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NEVER give off ANY signal that you're being pissed off EVER and you'll soon find that people that thought they knew what pisses you off will soon become confused and then bored of it. It works every time. Good luck !!!!!!!!

#4 let it lick your bum instead

You need to find someone you can trust to tell them about this. A teacher, a pastor, or even your parents. Don't let this go on!! I don't know how I can help you as I am just a stranger online. Find some way to let someone who can really help you know. I pray this will end soon for you. (In a good way of course).

Well just know everyone will get rejected. That's kind of how I learned. I have been rejected so many times that I'm not afraid of rejection anymore. Ill also admit this though but there will occasionally be the one that will reject you but you won't accept it and will keep trying. Don't be afraid thats my only advice

Let him know you love him often, don't let him forget it :)

Be happy you woke up today, you're alive, you're probably healthy. I know that all sounds cliche, but really. Be happy you can see the sun, be happy you can feel the warmth on your skin. Be happy you can move your fingers, you can smile, you can laugh. Find the tiny things that bring you joy, even if it's just barely. There and so many things to be happy about, but it's your choice whether you appreciate them or not. I'll pray things get better for you, stay strong and be happy :)

Definitely try and share these feelings with him. If he isn't understanding or willing to listen, he isn't worth it. Hope all goes well.

Be friendly, but not too friendly. Just be kind, but not too flirty at first. Girls like guys who are considerate and like them for more than their body. If you want to get to know her better, just be a good friend before anything else :)

Bullet to the head. Whores need to be put down.

Sounds like he was catering te relationship to you. like, he did thing for you so that you be happy because he wasn't. Sometimes, that is a default setting for emotionally unstable men. I know I've done iy before.

I agree with #1 im sure your awesome! :)

"When there's a change in you, then the whole world will change, too" - English translation of Yatta Don't force change. Wait until you're comfortable with yourself and what you think are your flaws. When you reach that point in yourself, then those faults won't matter in the eyes of others either. Those who'll accept you will gravitate towards you and you towards them.

You aren't try to think positive

Look at yourself differently everyone has insecurities they need to work on if your overweight work out and eat heathier to be healthy

And ain't no problem with that. Just don't poop your pants when it might bother others.

1 pack of corn tortillas
12 pack of Heineken
57 sauce. Or honey barbecue
and a fat joint .... oh yeah and dog of your choice

this is not a mistake, sex and sexual activities are a completely normal part of everybody's life. eventually you're gonna have sex and that doesn't make you dirty or a whore. you're a person, you just so happen to have a vagina so you get the sh** end of the stick. learn to say f*** what people say, if it feels good and you're being responsible enjoy yourself. it's your body and your life. f*** the system. have orgasms. they're heart healthy.

I'm the same way

Don't feel too bad I'm the same way... something will eat at me for years before I can put it to rest. Some people wont understand I think we are just not getting the kind of closure we need my friend. sh** hurts...

that can be enjoyable depending on how long you have known the guy... Not something ya whip out on a third or fourth date... lol