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It seems he's more interested in your friend. Maybe you should leave them both alone for your own self and go pamper and love yourself before you find another person to be with. You deserve to be stress free and seeing your best friend and ex texting and talking won't do any good. Don't even tell them why you decided to cut them out either because I'm sure you'll just lash out and start a big argument. Just silently distance yourself and don't expect anything from them, just know that they may not even wonder why you're gone and it's okay to hurt from that but being away from them both is the best choice for you

Most anorexic people don't realize the state of their body, I know there was a certain disorder for it but I forgot the terms

It does when you have a job.... Or class. But yah, I know what you mean.

Sounds like you keep going back to each other because you can't find someone else to put up with your sh**. It's not love. More like a bookmark. You know, something that you put in place for the time being before you move on to the next page.

Aww so sad try to find someone else mabye to take your mind of him /them.

I should add that the old man screamed it at me as he drove by. It wasn't nice small talk.

I think I was a bit like that with my first boyfriend after high school lol it's awful to think back on. Just cross your fingers that this horrible honeymoon stage passes or they break up, good luck.

Must know more? Like what?

Don't worry. Virginity is a complicated thing, and being a virgin does not tell anyone how many other sexual acts a person may have performed. If you explain to your future husband what happened, I'm sure he will understand. I'm sorry for your suffering and for what you had to go through. You will be okay.

Tbh when I ask people this, I don't intent to judge them but I never really thought about rape victims and how uncomfortable it would be to even answer a question like this so you really helped me open up my eyes. I mean I never really gave a thought about it and now I know. Just know that the people who ask you may be as ignorant as me

Are you sure that's really chicken??

I know right, I'm so tired of hearing how "gross" periods are. Jesus. It's natural.

Don't worry. I've experienced an obsessive crush. It will go away within a few years after you stop interacting with him or her. Trust me.

Is it legal to eat people if they smell like dog?


I think you mean meat.

weed makes me tingle in all the right places

Thanks for the great flashback

Sounds like her first love, she'll get over it. But if she keeps it up you won't be in the picture very long.

I put the meow in homeowner