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Going to church today as a christian!!!

religion is such a tricky topic to talk about. shut the f*** up and let people believe what they want**

Is it not kind of hilarious that the very people who orchestrated Jesus Christ's murder have conned His followers into kneeling before them as "God's chosen".

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but as an adult, a married mother, don't I get to decide whether or not I want to stay at a particular church? Please somebody, enlighten me. Because from what I've heard this past week, I am to listen to the pastor of the this aforementioned church and since he doesn't think I should leave I am obligated to stay. Ummm....yeah, I think he has another thing coming

The reason you know Christianity is false is that in Judgment Day, Jesus comes down and KILLS everyone that didn't believe in him. Why would the so-called "son of God" have to do something so demented?

I used to go to church when I was little, then I stopped when my dad left. For the longest time, I hated God. Then I hated the idea of a God. For the longest time, I was so against religion. Now, over 10 years after I gave it up, I want to welcome faith back into my life. It's the hardest thing to do. I'm not angry at religion or vengeful or any such thing, but I just can't accept God back into my life. It's a hard thing to go through.

I was raised a christian. But with so many people claiming to be christian, some giving christianity a bad rap, I don't know anymore. Is the bible real? Does god exist? Was there a Jesus? There is not one ounce of proof. Nothing. With the world going to hell like it is, how can an all powerful, loving god, let this world go to sh**? My sisters go to church, they almost run it, the reason I won't go. They're boring. But they have a good life and seem happy. I don't attend chur... read more

f*** God and f*** the Catholic church -- actually no, some particularly ignorant followers actually -- for ruining my life.

I let God down so often with my thoughts that are wrong. I have a sexual problem that won't stop the weird perverted thoughts from running through my mind. I pray that it stops, that I can just be satisfied with my life and my spouse and stop trying to look elsewhere for that! I hate myself over and over again for this.

Jesus didn't die for our sins. He died because he violated Roman law and didn't hide well enough from authorities. Jesus "died for our sins" in as much as Orville Redenbacher "died for our sins".

Alhamdulillah that I found this website :)

I'm muslim and I like it. Go f*** yourself atheists...Realize that the concept of god isn't a matter of intellect, it's a matter of sanity...If you have a ton of money and good friends and family hooray for you. Some of us who don't have those things, well religion keeps us from ending our lives. So if you want to do a way with religion, find a way to integrate all of us into society...otherwise stfu and deal :)

I am seriously sick of all you christans getting in my face about your beliefs. I was talking to my mom about how I happy I was we were able to find a store that sold vegetarian marshmellows (the main ingredient is gelatin, which is made from pig guts) I personally can eat them but most of my friends cannot because they are muslim. And this guy stopped me and said, muslims are evil! Praise the lord! I know I cannot count him fr everyone but really. You are the ones causing mo... read more

I'm finding this, and I'm going to just talk now. First, I'm an atheist. Next, I just got invited to a sleepover at a church, and my Dad won't let me go, as the church is really evangelical, and my Dad doesn't approve of that. It's a church where gays etc. aren't allowed, but I'm bi. So I have to tell my friend I can't go, because she's a Christian.

Satan>Jesus a.k.a. some dumb jewish c***bag!

Okay, look. I watched a show about hell today and I realized something(s). First thing, the concept of hell and every single 'fact' about it comes out of one giant propaganda book. Doesn't it sound funny to you? "Oh, hey, you don't want to go there, everyone is unhappy and suffering!" Seems like you could replace 'hell' with 'any communist country' and it's the exact f***ing same as any American propaganda. Anyone that disagrees is OBVIOUSLY indoctrinated or e... read more

I need to stop lying to people. I work with the general public. I enjoy my work. I like meeting new people and hearing their stories. I dislike when they try to get too personal. I live in the bible-belt and occasional I will run into some extremely religious people. I used to answer them honestly when they asked what church I went to or if I believed in "our lord jesus christ". I would tell them I believed he lived on earth but that no man can be the savior of all ... read more

I've gone farther down the path of sin than I ever thought I was capable of going. I was mired in it. My life was falling apart and I didn't even care.

Now God has led me out, and He uses the memory of that nightmare to strengthen me against ever going there again. Satan thought he was winning, while he was sealing his own defeat.

I don't know what God has done in your life, but He saved mine in a very real and evident way.

Whats with all of the christian nuts on this website?

God where are you? I have done everything I can think of to get you to hear me. I need your help so desperately right now. Please help me....