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F*** you, Ms. English teacher. You work my arse off EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY. I swear by the name of Satan.

Somewhere in the galaxy, your childhood is still currently visible.

Your past self still exists, traveling through space at the speed of light.

Yep I'm skipping class again.
I think I can learn more on my own time at the library

The Universe is made of :
and Morons.

I have skated by all throughout high school and I accepted the fact that I would get denied from lots of universities. Lol my test scores were okay but my GPA was trash. Getting denied by schools was scary, but wasn't terrible for the reach schools. But getting denied from the schools you actually had hope for actually sucks completely. So just do the insignificant homework and do it all. Get a good GPA, get decent test scores, and you won't hate yourself when you get eight r... read more

i just told my friend about how i failed a course due to illness. why? shameful

Im sick of my teachers telling me to try can't they see that I'm trying I'm just, not suceeding!

I need to get my sh** together man. I don't wanna fail. Do you think I could get it together after mid-terms or not?

So, I saw this thing on snapchat where it showed secret nazi/kkk logos that are in everyday sight so i saw that just doing the daily snapchat check. So 3 months later i see this picture that my teacher took because we are doing an art project so she took abunch of pictures of us doing art and sent them to us. The picture was a normal picture of a girl painting but I noticed something. She had a logo on her hand. The logo seemed to be a neo nazi symbol. I searched up neo nazi ... read more

How would i distribute this? I have to find the length and the width of a rectangle with these dimension. We are n a chapter of factoring polynomials. The book gives me the area of 84 square inches but im stuck. I cant seem to figure it out please help

my project is making me want to die. two of my tutors looked at it today and gave completely different opinions, and honestly one of them tore it apart completely. This would have been extremely helpful but it's a 6 week project and no one has looked at it up until now - TWO WEEKS before the deadline, and suddenly they wanna tell me to change everything? ? ? This is why i hate college. What am i paying for. The tutors do f*** all and give zero support until it's too late. I'm... read more

Principals always look like lesbians.

There reaches a point too many times in the school year where I am *this* close to just giving up and curling up on the floor until I die. I hate everything and doing things and being a crap excuse of a human being so I would rather become a jellyfish, but then I freak out about my future and grades and cry and turn in ultra BS'd versions of assignments for the next month

Hnnn overdue essay right now and a project due in less than a week that people are probably already done... read more

Trying my best to cope up in university. It's so sad to find out that I am not that competitive inside classroom settings. I know I am good at something but I really dunno if when will I be good enough to achieve my dreams. Maybe it's just too far to be reached. Feeling hopeless rn.
#college #hopeless #sad #venting #schoolproblems

If I'm going to get into more trouble being late than absent then I might as well stay in bed. According to you guys, this might as well equal the lates you counted as absences anyways so what the hell.

I am so mentally exhausted. I am a third year undergraduate student on the pre-medical track. I have lab three times a week, and spend nearly 30 hours in class, when homework, studying, clubs are involved you'd wonder when I'd have time to even breathe. Sometimes I feel really hopeless, there is nothing for me to look forward to, every weekday is studying and every weekend is studying. I think about giving up all together multiple times a day. Most students get pumped for the... read more



When I was 9, some kid in school tried to take my innocence away by teaching me the word "n***a." Not the full N-word but just "n***a." He told me it meant friend (and mind you, he was Hispanic) and that I had to win at some game to become one. I won, and I was singing 🎵I'm a n***a! I'm a n***a!🎵 When I started using the word loosely, my teacher told me not to. But I still thought it meant friend! When my sister's ex-boyfriend (who was black) came to dinner... read more

Surely you had classes where young women were the leading lights of seminars and discussions, women who have now gone on to achieve success in the law, in business, in academia, in the arts, in medicine, in politics. How, then, can you contribute to an administration that overlooks women for cabinet posts, advisory roles, and judgeships, that speaks and acts as though women lack sufficient agency to make decisions about their own families and bodies?

sh** f*** why did I think this was good idea. Sleep in and your mom wont notice your still home. Now look at me I slamming my head against a bunk bed and locking my knees in place. At least I have time to do that assignment.