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I want to do what I want. I want to live my own life. I want to mess up and make mistakes and find my way. I want to be the author of my own life. These are my hearts desires.. and I know it comes with a cost. My life. And I dont want to sacrifice myself for a little rebellion. But Im not getting anywhere cause where I really wantto be is out there.

Never understood why suicide is considered a sin. No one asked for the "gift" of life.

sometimes i get this feeling that i'm not a real person, like most everyone else will go onto wherever is there when they die, but when i'm done, that will be it and i'll be gone for good. i don't feel like a real person... i feel like an NPC, or a tool on someone else's path to be used and discarded.

Some people who worship God are so f***ing annoying

God doesn't exist. That is a fact.

Love. It is always love we shall keep with us from realm to realm in one life to the next only a small few of use ever come back to find this love again. when you go to the next realm you will be presented with a choice and love only love is the right one. then after you enter the next realm you are given another choice. most of us will stay there in the realm of love and create that which we loved most quite content to be there. then there is the small brave few who will acc... read more

I've never posted to this site and I'm not sure how this works but here we go: Last weekend my boyfriend and I seriously started talking about planning for marriage. I should be excited, and I was. I want to marry him and be with him, but I can't look forward to it because of how my family will act. I was raised Catholic by a very strict Catholic mother. My brother is much the same way and they expect the same from me. But I don't want to be Catholic, I disagree with the t... read more

Is it acceptable to be a Christian, but not support the Death penalty?

I ask this because I saw the movie Serial Mom (maybe not really the best source for serious topics, but still.)

In one scene of the film (not a spoiler)
they are in church and a pastor talks about how Jesus didn't say anything against the death penalty, so, in a nutshell, Jesus supports putting criminals to death?

I don't know, maybe that was just a joke during the film?
Anyway, I don't se... read more

i have to poop in the pope's toilet. now.

I don't really understand the whole thing about someday judging the "quick & the dead". And honestly I don't even know where that is in the Bible. However... I don't understand it. I don't know what "quick" means other than fast and I always thought that if you go to heaven then you were there forever. This makes it sound like you will be taken out of heaven to be judged and then sent back to heaven or possibly hell. Or you will maybe get into heaven i... read more

My dad is a pastor. I've been raised as a Protestant Pastor's kid with strict rules in the house and everything. Every Sunday my family drives to church and we watch our dad preach. I believe in God and I am a faithful Protestant. Sure I forget a few prayers here and there but I do believe that God guides me. But, I'm kind of different. I don't mind gays or bisexuals, and believe that people should let them be happy. I dont hate people of other religion (not that Protestants ... read more

God is real get over it and just follow his word!

Yup this girl is a Jesus Freak!!

Can people please explain why everyone says Jews are rude? I don't get what I did wrong for being Jewish.

Are there some Bible passages that just leave you scratching your head?
Or some that you struggle with?

I know I have a hard time with some of them! And I am a Christian or consider myself to be one.

I dont get it, people dont believe in God but they believe in the Devil? So explain where the Devil came from? -_- exactly..

anyone else heard the weird conspiracy theory about the pope and him releasing those doves that instantly got killed...?

so bored. so alone. pretty sure death will be even more boring and lonely...

the meek shall inherit the earth.... but only after it's all polluted to hell.

If it looks like somebody came in and etched little red markings no bigger than your thumb nail in a room of your house (Or even throughout the whole interior of your house).. Hmm. Just smile and pretend everything is all ok uhhhuh.