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It makes sense to the person wearing it.

Any clothing that obscures the face in public should be outlawed.

If all you can do about it is complain yeah you might as well give up or you could actually stand up for yourself and the people you care about.

It's just sex. Tell them to masterbate or find someone else to cheat with.

Sounds like you need to get set up by a circus or a carnival.

Mental disorders ... people that aren't able to connect on an emotional level. It's hell for the rest of us because we're actually human. They just go on with their day like nothing happened. Sucks.

Hi there. Here's a piece of advice that will save you a lot of arguments and stress: mind your own body. You do not know what is going on in other people's lives or their struggles. Even if you somehow did, that still does NOT entitle you to an opinion on other people's bodies because that is harassment.

I agree with you with one thing, " do something about it" yes they can but it's so hard to actually get skinny and get rid of the fat. I disagree on what you said about controlling how they eat. No it's much harder than that, they can't control how they eat. It's so hard to stop, they will feel like they are starving. So please be more open minded, and realize it's more harder than you think okay?? It's okay to be fat, there's nothing wrong w it. I hope everything goes well (:

Walk a day in their shoes and you would see why they overeat. You have your own life to live. Other people's eating habits should be the least of your worries.

They train the people to be bombers and kill people, has nothing to do with religion. Yes some of it but for the most part no. And sadly we can't do anything about it, we can try to have more security in places but it's always going to happen. I hope everything goes well (:

I believe in you! I'm an entrepreneur and I'm telling your right now... You're going to be poor for a while. Real poor! -Make a business plan. Where are you going to get product? How? -What is your target market? -What makes your brand unique? save all your money from graduation.

Here's a tip, stfu m8

Sexting is not wrong; however, under certain circumstances it can be dangerous and carry heavy social and legal penalties.

Well I'm no expert in this specific department but I do know about sibling drama. I have an older brother and a younger sister who both drive me so insane that I look up how to make their life hell. Which led me here so I guess if I can somewhat help you then it will be worth it. Now I know this will sound stupid and honestly like a waste of time but in my experience it works. Communicate. When my siblings and I get into a fight I would much rather think of a thousand ways to get revenge and make them feel just as sh**y as they made me feel. But at the end of the day that will just turn into a never ending war and will make things worse. So, instead just talk to her because it seems like she has a lot of problems to work through and could really use someone to talk to. If you think you can't help her then try to get your parents or someone else to, because helping her is going to make you and her feel way better than just continuing to live like that. But keep in mind when talking to parents there is always a feeling that you have to impress them so it may be easier for her to talk to a sibling, like yourself. This boyfriend of hers seems like a total douche and needs to taken out of the equation as fast as possible. Think of this as a road to heal before things can get even worse. Don't make her feel like she is being forced but instead try to make HER realize that he is not a good influence. It will not be easy because clearly she is obsessed with him but you have to make it work. Usually when girls fall for guys like that its because they want attention and love so if you show her that she doesn't need him and already has amazing friends and family which will support her way better than he ever could. Don't make it seem like you are fighting with her or going against her but instead make sure that you are working with her and trying to make her happy. Because at the end if she starts living a healthier happier life your life will improve as well. As for this guy in your life you need to set boundaries because he should not be able to come into your life and take over like that. (For this next part you may want to work for your parents). Make sure it is clear that if he wants to keep on practically living at your house he needs to understand that there are other people living there and they need to feel comfortable as well. Tell him that he needs to clean his act up if he wants to stay in your lives and that he needs to figure out what kind of father he wants to be. (And this is all if the communicating with you sister doesnt work). It may seem like your overstepping but keep in mind that this is for the future of a child and your entire family. Don't force him and your sister apart because she would come to despise you but just make it clear that things need to change. Overall I don't know if this helps, or even makes sense but even if you don't take my advise I do truly think you have to make a change as soon as possible. You, your parents, and even your sister can move on but that child won't be able to. At the end of the day she is your sister and just make sure that you look out for her and her baby because although you shouldn't have to it will make you feel better if you know that no matter the outcome you did everything that you could do for your sister and your nephew instead of just going around slamming doors. Anyway Good luck! I hope i somehow helped! And I believe that you guys can work this out.

Tell him

Also, take time out to get a drink of water.

I read this as it's not safe for my constipation and yet they still feed it to me...I was wondering if they were feeding you cheese or something. That's sure not good for constipation 😂!!!

Coconut oil! if it's hot out you can keep it in your fridge. It's perfect for chapstick and FINALLY got rid of my forever chapped lips!

So sorry to hear! Have you thought about doing freelance or telecommute work? You can do it online like freelance writing to earn money while building a career...

People's genitals are none of your business. You're racist, sexist and transphobic.