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Women should be seen and not heard #womanchild

Real empowerment means actually being powerful, not 'feeling good because you pleased men.'
Liberal feminist 'empowerment' is totally meaningless. #radicalfeministfuture #femaleLiberation


You should have seen it, I lit a cherrybomb and threw it at my teacher and the dum dum caught it blowing off a finger ha ha he can't flip me off now!

Just how do you stalk someone you don't know and have never met on an anon site?

Am I suffering from depression or am I just lacking the motivation to study? I need to study and time is running out, but I just can't get into studying. I can die because then I'll be leaving behind student loans and making my parents suffer. If that's the case then it'll be better if my parents die with me, but I'm a coward. I'm a coward and know that I shouldn't kill myself or my family... and because I still want to live and do things I haven't yet. I hope I'll get the mo... read more


Okay, I don't mean to trigger anyone or anything, but I need to vent.
I'm sick of this. Every day it's the same; the same people, the same outcome, the same names, the same everything. I'm tired of being humiliated for no reason other than the fact that I find guys attractive. I don't want to go back to school. I'm /scared/ of August 14th, because I know it'll just keep happening. Sometimes I think about everything, and wond... read more

I'm graduating in December from high school a whole semester early. I want a job for the weekends only, Saturday, Sunday, and/or Monday. I would do more but I just can't handle that on top of the heavy workload this semester. Do you think I can get a job just for weekends at Fast food or something? Any advice is appreciated

13 whole days till certain brats get to go back to school and fail there, I can hardly wait! just 13 more days

I have this anxiety that people are always talking about me behind my back or secretly don't like me but pretend to and I think it's making me withdraw from social situations because of this fear, any advice?
#anxiety #help

After a few days of feeling incredibly unmotivated to study for my exams, I'm pretty sure I might fail the one I'm taking tomorrow. I feel like an actual idiot for being so unable to study - it shouldn't be this hard but I've had enough time to study, as evidenced by my classmates asking questions in the group chat every day while I sit and think "I should be studying". I feel like I might fail, and that would just suck -
even though I can retake the test I want, NEED, the ti... read more

Did you know that pawn shops come from the Pawnee Indians they would buy and sell anything!

School day is coming aug 7 is the day to mark on your calendar

One day closer to aug 7 yea!!!!!! time for school

Im so gonna f***ing kill her, Cut her into tiniest pieces, Burn her till no more ash is left, Watch her choke on those f***ing big words that come out of her sh**y mouth.
. Yeah. If i stay in her class 1 more sec, i might just commit murder.
I'm not gonna hang mself up though i'm so tempted after Chester did it.
Cuz i feel she's just gonna smile more if i died.
Teacher or not, i want her to rot in hell.
die die die ... college was the biggest mistake in my life.

Is the college drinking scene like the movies or is it all just an exaggeration?

STEM? More like engineering, computer science, engineering, oh and did I mention engineering? Were is the love for marine biology?

I don't know what to do? Tomorrow I will go to on campus orientation for college. Last chance to change a major. I don't know what to do, I chose criminal justice; but last night I went back to doing art. That was the worst thing I could do because I realize I love it, that it can't be a hobby for me. That makes me so upset, I'm supposed to do something with my life everyone expects me to. I don't know what do, do I change my major or do I leave it? I need help please someone... read more

Registration for my classes was hectic, irritating, long, and unnecessary. My senior year is probably gonna suck a**.

12 more days. I can do 12 more days.