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yes she will, i believe in her

Are you the mother f***er posting all the anti trump bulls*** on this feed? Get over it he's our president dumbass focus on yourself and what you can do to help the world. Bitching about trump on an anonymous site shows you know that you sound like an idiot or you'd be preaching to Facebook

if this ain't me



What about #rosneft? Or domestically what about the Merced family funding him too?

I found the article containing the interview but I'm unable to post the link. Type in KKK Member Lashes Out During Interview on Google and click on the first link.

Y call your dad a mofo even if he is?

Did she spontaneously combust?

I'd pay off my house and debts $210,000, put $500,000 in savings/retirement account, buy a car because mine is 12 years old and starting to have problems $30,000. With the $260,000 left, I would give $100,000 each to my parents and my brother, then I would donate the remaining $60,000 to church/charities I support.

Socially acceptable gay sex #nfl

Maybe he'll spontaneously combust?

What's a John anyways

fe·ral ˈferəl,ˈfirəl/ adjective adjective: feral (especially of an animal) in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication. "a feral cat" synonyms: wild, untamed, untamable, undomesticated, untrained "feral dogs" antonyms: tame, pet resembling a wild animal. "a feral snarl" synonyms: fierce, ferocious, vicious, savage, predatory, menacing, bloodthirsty "a feral snarl" read,and,learn,dork

Didn't know Satan was a 14-year-old edgelord.

If you stole it give it back and apoligize

they didn't drop they are drinking

Satan please try and be more creative next time

Your dad made your mom take care of it

Ha when I first read it I thought u said you'd buy a crap load of mcd's lol.