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f*** you school just...f*** you.

I actually am really scared and dreading prom

I have a D in one of my classes, and no one knows about it but me. I have a D because I didn't turn in the homework assignments, but I did well on the midterm. I hope I can bring this grade up. I have one month. Pray for me.

my roommate makes constant posts on facebook about how great she is for getting an education, acting all holier than thou and sh**. and about how great of a student athlete she is.

this b**** got suspended from the basketball team because she's been to class like 5 times this year. she's practically being forced out of uni because she doesn't do any work- just brags on facebook, shoots hoops with her friends, and blasts her music/tv when i study and sleep.

how do i know thi... read more

I'm trying, but no matter how hard I try and push, and even myself hurting myself in the process, things can't seem to go my way. I'm having anxiety attacks, I'm depressed and I'm even starting to skip meals all because I'm afraid of failing and letting you down. But in the end everything is still falling around my ears and all you can think and say is that I'm not trying hard enough and that all I'm doing is just f***ing around. This is why I've started seeing a counselor.

I hate that in high school you have to choose. Friends or grades. I chose grades. I wish I could have both.

I don't like my school. The school that I begged, bargained, and bugged my dad about for over a year. I spent nights crying trying to convince him to let me go to this school. I have spent a year here. It is an all girls catholic high school. I expected to come in and be immediately surrounded by friends. That every weekend I would hang out with them. That I would have guy friends. So far... I have no friends, the only guys I know are the guys in my youth group, and it's all ... read more

In my math class, this one guy asked the girl who sits next to me if she could drive him home. She told him that she couldn't because she had work after school and didn't want to be late.
Does he act understanding and leave her be to find someone else to drive him home?
No, he whines and repeatedly asks her to bring him home. She keeps telling him that she can't and to ask someone else.
He doesn't shut up and keeps whining, "Bring me home, you s***!" And starts kicking her fe... read more

I'm trying to make an argument for a literary criticism that embraces the variety of meanings people can gain from poetry but whoops, I forgot that most people are really not good at getting meaning from poetry

I honestly planned to hang myself in the bathroom if I failed college. And I failed. But I bought new books and games and miss my family.

I screwed up big time. I have anxiety issues and when I missed a few classes I freaked and stopped attending all together. They got more mad when I was late than absent too so that just worsened it. So I'm late to class, get scared I'm gonna be judged and skip and I get scared of being judged for that and keep skipping. I didnt even do anything productive during that time. Just laid or sat there in fear and stayed awake at night thinking about it. Now here I am, last day, exa... read more

whelp im screwed. american government has yet again proven to be more complicated than it needs to be and the f***ing textbook doesn't help me get what i need. ugh f*** this american government homework

i feel like a piece of sh** any time i'm given assignments that have me answer over and over questions like "what was your grade last semester and why do you think you earned that grade" like... wish i could be allowed to respond with this but ill save you the sob story heres a thing if i dont have a drive for being alive itself, im not really expected to work on things that will be beneficial to help my life but thanks for being a very significant factor to why i genuinely c... read more

Okay so, my girlfriend of two years has recently been removed from her online schooling. You see, my girlfriend has extreme social anxiety and depression disorder, all if this occasionally builds up to her feeling useless and a failure. Before I moved in with her (I'm 18 she's just turned 17 but will have to repeat her Jr year because of her expulsion) she was under a ton of stress which caused her to get very very far behind in school where she eventually went under truancy.... read more

ummmm theres this girl sitting next to me and she is a complete a**h*** wtf

I feel bad about my current situation.
-940/1600 on the SAT
-Fear of not getting into a good college
-Confused about what I'm doing in school and outside of school
-Feel I'm not living my life right or not doing what i'm supposed to do
-Don't know what major I should pursue (Feels like I only have a little time for a life affecting choice)
-Feeling hopeless and tired every day

Its been a tiring experience. I just wish I could sleep forever and forget everything. It's a bit p... read more

You know I am just at a point in my life where I just learn to "realize things" more and everything is hitting me so hard. I knew these stuff in the back of my head but maybe the crowd I am hanging around at school isn't the right crowd. We don't really connect as much and they are all fake and take sh** about people. I am just like "heyo Um lets not. One of my friends can never say sorry or apologize. She always has to blame someone else and while we always laugh together an... read more

Okay, so like I think I hacked another reason why American public education is sh**. The only people that value education are motivated, decent parents that push there kids to be absolutely perfect in nearly everything. Maybe 5% of students value education, cause even with cheerleading parents- grades are everything and good grades can be achieved without actually learning anything. So parents put pressure on their kid, kid only cares about their numbers, and the rest of soci... read more

From day one, my French teacher has been judging me for being quiet. But I'm not as quiet as she thinks. She just exaggerates my quietness herself because she never taught me before, and her first impression that I don't seem to have many friends. I volunteer in class, not like the most active person in the class, but much more often than some others. I cried in class today because she gave me a mark for participation that was a lot lower than I expected. I think she noticed ... read more

im in english rn...someone pray for me