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Why did God make me stupid, useless, unloved and ugly? Why does he also make my life constantly miserable? Seriously, I'm starting to resent Him and I might tell Him to go f*** himself!

I am always not happy with thing around but today I write this to cause I realised God does pay back . I love to help people around I think from the heart and do loads of services just like that ...and my family gets annoyed , I go and teach in a school once a week for free , I do someones project for free , I would just feed my neighbour for days as she is an old lady , I would illustrate for an NGO for the least amount of money .....and yes people laugh at me . But .... I w... read more

God loves you! :)

So let me get this right there's an invisible man in the sky and he has a list of ten things that he doesn't want you to do
and if you do any of these things you will spend all of eternity burning in agony and torture for ever and ever

My mom says she doesn't want a relationship with me anymore because she is trying to force me into joining Apostolic religion and wear long skirts like her but I refuse because at the moment I am agnostic. (She is a born again Christian since late 2014) She also is "ashamed" of me because I support Pro-choice and Pro-equality where is totally against gay marriage, abortions regardless of the situations, and anyone not a Christian. It hurts me that she says we will never be an... read more

im going to go 40 days without meat, how can i make it through? ive never done this before but im determined to do this, no going back

you are a dumbshit

nothing should be worse than death.

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.
- C.S. Lewis

If there is God , and he his so wise and mighty , why does he let people suffer ?
Something not right there.

Just remember the same people that gave you THE BIBLE
thought the earth was flat and if you sneezed it was because
an evil spirit entered your body!

Am I the only Christian that doesn't hate anybody? Just because I don't agree with what you do, doesn't mean I hate you. Just stop yelling at me and accusing me of hate crimes. I did nothing to you. But you think I am some kind of evil creature... Just Stop.

Even if I believed in the Christian god I wouldn't worship him. He's a dick.

While Jr. is in town (Satan)
So jr. is in town and I'm showing him all the ways to pervert innocent souls.
But while I'm gone I see all those who have been bitching at me, trying to be me!
now I do it for the sh**s and giggles but they do it for the attention LOL
haven't even been gone a year! Thanks for showing jr. how being an INDIVIDUAL
really pays off over being one of the sheeple, even he's getting to laugh at all my
funny hairless monkeys hahahahahahahaha
I would rather... read more

I Am God

and my last name is not dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how funny you pathetic morons don't even know my real name
hint: it's not god


I don't mother is Christian. She told me people of her religion don't eat pork because it is supposedly a filthy animal. 'God' stated in the bible that it's meat is too dirty for human consumption. So I have a few questions. One; why isn't it poisonous, assuming this is true. And two, why was it placed on this earth if we weren't meant to eat it?

Look, I respect your right to believe whatever it is you want to believe. But you can't f***ing blame me for being scared for you, Mother. This is not a normal religion. This is a CULT, and I have TOLD you that, but you just don't care. Well, fine, I'll stop trying to push you out. But I can't guarantee that we can continue to have a relationship. It hurts too f***ing much to not be able to talk to you about 95% of the things that keep me up at night. I can't handle it anymor... read more

Why are Christians so f***ing stupid? Why do they waste their times away memorizing excerpts from some stupid book? Why do they waste their time away worshiping He-Who-Is-Fake? Why do they limit themselves to all this bulls***? Why don't they just give it all up and be free like us atheists? Why do they continually to believe every word in the "Bible" when they've prayed time and time again for help from their "God" when they never get it? Didn't the Bible say that God answer... read more

I wish religion would just die. I'm a Pakistani atheist born into a Muslim family. My atheism beliefs started building up after seeing and being forced to believe that islam and God are just. Religion is a curse. I can't believe how people can buy into the bulls*** we're taught from birth. What I find weird is how I could see through their lies and everyone else wouldn't even think about it. My first name is Muhammad and I don't want it. I can't even legally change my name be... read more

I always feel sad when people ask me if I hate gays when I tell them I'm a Christian. I don't hate them at all, and I really wish Christians would stop shunning them, and hating them, but it's still really rude.
Asking a Christian if they hate homosexuals is like asking a feminist is they hate men, or a gay if they hate women.
It's just really tiring.