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I don't know, therefore, GOD!

I was talking to an "upcoming rapper", and we were on the topic of the music industry. He made a comment that he would sell his soul to the devil to make millions and repent about it later because God is going to forgive him anyways. That commit really upset me. It made me angry and offended me that money is more important to him.

Iam not religious... However I have such an ache for my spirituality to improve that I just cannot seem to move forward in life

It makes me mad when atheists make fun of religious people. I'm not being biased and maybe not all atheists do this but someone in my family is an atheist and laughs when I go to church and makes remarks daily. I don't do this to him. He makes fun of the bible and ridicules is and it kills my mother. I understand you can believe what you want but can't you be nice about it?

The word religion bothers me. I think it only applies to the rules and rituals and preconceived ideas that we adhere to, not our actual faith and spirituality. And the faith and spirituality are the important things. Enough as to make the idea of that disgusting word obsolete. I think the world would be a better place if we defined our "religions" instead by the nature of our relationship with whatever God we choose to worship. Not an ugly word used to describe ritu... read more

Oh yeah mom? Well where the f*** did god come from? Did he just pop up out of nowhere? That's your argument against evolution, and that's my argument against god. The two arguments are exactly the same, except that evolution and science has an insanely higher amount of evidence than god does(read:none) so honestly, which makes more sense to believe? A book that was written by a bunch of dead dudes(where they could really have written whatever crap they wanted to make people b... read more

Alyssa Bustamante (murderer.)
I don't understand why she has all these fans who think she's 'hot' and 'cool'.

I read up on her, and to be honest, she sounds self-centered and like a spoiled idiot. Let's not forget the fact that she, um, MURDERED a person. Wow, how sexy!

I kinda feel like Christians and gays have switched roles under the youarebeingjudgednegatively category. im a Christian and I tend to feel very sad nowadays with the hate and derogatory remarks that just come rolling off people about religion. fine if you aren't a believer in god. good for you if you are all scientific and into the big bang and or evolution. Great if you are an activist in gay rights. but uh whatever happened to equality for everyone and don't degrade others... read more

people who are scared of Muslims because all they've heard about them has been in reference to terrorism are the bane of my existence and that's coming from a Christian. please educate yourselves prior to judgment.

Is me not being against gay marriagehomosexuality make me a bad Christian?

Elaborating on another post, the preacher also went on a rant on the evils of the internet, and the little digital signature you sign at the grocery store, and social security, and Facebook. One that I particularly thought was a gem: Now why do all you women need to be going on the internet and lookin at all the latest fashions, jewelry and whatnot" This one was so ridiculous, it even made some people in the church look at each other. If that's all he thinks people do on... read more

Lol. My Sunday school teacher went on a rant about gay marriage.
Her: Now, spiritual evil in high places. What are examples of that?
One kid: Marijuana being legalized
Her:Not exactly, but that is an example
Some kid: Gay Marriage?
Her: Bingo. And if you kids know what gay marriage is, it's a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, getting married instead of a man and a woman like god intended it. Obama's in a high power, and you have them saying something like it's their righ... read more

I'm tired of religion f***ing me over constantly and then religious people acting like it's ok. I just became single for the 4th time because I wasn't godly enough or didn't have a passion for God or whatever. I swear that every time I get a girl, she goes off to a church camp and comes back a scolding bigot. And then she and other religious people, meaning everyone in the south where I live, act like I'm just some dumb heathen for not understanding why this I ok. Why the hel... read more

I say I don't think it's wrong to be gay...and my parent's assume I'm gay. Yes, because only minorities think its wrong to be racist. Your logic makes perfect sense. Surely, if you aren't an a**h*** to somebody, then you are, without a doubt, that person. Yep. Sure. Maybe I should just let them believe I'm gay to freak them out.

I read a post about the pledge of allegiance, which made me mad about something. The "under god" part. Wasn't that added in the 1960's? It's stupid. Hey there, not everybody is a christian! I'm not under any god..wait, let me be more specific, most definitely not THAT god. I stand for the pledge, but I just don't say the under god part. It is likely I will be chewed out by a teacher at some point because I'm in a highly christian town. Oh, and I'm probably the only ... read more

Waiting for my blankets to dry, listening to dogma debate. They were talking about the case to get the pledge taken away and telling related stories... It reminded me of this past school year (when i decided i was not going to stand for the pledge) i just put in my headphones and read. Other than some stares and a few mutters of "why isn't she standing?" "Disrespectful..." From, well, the loud popular kids, i had no problems. And eventually the loud popula... read more

I have been a devout Christian for many years but now I'm starting to believe that it is God's will for me to suffer and that he gets some kind of enjoyment out of it.

I want to believe in a God, but I find no reason to. I am a see it to believe it, I believe in science, evolution, etc. I don't disrespect anyone else's religion no matter what it may be, but I have found myself WANTING to believe in a God, but I need proof. I don't believe in what the Bible says, because it honestly was written by man, and we all know how corrupt us humans are. I want to believe there is a heaven, something after this that this life was not all just wasted t... read more

I've been losing my faith in God recently I see a lot of my friends who really believe in God and faith and great things happen to them over and over I have always believed in God and I just feel like he has really let me down recently and I'm starting to feel like there is no God anymore What should I do

Sometimes I wounder why I still believe in God