they can become submissive baby makers who judge their own success by ... read more

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