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  • EmmaBucket left a Comment

    Please don't cut yourself. Your skins matters to me.

    I think you're valid, or I wouldn't reply.

    Depression comes in many forms. You suffer from "high-functioning depression" I think is the word where you can still get up and stuff. I fluctuate between the two, it doesn't mean you don't have an issue.

    Please, talk to someone? I had this issue. No one ever took me seriously because if something like my mood or my personal came up in conversation, I'd laugh. I always laugh when I'm in an uncomfortable situation or upset or stressed or whatever, so no one ever treated it seriously. But if you find a therapist then they can help you with what you're going through. They understand people like you and there are people who have gone what you're going through and so they can offer advice, support and treatment. Please try and get some.

    Good luck! Sending my love <3

    Emma :)