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How older you? Don't be nervous. Atleast try not to be. Watch porn so you can get an idea of what sex is. Also before you start getting hard on your parter, experiment. Experiment about what they like and don't like. If you so something and seem to like it, keep doing it, but faster and harder >//<

Booze , depression & sharp objects , never a good combination .
Trust me on this one.

The point is there is no point , it's pointless

Your still here to find your happiness,keep looking

Kick his a** a bit harder this time but to the stomach & kidneys ( no external bruising ) .

That whole sticks and stones things applies to adults, too. Let me say, your husband should support you when you need him, but every person is responsible for their own happiness. We want to make excuses when we aren't able to handle things the way we know we should have, but I don't have to get upset at someone calling me names or stealing from me. I might, and it would be hard not to, but it's always an option for me to just let it go. Feelings are tricky, because whether you believe you can control them or not, you are responsible for your actions and reactions to those feeling. At the end of the day, your husband can criticize how you act because of your feelings but he shouldn't blame you for having them and he should help you through stuff.

It took a lot of effort but it worked, right? Of course it will be very hard, no one said it won't. We often confuse very hard with impossible.
I feel for you though. But you can do it (if you really want to, and if you're ready for the frustration it will take you).

Call her mother or parent and ask about her, or if you are really afraid call the police. remind her that you care about her and that it would be devastating to lose her.

There is a simple way to look at this. If you never try, it will never happen. No one likes the feeling of being rejected but it is not something to fear. If you do get rejected, it's because that's just 1 out of 3 Billion+. Go for it, and IF he isn't interested, you know you can start looking for someone else, who is just as awesome, if not more so. There are a lot of cute, funny guys out there.

Try to change it. It really, really annoys me when people say it all the time. It can be changed, the way public speakers train themselves to stop saying "uh" and "um" after every other word.

Be patient with your husband and remember there is nothing wrong with pleasing yourself. Communicate with him, though. Let him know you're in the mood and if he says he isn't up for it, then take care of yourself. Try to be comfortable with him, too. That need doesn't go away just cause he isn't up to it. Address it right there. Start pleasuring yourself and show him this is a need you have that you WILL satisfy. Chances are when he sees you erotically touching yourself, he will change his mind. Don't be shy with this man, he is your partner, and he should understand if you need to pause everything else at home and rub one out. If it makes it easier for you to climax without him there, just politely let him know he needs to help or give you some privacy for a while. Don't ignore your needs, but don't pressure him too much, either.

The world is full of neglected children , keep your knees together

I'd say you forked over the goodies before so he probably figured you'd do it again regardless of your new relationship . Pussy is a powerful thing

Plant a tree in her memory and watch as you both continue to grow over the years

Your parents and brother are adults. They know better and do nothing about it. When you graduate do not go home or you will never leave. Find a friend you can share an apartment with. Go make something of yourself on your own. At this point, you are all you got.

Yikes, I've been there too and I'm still there. We could compare notes.... You should ask yourself if there is something you're doing to alienate. Otherwise, change to a better class of friends.

Stop doing all you do and go on strike.

I just want to say don't let it bring you down, just be yourself and enjoy life and make the best of it...if he doesn't want you then it just isn't meant to be, but there is always someone out there that will care for you and that's all that matters.

Seriously , reality check time.

You have the key , now just use it because in the entire scope of things , it's just a test.
Your gonna be tested your entire career.