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Jesus was anointed with cannabis oil

Prayer is not a "spare wheel" that you pull out when in trouble; it is a "steering wheel" that directs us in the right path throughout life.

I guess majority of religious people don't know much about science, reason, fact or intellectual honesty, maybe entirely or to some extent, it all varies from person to person.

Do you believe in the Illuminati?

So some people got their panties in a bundle when i talked about pentagrams. 1 Chill tf out. it was a joke. jesus. 2. Pentagrams weren't originally satanic. yall are dumbasses.

cant wait to draw some more pentagrams on the church floor tomorrow night :)))

I'm sorry sorry sorry I am Islamophobe okay I admit it and I can't understand I can't and I know I know you blocked me already I'm sorry I'm sorry you can worship your prophet you can worship Muhammad you can do anything you want have a good life and always please smile and be happy and just smiling

Why religion exists? It teaches us to love others yet people are killing and despise each other because of their difference in religion. #randomthoughts

Let's get this strait once and for all! God is the greatest scientist of all time!
He started a great experiment and like all good scientists he then left his experiment
alone to see what will happen. It's the only explanation that makes sense.
He don't give a sh** about you as you are an experiment!

Maybe there is a being (or beings) better known as God with some supernatural abilities, but an extremely cruel God, kind of tyrant or maybe even a trickster, who intentionally creates all kind of differences and disturbances on this planet (or whatever it is) to control and rule in an easy manner. Such a God is somewhat like a Mafia Don who rules in the name of fear and could also follow the strategy of PRS (problem, reaction, solution).

Does anyone here knows a god or gods that really works?

Kindly come up with some valid proofs.


My dad is retiring from pastor ship next month. As soon as he does, I'm leaving his church for another…even before his successor has a chance to tell me what to do! I don't feel at home there!

Is God and Allah the same? I know this sounds dumb and it is, I don't understand what's going on I'm sorry. I only know the God from the bible? Like the one who sent his son Jesus Christ?
If anyone actually knows and believes in one of these two, please explain it to me? You can be short and objective, I just need an insight cause I'm lost lol

Kindly share your first hand experience with god(s) & religion(s), if any.

You should listen to the wounderful musical Christian stylings of xxxtentacion. Truly inspiring. Look up xxxtentacion gospel.

The Man from Earth (2007) Quotes:

Do you believe in god?

As Laplace said, "I have no need of that
hypothesis." He may be around, though.

He's everywhere. We just can't see him.

Pfft. If this were the best I could do, I'd be
hiding, too.

And creation...

It's here, I'm not so sure it was created.

What then?

Maybe it's just accumulated, fields affecting

What about the source of the field energies?
Wouldn't that imply ... read more

Trusting in a god and keeping a blind faith in it is the biggest tragedy that happened to me in my current life, no wonder it made me delusional and lead me to take all wrong decisions in my life so far and ruined it completely. #MyFirstHandExperienceWithReligionAndGod

Aliens are really demons it explains all the probing aka sodomy and the giants/ nephiliem

I read Genesis 3 [The Fall, New International Version (NIV)] and now I wonder if all of humanity is already cursed.

So what happens when you die, nothing? Random matter assimilated back into the holographic universe?