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i will put some heat sink compound on the copper to help the heat be more absorbed into the copper chips rather lol! when will i learn to proof before i post, that what i wonder sheesh:-) seems i have lost my place of residence, so i need to make me a micro mobile home to live in my own little dignity village :-)

You're responsible now

He should have thought about that before he made you made the move.

well, lol! I have to say, that this is old news, but anyway, what i had found is if i use plexi, that i risk a leak on the open bumpy road, so i decided to solder copper pipe to a flat sheet of copper, thick enough to allow the soldering copper pipes to the back of the flat copper, and on the front side of the copper flat flashing sheet, i will put some heat sink compound on the copper to help the heat be more absorbed into the copper, and then well, thats about where i am at now, and am expected to have it all soldered tomorrow, so i can finnaly do a test and just see what happens! :-) hopefully the copper will not warp when i solder the copper tomorrow, hmm, well, will see:-) Exciting times! :-)

I really, really, hate people like that. I wouldn't be sad either if i was you. What a terrible person. He doesn't own you and has no control over what you want in your life and you should definitely just do what you feel makes you happy and fulfills your life. He doesn't matter.

why not?

Wish I lived in that era, nowadays girls are shamed upon for having sex. So sad.

Why are you interested in anorexia? If you really want to know, it's a life threatening mental illness. I have had it for a large time of my life and am in recovery right now. Starvation becomes VERY addicting. It becomes kinda a coping mechanism. I tried to eat as little as possible to get by. It was so addicting seeing the number drop. I felt like I was finally winning and achieving something in my otherwise empty and unfulfilling life. Studies have shown that the brain of an anorexic person lacks the ability to see situations with insight, so the fact that we are slowly killing ourselves really doesn't affect us enough to stop the destructive behavior. It is very terrifying, I knew more about the process of digestion and starvation than most doctors, probably. Yet it still wasn't enough to stop me from actually starving myself. I wanted to be extremely thin so badly. I know that it isn't attractive to the marjority, but that's the look I liked at the time. Bones. I finally somehow shook myself out of it and I am still dealing with health consequences to this day. I have to make sure to eat healthy and exercise still in order to help my body recuperate from the damages I've done. My heart is still in a really bad condition as well.. Physically and metaphorically.

sounds like a smart man

why do you have to be such a stoner? munch munch munch


I mean are there not old folk clubs?? ;3 ;3

you just tell her "i'm sorry i'm one person, not everyone else, i'll try harder to fit your idea of how i should be based one the amount of time i've been alive."

Lol, you mean the baby boomers era? Makes sense 😂

I've always been attracted to "scrawny" guys. I think it's because my first love was a skinny guy.


say that on tinder, i bet you'll have a dick to suck in no time.

Same way you'd train an medium sized/big dog, breed doesn't make a difference except for how much excercise they need, make sure tht dog can run a lot and buy toys it can chew on when it's inside. Most of all don't scream at it or try to be "dominant". The dog naturally knows you own the place since your smell is everywhere but as it grows up it will quickly figure out it's stronger than you. Time out in a special cage usually works. Be firm but never violent, never hit pitbull no matter what it did and how mad you are. They're very smart dogs and contrary to popular beliefs, dogs remember things.

Can't speak for all thin girls, but I am not anorexic, never had an eating disorder. I'm just athletic. Played soccer and softball in elementary school, was in gymnastics, played basketball and was in track in middle school. Continued with track and basketball through out high school, and started doing karate around that time too. Still do karate, and coach a girls soccer team, and go to the gym 4 times a week. I am and have always been the kinda girl who always tears up a buffet and is somehow a size 3 without needing to stave herself. CICO MOTHERFUCKER! But if you wanna hide behind your "genetics" and "conditions" that's your problem.

Why do you feel the need to not be happy with your weight? I'm sure you're the most stunning person ever - weight really doesn't matter!