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Just ignore her

Females are the supreme gender and males should serve them. The world is out of balance and brutally male dominated and no one is happy with the inequality except the selfish dicks.

A billion bucks buys lots of time and leeway around rules everyone else has to follow

Children, please. If the weed is making you this crazy paranoid, it's time to cut back.

ignore tree killing warmongering hillbilly drop dead savage

bigot bully tree killer gimme my weed! Bigot racist treason person oh wtf ever...just gimme my weed because cannabis constitution and weed!!!!

all ur russian oil are mines

Take a deep breath and relax. Mantra: I have a right to exist. I have a right to a voice. I have a right to be here. I have a right to be happy. You can't control the reactions of others. You can only control what you do. That includes steering yourself in a positive direction. Be yourself, and stop focusing on shaping the reactions of others. You'll fail if you try, and you'll only succeed in hurting yourself. Instead, learn from the negative reactions of others, and give yourself the benefit of the doubt. THEY are their negative reaction. That's not you. If someone doesn't act like they want you around, continue to BE YOUR BEST SELF, and spend more time seeking out people who offer a positive response when they're with you. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, we do is a choice. Make it a point to take positive action with whatever you do, and follow the path of positive response. NO one needs to hold on to added negativity they have no control over in the first place. Namaste.

There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing. That's just how you are, it doesn't mean that you are weird. People just say that because you don't show as much emotion as other people may. That doesn't mean your weird or anything. Don't be insecure about it, it's okay. Don't listen to them. I hope everything goes well (:

That isn't your fault, they will understand that. You didn't have money and you forgot. It's a common thing. I forgot to go to ny therapy sessions 3 times and I told them I forgot. Just maybe put a reminder on your phone or laptop. I hope everything goes well (:

How can I believe in this never meant to be crap, I can't believe that all the terrible things in life happened for a reason so how can I believe that there is a plan for me. She was everything I knew, and I threw it away, I've tried moving on but I can't find anyone worth being with if it is her.

I've felt the same way as you, and I broke up with her 4 months ago, I've felt nothing but regret since, find a way around it, if you have to, take a break for a while but don't let that door close while you still love her.

I know how you feel. This one is tough though and why love sucks because you're never in the postition where you can make demands and things go the way that you want. If you've ever watched The Office you'd see that Jim Halpert had to wait for Pam, a woman that was engaged for years. He showed his feelings for her but only at the time where is was completely needed. I think you could take advice in that. You need to wait and see how life turns out. And at some point, when it is absolutely time, you need to tell her your feelings for her. And she may reject you but she may be confused and reject you too not knowing what she actually wants. So you shouldn't be afraid to talk to other girls too and get yourself out there. Even with doing that, you'll experience people more and get a more clear mind. I hope this helped.

Why do you want to break up with her

8th grade ... just do your homework.

it's called birth control, sharon

I'm a mom of 2 teenagers boy and girl. I just found out my daughter had been sending nudes. This is a big deal for me because she never got in trouble perfect grades. I would tell her girls that do that are s*** and I was terrible about it. Maybe if I had not of been that way it could of stopped some of what she was doing. If I were you I would be who you are and enjoy your time as a kid it goes by so fast. You have all your life to deal with a**h*** . No offense to your mom.

Switch classes or talk to your parents about homeschooling.

No, I am your father. Vader never said Luke.

It means you admire him.