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God I'm getting fat

I'd ask people to lend you some things. I'm sure others will be nice about it. I wouldn't even worry about a boyfriend right now. I really hope everything financially gets better soon! If you're old enough and are able to work you could get a small part-time job to help out with the family. Just make sure the job and school don't stress you out, just stay calm and only do enough work that you can handle. Too much stress is not a good thing. Good luck to you!! <3

Not really it's called clingy and suffocating for a reason. Learn interdependence instead of unhealthy codependency.

Grumpydudes can f*** off!! keep singing!

Masterbate to fantasies of ivanka in the meantime

Maybe that's just a temporary feeling you have? Are you stressed out about something? Take your time, if you want to be alone - be alone.

You don't need that kind of man in your life, take it from me. You can do better. Drop this man like a hot potato, don't pick up his calls, when he comes to the door -duck!! He's gone !

Then don't sit here and post about it on the internet! Go make your dream happen! If you sit here and talk about it and make no actions to do it, you'll never get it or at least be able to live with the thought that you tried and took your shot but couldn't quite make it, but that's not gonna stop you from getting to the top.

This sounds a lot like me or my sister.. I know what this feels like. If your family honestly and full heartedly treats you like that, you should try to get out of there. If you can. I'm not sure how old you are, but if you're able to try to either get taken away from your family, report them, or try to spend more time at a friends house. Take breaks away from them. It sucks to feel unwanted and unwelcomed in your family. Don't let what they say affect you. If they don't care, then you should act like you don't care either. Just don't do anything to get yourself hurt if any of them are abusive or get angry when you try to stand up for yourself. You are wanted in this world, don't let them put you down. You will be found. Good luck. <3

It sounds like he's manipulating your and playing with your mind.. You might want to push him away or leave him. If he can do whatever he wants but doesn't let you or objects when you try to have wants/needs or feelings, then that isn't healthy.. I know what it's like to love someone unconditionally and it's hard to leave, but hun, you might want to consider it.. He sounds like he's not worth your love. He seems spoiled and ungrateful. I'm a girl, and even I could treat you better than him. I hope all goes well and I hope this helped. <3 Good luck sweetie.

Yes go talk to him, he seems very critical and would point out things than your doing wrong. But if he does do that, ignore it. Focus on your goal, if you want to go to college, than go. But at the same time it's so hard, you have a son, who needs your attention. So he should also understand that, he needs one parent to be there. But talk to him so more, let your boyfriend understand how you feel. But always focus on what you want. I hope everything goes well (:

Okay. People need to realize what abusive is. Don't go around telling guys or girls their abusive, just because he's rude or has outburst. That makes no sense so check yourself ^ and first of all, he needs to get over whatever he feels and talk to you. There's no communication, no communication, no relationship. It won't work if you guys don't talk, so he needs to realize that. So tell him that, and you losing the ring?? That's bad. Why put it in your backpack?? You're supposed to wear it. You literally f***ed UP so badly, like so bad. But get over it. You lost it. There, accept that it's lost and you lost the family ring that costed so much money. And if he talks about other relationships than that means he's not ready for one. You should talk to him and if not than break up. I don't know what else to tell you. I hope everything goes well (:

Idk if you tried to get friends through a common hobby or intrest or not, but if not you should. Even if that friend does leave eventually the time you spent together doing whatever you both enjoyed will have been fun and right now fun sounds like what you want. Self focus is fine

Just get a strap on and tell him either you are going to get it or I am, your choice!

I heard that the first semester of college is always the toughest and loneliest. It's gonna be hard but hopefully you'll find something there that'll make you love it there and some really great friends too. If you wanna try to make the best of it, maybe you should try to ask someone to show you around, do something fun, etc. But ultimately if it doesn't work out, then it's okay for you to leave. Just make sure your credits are transferable. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and I hope that things get better for you there and that your time there is worthwhile.

Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses S&M by Rihanna The Teletubbies theme

its just chemical changes in your brain. lots of oxytocin and all. they don't actually mean anything it's your brain having an imbalance. the emotions will go away with time, don't sweat it

not at all she may just want to spice up her sex life. you have to allow her to look at it from your point of view as well. Would she be OK if you added more women in the bedroom?

Try Intermittent Fasting (check it out on youtube). I was fat for YEARS (yeah, I still am, but slowly doing better!). Basically I do the 18 hours of fasting and 6 hours of eating. I won't do justice to explaining it, but basically you do calculations for your weight/height to determine how many calories you need per day to maintain your weight (for me it's like 1,800 I'm 240 and about 5'5, I used to be 260 when I started). Then you subtract 350 calories a day (because you need a 350 calorie "deficit" each day to lose a pound a week), so that means I need to eat 1,450 calories or less a day to lose weight. Obviously, as I lose more weight, that number will go down and I'll have to adjust my caloric intake even more if I want to keep losing. I actually try to stay around 1,300 calories a day to be safe, and I eat those calories in that 6 hour window. My eating window tends to be 10am to 4pm, so I get all of my 1,300 calories in during those hours (breakfast at 10am, a light lunch around 12, and then I eat my last meal around 4pm or so) You would be surprised how much you can eat for 1,300 calories, or even 1,200 calories, for that matter. I don't worry about fat, carbs, whatever...just the calories (but, yes, I do try to eat better foods more often when I can). And, naturally, I drink lots of water each day. Give it a try. I've done every diet under the sun and this is the first one that has actually worked. Yes it is hard at night if you're used to nighttime snacking like I am. It sucks the first few nights, too...but your body WILL get used to it. Just hang in there through the first week or two and then your body will be on board with the new eating system. Good luck!

It's pretty sad how people have to go undercover to bring others down with their negative remarks, usually people who feel the need to do this have flaws of their own and the fact that they choose to put other people down in an nonconstructive way speaks volumes about their character, however, our reaction to their criticism can also highlight our own deep rooted insecurities. While it can be hard to love yourself when you're dealing with depression, allowing other people's opinions to validate who you are or influence the way that you see yourself will only make it harder to pull yourself out of that cycle, that being said, I'm pretty sure it's not somewhere you want to be right now and at the end of the day you do deserve to be happy and feel secure in yourself and you should never feel like you don't or that you have to take any crap from people telling you otherwise. My advice would be to re-evaluate who your real friends are and the people who you keep as contacts, if you can, weed out the culprit/culprits behind the comments and cut anybody who doesn't have genuine intentions out of your life. I won't lie, it might be lonely and it's not always easy to surround ourselves with better people (I'm somebody who has had trouble attracting the right friendships and relationships myself) but if they don't have your best interests at heart then they are irrelevant and you shouldn't have to put up with other people's negative attitude towards you, as long as you're doing your best, what they think really shouldn't define you. Which brings me on the my next point, take a break from social media and focus on yourself. Even if it's really difficult for you to find any value within yourself, do your best to fight those thoughts of suicide and self harm so you can start to build on who you are as a person to the best of your ability, get some support from somebody experienced, connect with people who you can relate to online or confide in somebody open minded and trustworthy if you can. If you perceive yourself as unlikable, working on yourself or changing those thoughts is what will allow you to progress. it's hard, life overall is hard, but you'd be a lot happier at least trying to be the best version of yourself and rising above anybody who thinks it's okay to bully or disrespect you because, believe me, it says a lot more about their character than it does yours. Never think that there isn't anyone out there who won't like you for you either - there's always someone out there who feels a similar way, in need of a friend or willing to be a friend to somebody else.