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And yet your neighbor probably has friends, love, a purpose. He/she lives life. What do you have? Anger? Misery? I bet you ANYTHING that you are all alone. You're a LOSER.

I love how someone here got triggered, when this was meant to be funny, it was listed under the Entertainment category after all. Some people don't understand jokes or they just don't read before they speak, this livestream, EWN Network was on YouTube Gaming's front page which Etika, the streamer was surprised by. He saw he had 13K+ views on his livestream making him the 2nd most viewed channel that was live and became nervous, cause apparently people became interest when they saw 'Deep Web' and came running to the stream. I somehow missed this f***ed stream and now I can only view the video of the stream which is probably edited....I would have been shooken up for days if I was there while it was live, which is funny in a weird way. Unfortunately I was too busy reading smut fics to realize, "Oh sh**, Erika's live on YT Gaming!".

I'm a Canadian , and I will tell you .. we suck just like the rest of the world. Except for we have beavers, those are cool.

awe i'm so sorry :(

This is why I don't have friends , sorry you were treated like crap :(

He might be gay????

Creating should be something you do for yourself first. Do what you enjoy and if others like it that's just a sweet little bonus.

Holy f*** I feel so bad for your gullible, uneducated a**. You f***ing people are hilarious

It smells like a** and Fritos, huh.

Well that was dumb.

You need a sidekick.

Well he definitely will now :/

looks like the both of us need some encouragement. me and my brother are desperately trying to find jobs as well for the same reasons. i actually want to be a musician too (im a French horn player thats been playing since 6th grade), and so I'm trying to save up while my brother helps with my moms expenses. i wish you the best of luck and hope that they schedule as soon as possible. and i totally get how you want everything back to normal. i may not have had the best childhood, but i do wish yours ends up way better than mine did.

I would

I feel bro. I'm going to college the year after this upcoming school year lol. I don't have anyone either, I've been single for 16.4 years of my 17 year old life and it feels awful. I truly hope you find a great person for you. I'm not on meds cause no one knows about my depression and I'd prefer to keep it that way.

neighbors can be the worst and people who have like a bunch of cars and park all over the place yet the front of their house remains empty as does their driveway. CREEPS

Create because you would go crazy if you didn't. If you're only doing it for others, if you're not enjoying it, why do it at all?

There's so much I wanna tell my dad I can barely contain myself


racism and self-loathing... that's all you are. i'm so sorry to be so blunt