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look who's talking b****

First time though, cut OP some slack, it happens, geez.

It's normal to envy people sometimes, even when they're your best friend. Don't be too hard on yourself, what matters is what you do with your life once you realise you need to make changes. Leave you mistakes in the past, i know it's easier said than done but once you succeed you'll feel so much better about yourself.

Just stop trying to aproach them. They obviously don't like you and instead of being civilized people and tell you so, they'd rather be a**h*** about it. Really not worth losing your time.

I don't know how but i'm very high and misread Legislators are "lesbianators" and for a second, i was very, very confused.

about time to get the freaks outta here

sh**post venting is best venting

then stop squatting over the board

Tumblr is leaking.

Just make new online friends

I have a full proof plan for you. Gather a higher level of self worth and cut them off for good without explanation. Surely there are better people to game with who won't resort to messing up the entire session with immaturity. Do you actually want your gaming sessions with people who put you down? I know I wouldn't, just cut the cord in an instant and feel empowered.

I'm so sorry you have to go through that. Is she depressed? Do you love her? If so, why?

Do you guys smell that ? it kinda smells like someone trying to start sh**, doesn't it ?

it's always 4:20 somewhere on the world clock

When was America great? Slavery?

You're hilarious if you think it's going to stay this way, lol. Milenilals are taking over the most of us hate racism. Enjoy Trump Nation while it lasts.

it can be hard to understand but the disorder literally revolves around them never being able to shake off that negative leveled mindset of self image, and have huge misconceptions of current state

i will put some heat sink compound on the copper to help the heat be more absorbed into the copper chips rather lol! when will i learn to proof before i post, that what i wonder sheesh:-) seems i have lost my place of residence, so i need to make me a micro mobile home to live in my own little dignity village :-)

You're responsible now