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Even god raped a young virgin her name was mary

umm not a vent but please pray for my result y'all I am really worried about it :^(

Please pray for my coworkers.

If your sexual preference is kids join the church; they encourage it there.
Florida Rabbi, 41, is arrested for impregnating and sexually abusing girl, 15, after detectives match his DNA to the fetus.
Lloyd was arrested in Sandford, Floria, on Wednesday
Her mother told police that she was pregnant by him; they ordered DNA tests.
The tests were returned on Wednedsay and PROVE he is the baby's father.

what if all the gods in every religion are just chillin in a magic sky suburb and looking down at earth and saying "what a bunch of f***ing idiots lmfao" while god and allah are just playing ping pong and the gods of egypt are getting high with the greek gods

i want to die just to see how f***ing fun that would be

All you religious bible beaters; bitching that you don't like being 'lumped into one category'.
Then don't worship the same things that make people blow sh** up and that encourage gay-underage-sex.
That's like me saying, don't associate me with disliking black people even though I'm in the KKK.

All of you religion people parading yourselves across the nation as beacons of indignant righteousness.
Then going and slobbing knobs with young boys behind the scenes.
Faggots, molesters, and criminals all rolled into one non-policed tax-free cult.

I love to wrap my mouth around a little boys penis and then have him shove it up my a** while all I'm wearing is my clerical collar.

The Church has it's own Police.

f*** as many little kids as you want and nobody says sh**.

In fact, kiddie fiddling is encouraged.

the church is in charge of the biggest pedophile ring in the world

Some of you people on muttr need to chill the f*** out towards people who make little mistakes

The Luciferians are winning.

Satan is in charge.

**** If your sexual preference is kids ... join the church ****

Not sure why muttr is full of religion talk but ok

I'd put a million dollars down on that it wasn't the Atheist who started the fight.

You hate Atheist for speaking the truth.

At least I hate Religious people for actually committing crimes.

There are NO Pastafarians in prison.
Once you've been touched by His Noodley-Goodness, you never break the law.

Atheists have their own moral compass that doesn’t involve a book.

atheists make up 0.2% of the prison population

**** If your sexual preference is kids ... join the church ****

Church of England head says it colluded with sex abuse ...
LONDON — The head of the Church of England has said the institution "colluded" with and helped to hide the long-term sexual abuse of young men!