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We all make mistakes, the important part is that you've realised it. As long as you make your sincere apologies and do everything you can to fix it, it's forgivable. You're already doing well - a lot of people wouldn't even admit they'd made a mistake, even if they were completely aware that they had.

you embrace it!

Depending if you affected others due to your beliefs start by apologizing.

I know, in highschool a two year difference seems like a lot, but seriously it's nothing. If you think there's something there then pursue it. Take the chance, don't be afraid. Two years is nothing.

I speak of suicide I haven't cut in months. I don't think life is worth living at this point and no one can convince me otherwise

If you really want things to work out, tell her how you're feeling and see what she says. If her excuse seems like BS and she's consistently brushing you off, she is taking you for granted and is not worth your time. Don't ever feel like you need to beg for someone's attention. If they respect you and want to be a part of their life, they will find a way to carve out time for you.

Please talk to someone at suicidepreventionlifeline org

Maybe you can try binding (research how to do this properly so as not to hurt yourself) and dressing how you want to for now. Unfortunately gender dysphoria is a reality for trans people until they find comfort. Being a cisgender person, I can't really feel your pain but I can tell you this: Inside of you there is a very beautiful person who is not confined by gender. Let that person flourish and love them. Also try to love the body you are in even though it isn't the right one and not the one you're comfortable with. In the future you may have the resources to change this body into the one you really are and you will need this body to be in prime condition for a smooth transition.

Welcome to muttr. Warning you now, everyone's awful and bitter. I suggest you get away now and start a tumblr blog. But that's just me. If you pour out your heart turn off commenting...

I'm going to say something no one else is. SIZE DOESN'T MATTER! You know how to use it? GOOD! THEN USE IT! Stop blaming your body for something it can't help. Man up, tell the girl that you're dating you have a tiny dick and move on. If she stays she's worth it if she doesn't then you just dodged a bullet. Sex isn't everything and if you think it is you aren't ready for a relationship. Don't expect sex right off, and DON'T think that you can compensate for something you don't have. Just be you and be upfront with the girl.


okay im not gonna be rude or say something bad even though you sound like a b**** but youre like this because youve probably got trust issues and youre so done with people judging you that its come to the point where u dont give a damn - which is actually good in my opinion because im very weak and emotional and i have always wanted to be someone like you in some ways

Lots of water, excercise (for example, walk instead of taking the bus, etc...) search online for some quick, easy excercise you can safely do at home too. Balanced diet with more vegetable than meat and when it comes to meat, you might want to eat chicken rather than pork and considerably reduce the red meat intake. Ground beef once a week or once every two weeks is usually a good amount. If one of your habits is milk in the morning, reduce the milk intake aswell, milk contains a lot of fat. Juice instead, avoid orange juice if you don't eat much for breakfast though, orange juice is very acidic and best if your stomach isn't empty. And most of all, realistic expectations. Depending on your current weight, it might be long and slow, it might be discouraging or you might not need to lose much. Don't try to lose huge amounts of weights too fast, that's really bad for the skin and for you in general. Don't skip meals, if you skip a meal, your body will store the fat next time you eat, it's a natural reaction meant to keep you from starving.

She's your mother, she should be open minded about it. Why wait?? It could get even more worse, just try to cooperate with her okay?? sh** is hard for everyone but you need help. Therpay helps a lot but if your scared to tell her just try to write down your feelings. If it's insecurity, try telling yourself something you love about your self, and say it as many times until you believe it, its okay to be depressed, its okay. Just get help. I hope everything goes well (:

From what I'm sensing you have a very big attitude, stop with the attitude and grow up. You're a grown woman but your acting like your five years old and not getting the toy you want. Sometimes you can't get everything you want, you have to work for it and from what I'm sensing your a lazy piece of sh**. I do not like your attitude and I feel sorry if you even have kids. sh** happens in life, get over it. You can't always get what you want. You need to grow up, get money and than have kids. You seem so young, and ghetto. Just please grow up, we don't need another kids life f***ed up Bc of some lazy, disgusting and attitude filled mother. Grow up. I hope everything goes well (:

Everyone makes mistakes, it's okay, just don't panic, It's normal to be anxious about this but it might be nothing, really, porn sites are full of various malwares and viruses. Avoid porn sites for a moment and keep doing what you usually do. Don't clean your browser history out, IF (i insist on the IF) you ever get controlled, it will make it easier for your device to be checked for anything weird if the history is still there and also easier to find what could have caused the issue. Remember that you really have nothing to hide and you did nothing wrong. This kind of thing happens all the time on the internet. You'll be okay.

It took me like almost 2 years to fully get over my ex because I kept letting him back into my life. It wasn't until I finally cut him off 100% that the love faded and even then it still took a while. Getting hyper focused on school and hobbies helped me tremendously.

Gooooood tiiiiiiimmmmeesss broskiiii

Maybe it's because you have low self-esteem that you're so willing to overlook all of a crush's faults. You might think that you deserve whatever faults they have, but blame the fact that they have faults in the first place on yourself.