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Whats with all of the christian nuts on this website?

God where are you? I have done everything I can think of to get you to hear me. I need your help so desperately right now. Please help me....

PRAYERS REQUEST for my family we need some possitive vibes sent our way this bad economy has hit us hard.


Strong until the end - RIP Christopher Hitchens.

QUESTION: When the word TERRORIST is mentioned why don't people associate it with Christians?

After all it was the Protestant and Catholics (Christians) that belonged to the I.R.A Terrorist organisation.

It was also Christians that belonged to the British Empire when they travelled to India, raped innocent women and terrorised and shot families and children in India.

ANSWER : Because it would be wrong to label all Christians as terrorists just because of a handful of... read more

I wish I could believe in god. If I believed all that stupid garbage I could be happy like all the other christian idiots.

Why is it that this girl would f*** around with a married man all the time and always talk about Jesus, then when the guy dumps her she will say " oh the lord is working in my life, I feel the spirit" then the guy calls her and she is f***ing him again?

Is like she is never wrong...

Religion is so f***ing stupid..

I'm not religious at all but sometimes I wish I was. I can't help but think that it must be nice to always have something to believe in and have faith in. To know that you were never going to lose something that's keeping you going, I imagine that must be a nice thing to know.

What`s wrong with you people!?!?! Arguing about which religion is the right one... idiotic. You can`t prove or disprove God/several Gods.

No one can have all the answers except The God, or The Gods if He/She/it exists. If there is no God, then we can not know if there is a God or not. If there is a God, or several Gods, we will know that when we die!

Want to prove/disprove to yourself that God/Gods exist? Then Go f***ing Kill Yourself!

Some sh** I wonder abo... read more

I've been mired in my own indignation toward people who I feel have done me wrong. What am I doing? The world is so big, and God has been standing between me and some pretty horrible stuff that, due to my own idiocy, I fully deserve to face alone. I hope this little scare will help me, not only to pay attention to what really needs attention, but to trust God more. He's proven to my satisfaction that He has an amazing plan for my life.

Why is religion so important?

Seriously, people debate about it, get mad, and extremists go overboard. People hate other people because of their different religious beliefs. Hate. There's no point. I'm an atheist. My best friend is a very strong Christian. I don't like organized religion (at least not from my experience), and I don't believe in God, but I don't care if you do or not. Having faith in something is healthy. Why would I want to make you mad about being happy b... read more

Can someone explain to me what faith *actually* means?

You can't be both pro-life and anti-zombie.

In a prefect world my hubby would go to church with me, I love seeing couples who go together, however it is not my husband's deal and I am a confident women, and if I am being honest I am busy and this is my one time to be with God...and have time to myself to just be. What I can't stand are those usually with there husbands finding the need to make fun of me. I come in early and I hide in the corner, I usually stay late after everyone leaves. I get it I am ugly and no one l... read more

I can't stand the people who judge me for being an atheist. Their was a reason I told nobody. My secret got out and now my friends say things about it occasionally. Honestly I don't judge people who believe in god.SO why do they judge and try to change me. Seriously when you make a joke about it. I don't find it funny at all. I am very sensitive about it and have not even told my family. Why can't you just accept me for who I am.

Dear Muttr, I wish there were a religion category. Without one, it makes it seem that this site is anti-religious. Also, I wish we could use bold and italics in our muttrs, also, different colors and font types on future profiles/journal pages and maybe muttrs? Some people like to be colorful! This site seems plain! Thanks for listening!

Uhh, the other religious dude just gave up so I'm posting this...

Is there anyone who wants to debate with an atheist(s)? I'd really like it. There has to be a smart theist/deist/pantheist that doesn't think the earth is 6000 years old on muttr. I want real arguments and philosophy not the obvious bull and dribble I usually get.

someone said to me "since your atheist i wont play any games with you u racist bastard" does he know the difference between race and religion? i dont he does. i am atheist though f***ing people and there god can go and screw. f*** this im gonna stay im my cave away from those damn religious people during xmas.