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What if i major in nursing then get a job in the nursing field and end up hating the profession:(((((

But I know I'm not going to get it, since I'm so annoying.

I'm so lonely and so sad.

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You will never come across a smart individual that boasts about their IQ / MENSA score. They sound like a dickhead and look like one.

I'm terrified of a specific teacher and I am almost sure I will have him next year. We also audition for high school next year and I am positive I won't make it in. How can I have a good summer if I'm stressing over next year?

f***ing group projects in school. They're the worst. Especially when people can't even be bothered to read your emails and communicate with you. And wait until the last f***ing minute to start anything. Or just decide to exclude you from all planning. So you're forced to resort to bringing out the inner b**** to get any sh** done. f*** you all. You're in college! Accept some responsibility for your damn life! So glad I'll be done with this bulls*** in a week.

My parents are forcing me to go to a catholic high school, is it weird that I 'stalk' the school I wish I could go to in Facebook, instagram, YouTube?

Haaah my group members are lazy as f*** and refuse to give any effort since it's the last week of school, so I'm carrying most of the work that an entire group should be doing and I'm so tired. f*** this class and the teacher; I'll walk out of there on the last day and I'm NOT looking back. I'm so exhausted with this.

Ugh, I just want to get this internship set up but my professor is taking so long to send the document I need to begin doing so. I am so glad I'm on summer break right now because I need time away from this sh**. And so glad it's my last year of school.

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh examsssssssssssssssssssss

I wish I had a time machine. So I could go back and do that day all over again. Man, I should have never stayed up; I was just so anxious over the test I couldn't sleep and then when I went in. My brain just kind of flew away. And my poor useless body was left. Fat load of good that did me. A month's worth of prep work just to go down the drain all because I can't take tests for sh**. Sigh. Surely, there's a better way to measure competence? A better way to assess learning? I... read more

95 on an exam today. Feelin' pretty good now

I hear Evergreen State College is a real fine institution with a social structure built upon open-mindedness, a willingness to listen to the opinions of others as well as respecting the right to free speech. Only the most intelligent members of our society attend keeping these values and principles in mind. Never do they to stray from them, for they are the future.

why the HELL should i have to wake up every single day at 8 MOTHERFUCKING AM in the SUMMER just so i can revise!?!?? what the f*** is wrong with you people?!?!?!

I'm just literally so annoyed at the educational system right now?? Like this week i'm taking mock exams, which i'm fine with, because they're important, but for 2 hours i needed to use the bathroom, and had a panic attack, not to mention how much my legs were aching. I have a time out pass anyway, so they should have let me go, but they didn't let me leave the room once, and i was in so much pain and panic that i barely got any work done.. and the exam was English and my tea... read more

Anyone else feel like they went to school for nothing? Anyone else get called an idiot for pursuing a masters because you genuinely love learning? Got called an idiot today for wanting my MS in bio....I love bio and I wish I can do research in it....but I'm just stuck in a stupid job with people who don't have a clue where my passion is. My current job has nothing to do with my degree....sometimes I believe them when they call me stupid.

Junior year for me will be over tomorrow.
I really hope I don't break down and fall apart in front of everyone.
I'm not prepared for any of this.

I rather suck a clean, thick dick than write this f***ing paper.

I feel like school is never going to end! All 4 years of college I've done summer classes--which means I haven't had a summer break in well over 4 years (more like 6 if you want to count high school, too). And I'm losing it this final summer semester. I'm taking 3 classes to finish up (the most I've ever taken and the maximum allowed credit hours). There's only 9 official class days left, and so much work left to do. Before the end of the summer semester I have: one 8 page, s... read more