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You start with



What is Muttr Influence?

Essentially it is what it sounds like. It's your influence, good or bad, on the community; the higher your influence the greater influence you have on the community. Once you register on Muttr and verify your account, you start with 100 Influence Points!

How do I become a good Influence?


Remember the good ol' saying, "Treat others as you'd want to be treated?" Well, do it!


One way to gain Influence is by posting Muttrs to get things off your chest, and responding to Muttrs appropriately with comments or advice.


Help "moderate" your community by liking/disliking, and or using reactions on Muttrs, comments/advice to earn Influence.

Wait, can I lose Influence Points?


If you post content that the community feels is inappropriate and or directly violates our rules, your Muttr Influence may be negatively impacted.

So it's simple, really – Stay engaged, give quality responses/advice, and help "moderate" your community by reporting anything that goes against our rules. Accomplish this and you might just help make Muttr a better place for everyone!