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Who says you can't? It's supposed to be pleasurable

Explain maybe not... Give the courtesy of letting her know-yes! It's not about her knowing all details, but the important ones count.

Having sex doesn't make you a whore. You just want to sleep around and not get called a whore. It has nothing to do with double standards.

"Right another sad song"? Write?

I know what you mean, loves a beautiful b**** :(

I don't mean this in a negative way but grow some balls Seriously, people go through hell everyday and live out there whole life. Mental torment is worse than any psychical pain imaginable. Just be strong and get through this. Your life doesn't rely on how many friends you have. It would be a shame for someone to kill themselves over something so little.

They're gonna milk that bulls*** for century's .
Por me , it's dem white folks who done it.

Same thing with my language teacher!!! She always bringing up damn walking with the dead. Like is it that good of a show where you spend 20 minutes of my learning to talk about it! -_-



Yes, we've already established that.

17 days now & the fools are still looking for it. f***in sharks don't even go that deep to feed.

I'd kill for some happiness!

Who wouldn't?

Yeah, I know. haha I have a lot of crazy stories that I don't tell people.

Omg no your not I felt that way to my mom wanted to go to church and she was going alone but I was so lazy that I didn't want to go so she went by herself :( I felt so bad after I started crying and I thought I was such a bad person next time just go with her.

You can change, you just have to want to change. No one can change anyone, without it being that person's choice first. In this case, that person would be you. We are all afraid of what the future will bring, so don't think you're the only one. You don't know if you're worthy to go to heaven or not yet, because you are not deceased yet, so keep that in mind. You still have a chance. I'm sure people would mourn for you if you were to take your life, and yes they would possibly move on, but that's the cycle of life. Gone, but never entirely forgotten.

That is creepy but funny to lol

I'd kill for some happiness!

You better be black.