ALLAH is the only god of every one and every thing
islam is peace it is never war or terrorism
the world we live in many people are trying to demolish the name of islam
trying to show religion of peace as war
in islam injustice is never allowed
injust killings arent allowed
such people who do these kinda killings only use the name of islam
to demolish the image but truly they are at lost cause those
who can see and read the Quran
read the verified verses by the last Prophet Muhammad
will know that this religion is always peace the truth
i can say a lot to those people who try to demolish the name of my religion islam
but i wont
i only pray for them wish that they can see the truth
dont hate us muslims
in many various scriptures of other religions there is still found verses
regarding that Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger of ALLAH
many scriptures with time got edited changed yet still some verses are found
dont hate islam
learn you will know the truth