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    Well... considering how much you suck at things and life, you'll most likely fail at that too... then just make life worse for yourself thereafter. The last thing you want to actually be good at is killing yourself. But if you can be good at that, you can be better at the other things with a different outlook. It's not that you suck at using pens, playing games, or taking tests, it's just that you're not aligned with how they have created them for use by the masses. Not everything works for every person the way it's intended. It's so f***ing stupid. I've failed a high level microsoft exam 4 times that I have to pay $250 every time I take.... and I can't f***ing pass it, but I a master at their systems. Their word arrangements are f***ing terrible.

    No need to be mad at yourself... sh** just doesn't work for all of us. And THAT, is when people turn to making improvements. You know your sh**. So make a test that you can take without a pen and pass it. If you can create a questionnaire for yourself that you know you can pass, you'll be able to understand why those are created in the sh**y methods they are. Give it a shot. before you try to kill yourself. It'll help dramatically. After you pass your own test, you'll be able to read those questions differently and instead of trying to think of an answer to the question first, you should think: "Why are they asking this question." What is the end result they're looking for? What do they want you to know? What do they want to know of you? Those questions can have rapid-fire answers once you're used to thinking of them.

    Talk to you tomorrow.