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So I guess spam is okay when it's not pro-religion, huh?

Even rapists but not their victims who commit suicide

So are you saying that god isn't omnipotent then? He's out of control?

the bible, is incomplete, as the writers have omitted cannabis, why , the Jewish Septuagint didn't omit. and, omitting that, is the reason for misunderstandings, of all kinds , and, leads most people to not even know the truth concerning the positive efficacies of cannabis's use lots of well meaning people do not know due too the esoteric secrecy of religions, making it look as though religions today are filled with adam and eve worshiping garden hating face crawlers banned from heaven due too their hate and ignorance where the bible said the two haters saw visions of devils talking to them,instead, of having visions of heaven so god told the unbelievers to get out and crawl on their faces the bible may look racist as it purposely omits the Septuagints entry about kanahbos

Don't post religious bulls*** if you don't want retaliation.


Your god works in such mysterious ways, he shows his love by slowly, horrifically killing millions of children every year with disease, starvation, poverty, instability.

Why does your loving god allow mothers to perish of horrible illness, leaving their children to starve to death?

Why does your god invent parasites that suck babies of their life force, slowly so that their mothers can watch them die?

"The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no god.'"

Why does your loving god kill infants with terminal brain cancer?

Yes please go be with Christ tell me how it goes

Your existence is explained by biology, the universe by quantum physics

Lol why don't Christians ever have those answers hm? Is your god really so loving or is he a manipulative tyrant


Aye and science is getting closer to the truth every day.

If god is omnipotent then why did he create a being only to punish it for the way he made it to be

then point out my post you like the most

Yeah and we were created by the big bang theory, right? But what created the big bang theory? What created energy, atoms, literally everything? It's only natural to believe an higher power created that. Tbh I dont believe the bibles but I know there's something much more greater out there. The universe is too big just to put all your trust on scientist that are only human. We dont know everything.

dummmbb sh**