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You keep saying you hurt him can I ask how?? That Seems to be the problem. But whatever is it that you did he has to come to terms with it. Either he forgive and forget or NOT. He can't being dragging that thought with him

dump her

you say you hate the way you look then take every negative emotion it and others have given you and be spiteful. You have two ways to do this change your body or change your mind. To change your body ask your parents if you could join a gym or a crossfit class ( I joined a crossfit class so I do personally recommend it) and eat better. To change your mind think like this if someone can't get over the few parts of you they don't like for the few that are probably beautiful to them or others then they can suck a fat one. Listen I understand where you are I was there around this time last year but I did both I'm not as depressed as I was before I'm proud of myself and my body. And if someone does make a comment take it as joke or give negative two sh**s

Maybe he got scared. He didn't expect things to go so well. It was fun and light getting you to like him and be interested. Now that he has you and things are getting serious, he's scared that you're better than he expected and now he has to make his game more serious (so to say). Like now he has to step up and own up to all his sweet nothings and he can't do that because they were just words to lure you in

If you hate your life why not go to a different state or country where nobody knows you start a new life


Red flags all over the place. Get out while you can. You might be hurt, and it's probably going to suck, but the longer you stay, the worse it will inevitably be.

Stressing about it can make you late. Try to relax as best you can, try not to thing about that possibility. I wish you the best, from one stranger to another.

Kys lol because you're obviously what you describe if you're bitching about it here.


Sorry, but there's nothing inherently inappropriate about love between two people of the same gender. Rethink your stance on this. What is it about homosexuality that is okay, but can't be shown to your children?

With all the technology there is, distance isn't such an issue anymore. Being able to Skype and FaceTime and whatever, even far away friends and family can still see you face to face and such. While you are still young and not tied down, you should go out and make your mark on the world. A dream job is only a dream job if that is your dream. If not, go find it! With all the opportunities in the world--Peace Corps, volunteer groups going to countries who need help with rebuilding after tsunamis and floods, etc. Churchs do missionary work, research projects through colleges, there is so much that could show you the world. Go out and see it before you feel too old to do it.

If your referring to a massive sh** your about to take, bring your phone or a book as well. Shampoo bottles get old, quick.

Stop worrying about your looks, theres someone out there who loves the way you are right now.

There is no normal different people have different drives and that's okay. My hubs and I have vastly different drives, and he loves me enough that we do it together, my drive is higher but I deal with it. It's complicated when your early on in a relationship because egos exist but talk about it after sex.

boo, there's alot of people who still live with their parents in their 20s. dont feel bad about it, we're all their with you. and i'm assuming you're comparing yourselves to others, right?? well you shouldnt compare peoples highlight reels to your own "misfortunate" situations. love, may xx

They got the big tent up on the Forest Service’s platform, the kitchen and grub boxes secured. Both slept in camp that first night, Jack already bitching about Joe Aguirre’s sleep-with-the-sheep-and-no-fire order, though he saddled the bay mare in the dark morning without saying much. Dawn came glassy-orange, stained from below by a gelatinous band of pale green. The sooty bulk of the mountain paled slowly until it was the same color as the smoke from Ennis’s breakfast fire. The cold air sweetened, banded pebbles and crumbs of soil cast sudden pencil-long shadows, and the rearing lodgepole pines below them massed in slabs of somber malachite.

hi m'dear, you have to understand that people change and we shouldnt hold them accountable for it even if they turned ut worse than they did, all you can do is try to understand his situation. maybe he felt too young to be in a relationship and really just wanted to live the single life and just wasn't plain ready to commit yet. also most importantly understand yourself, its going to take time to get over him, do your best to distract yourself, do fun things aswell like paint or go cycling, don't do what he does or you'll just be contradicting yourself. you'll get through this, i know you will. when you are honestly happy in life, you attract happy people and happy situations. love, may xx

Try and make an ordinary day into something social-media-worthy by taking nice pics with a cute line of things that you actually enjoy. I know it sounds silly, but it's a lot easier not to get jealous when you learn first hand how you can easily make such a life for yourself too.

Then delete it. Most people lie on FB. When you see joint FB accounts, it's usually because someone doesn't trust someone else. When you see happy couples that post random happy updates and weekly anniversaries it's because someone wants to make sure everyone knows they're taken and "happy". It's all BS. Obese chicks take pictures on angles to look thin, people use filters to edit their eyes bigger and chin smaller and breasts larger... It liebook. Just delete it or use it to keep in touch with people you're close to. I haven't had a FB in 5 years. Best thing I ever did. I don't have a twitter or a tumblr or any of that crap. I have a skype I use for work and that's it. If someone wants to see me or chat, they can text me or call me.