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Trump, on trip, over there, over there. Stay over there, we don't want you back here.

They say Walt Disney was anti-Semitic, but the only thing of Disney's with a swastika on it is a fake Nazi airplane in the Indiana Jones stunt show in Walt Disney World.


Being racist against american black people is probably the dumbest thing to ever do since africans were brought here as slaves, against their will. They have every right to conquer this land. As they do, in their own rebellious anti-civil way... Some white people are honestly so stupid. They haven't figured out crime, violence, and welfare abuse are rebellious acts against this country. And like I said, black people have every right to do so. If you want to get rid of black p... read more

Do reporters realize they're encouraging terrorrism and giving it more power ? Dude, why are you saying that on TV ? "it's terrible, it's horrifying, how could someone be so blindly barbaric, it's really heartbreaking and painful." YES ??? it's what they want ??? it's why it's called "terrorrism", because they want to gain power using "terror" they WANT to hurt. They WANT to destabilize and to break. They WANT to be feared, to be "horrible and blindly barbaric". Stop saying t... read more

hahahahaha trump new budget proposal gonna gut HIS voters hahahahaha
that's what you get for being stupid

Hey- I'm white. I haven't had to deal with racism, and I apologise for my white racist ancestors, but I AM NOT MY ANCESTORS. Please don't make all white people into this horrifying stereotype where no one can move past anything. Again, I'm sorry, but I'd like to move on from white people being mean and everyone else being mean to white people today because their ancestors were. #colourdoesntmatter #whycantwealljustbefriends

And all you pot smokers the drug wars is back on, soon you will land in a jail near you
Hail Jeff Sessions :)

People who are interested in politics that don't directly affect them or their loved ones need to get a life. You guys are so boring. Also, if an issue isn't personal to you, you do a sh** job fighting for it.

If Hillary is such a good criminal the she never paid any consequences for her actions
I would rather have her than a stupid buffoon that gets caught every other day and twice on sunday

You can't win as a Republican in California. Obama wins, Democrats are happy, Republicans are upset.
Trump wins, Democrats preach hate against him, saying "we didn't elect him" yadyada. They then act like they are the majority opinion and like everyone agrees with them, like it's an absolute given that everyone in California is a Democrat, and that NO ONE could ever POSSIBLY vote for Trump. Hell I voted for Trump. And I did it after much careful thought. Sure he might have no... read more

The LGB whatever just lost their rights by the hand of congress
hahahahahahahaha he's your prez

now that the investigation into trump and russia has become a criminal one
trump is hiring his lawyers hahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

Even Mother Nature hates Trump hahahaha
A forty foot sinkhole opened up in front of trumps winter whitehouse

What should I have for dinner?

Isn't it bulls*** how people get worked up about gender reveals now? Apparently revealing the sex of your unborn child is harmful to the baby because they aren't able to identify themselves as whatever they want to be. LOL. God what has this world come to.

If you can't discuss homosexuality intelligently there's no hope for a conversation on gender but they are deeply connected. Lesbians know what I'm saying at least. Thank Goddess for youse grrls!

LMFAO- tRump announcement of a $350 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, the U.S. Treasury ALLIANCE with Saudi Arabia and several other Persian Gulf countries — Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates — to try to "stem the flow of money that is financing terrorism." Maybe spending $350 billion on weapons that terrorists end up having might be the problem, dumbasses.

I did a search on how to be a conman
and trumps book came up

EEUU desarrolla e impulsa la antigua doctrina militar de golpes de estados y guerras fraticidas - terroristas de un enemigo invisible creado contra los pueblos del mundo. Luego élite CHINA y EEUU junto con la City de Londres negocian a puertas cerradas los recurso naturales estratégicos y las obras de infraestructuras necesarias para el comercio en general de unos pocos.
ERGO SON SOCIOS Y ACTORES TEATRALES estratégicos en el campo mundial, presentándose ante la opinión p... read more

You don't have the right to die.

But the state has the right to kill you.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You have to commit a crime so bad that the state decides to put you down cause you, killing their other slaves, is hurting their profits and production of new slaves.

But if you're hurting and want to end it, there is no state sanctioned opt out of life. The message is for you to be on expensive meds until you can function and produce for them profits via taxed labor a... read more