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My school started last week. And I finish WAY before you guys! (I'm done near middle of may. :)

It's been way more than 100 years. Shouldn't you guys respect the beliefs of others?

Um... Shouldn't you go to the doctor? Not feeling your legs doesn't sound good...

Don 't. Youd be a home wrecker ho.

A man is a cultural gender construct.

I agree with #1. I don't even know how you can tolerate her. People who think that way are stubborn and refuse to accept the truth or be open minded. She may seem nice but she's only nice to people who she likes. Just because she's nice to the people she likes doesn't mean that she's a nice person overall. Racism sticks to peoples minds like super glue. Maybe she'll get over it and learn to be a decent person later on, but right now she's not in a good state of mind. No need to be friends with her, if you don't agree with major issues esp. regarding racism, the friendship won't work out very well and you surely don't need racism in your life. No one does.

She sounds like a real winner. NOT

Hmmm. I think you're leaving something out, OP.

Yeah get away from her unless you want people to think you're racist too


ABA is hard. You're not failing; it can take years to see improvement in some cases.

If the record is warped they can play it in the store and it will play warped so they will give you a refund.

Soulmates are a myth. You don't need anyone to complete you.


Call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Bipolar ot border personality?

I feel bad for you

There are people dying all over the world and your complaining about this. Pathetic.

Ungrateful 16 year olds need to learn that your parents are doing this out of love and to protect you. Not to push you away. Unfortunately you won't learn or understand that till your older.

I'm homeschooled. I feel so bad for you all. I'm really sorry.