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This girl won't leave me alone. I had every class with her last quarter and now she's taking my classes again. She asks me dumb questions, texts me questions that the teacher already answered, but ignores some of my questions, and now she's trying to get me to drive her to class one of the days. I want to stop replying to her texts and say no to driving her but I'd feel bad. Why won't she leave me alone. How can I nicely get her to go away?

So basically there's a modern dance competition and my friends and I decided to take part. So, my friend managed to find a choreographer for us, but the charges is quite expensive, but it's expensive nowadays, no choreographers are cheap for us to hire. So, I told my parents and they freaked out and said it's too expensive and we got into a FIGHT. I was so sad and I started to cry. I really really have a PASSION in DANCE. They just don't understand! My mum said it's too expen... read more

I feel the waves crash over my head,
I'm drowning while you swim.
I sink, I'm heavy it's dark,
my hearing is distorted.

I don't understand,
how do you thrive in this environment.
Everyday the same, no escape,
do you care that we are imprisoned?

I wish I knew how to float,
feel at peace, easing through the journey.
However, if the water cease to strangle me,
I shall carry out the deed.

Written by a 15 year old female student *actually* diagnosed with depression, anxiety and... read more

i am so wired and fried right now i have a paper due in 8 hours and i got high and drank a sh**load of black coffee and smoked a cigarette so now i have a lot of energy and adrenaline that i need to get out but really i just wanna smash my head through the f***ing keyboard

just once i wish i was smarter than i was. i know what to do. but i cant make myself do it. i just want to get out of school - i just cant motivate myself any more. between being drained at school and sufficated at home i feel like i am dying. like if my mom and dad dont loosen up idk what to do. they have enabled me all my life - i never wanted for anything tbh. but now at 22 i am having trouble cutting the cord and getting my butt into gear. i just want to make something of... read more

How does some fat guy get a f***ing girl, but not me? I keep convincing myself, yeah, I'm not so bad, but when nobody so much as approaches me, not even to be my friend, and I hear about sh** that doesn't matter, like "VOTE FOR BEST COUPLE FOR HIGH SCHOOL DRRR" I just... I can't.

I don't understand the whole "at least you tried your best" reassurance people give me when I fail. It was my best - that's the point. My best isn't good enough, so I'll never be good enough.

You know those teachers at school with their own teenage sons/daughters? I can't help but wonder whether they go home every day comparing their children to us. Like, debating to themselves whether their kids could beat up the kids they teach.... It honestly makes me feel a tad uncomfortable, tbh.

I am the leader of a club at my school, actually co-leader. I try to do things for the kids in it, and this is my third year in the club. There's some older kids in the club, and even though I am the leader, they blatantly refuse to respect me. Straight-up have said, "We don't respect you." But because I care about my club and it's my last year, I still try to do nice things for the club. So we have an event coming up where we have a booth. And we're trying to get things read... read more

What major is the easiest

I am bad at everything. It seems everybody has one thing they can exel at in life and then there's me. I could be training for years and I'd still be the one to get tired first, be the slowest, and always lose. I'm not smart, nice, or pretty. I feel fake always laughing and smiling because it doesn't feel right. Im a complete screw up. It feels like absolute sh** to know your not good at anything. You just feel like your just - there just to take up some space. I got so frust... read more

FINALS!!!!!! kill me

School is overrated!!!

Ugh, I'm so over school. I have so much to do, and I feel like it's too much at times. I especially hate when I feel this way so close to deadlines. I constantly have to write papers, and I'm like why does everything have to be about writing papers... Or writing period. This isn't ultimately how I learn - I learn by doing things...hands-on stuff. I would rather take quizzes right now than write papers. Plus, my job is business writing, so there's that. Luckily, it's my last y... read more

My friend keeps complaining because she didn't get into her dream school when she got into MY top choice and i got rejected. I wish everyone would just stop talking about college for a while

(sorry if a sentence doesn't make sense, i'm typing really fast) I've been home-schooled for the past year and I hated it. My A's turned to F's because I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't see my teacher's mouth moving, i couldn't talk to anybody. I had friends who I never saw because they went to public school. My mom said I shouldn't try to be an actress because I can't talk to people. I know that i'm going to fail my whole grade because I have F's and I can't turn them into ... read more

My teacher shat her pants today during a lecture...

Oh my god... This cannot be happening, I just made the stupidest mistake ever, it's just so stupid, yet so costly that I just don't know. I was supposed to make a program for a certain something that did this and that (not really relevant) and then explain it to the professor, who, let's just say that isn't quite a friendly person. So I finished the program, that was excessively long so I had to make many annotations, many of them I deleted before uploading it to the webpage.... read more

in gym today we were assigned to pick a partner and i picked my best friend who was already 'taken' by a b**** who
and she kept glaring at me.
and every times shes said, 'nobody cares about you' i just want to kill myself. she makes me want to die. i wish one... read more

How do you deal with people who are a**holes. So I go to a school with a tradition and since i'm a freshman I didn't know. So I went and walk where it was suppose to be "couples only" then a group of a**holes started clapping and yelling at me all in all just making fun of me saying I'll be alone forever and be alienated from friends. I liked my school so far but dang some people who are superstitious are such a**h*** . One person also freaked like "omg you walked there? you'... read more