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cherry signed off saying she slit her wrists and disappeared leaving us worried for 4 days, use the search function on the name cherrychapstick
they are both trolls filling up the site taking the precious space from those that need it. two pages of crap in one hour. really?

Have you guys ever done something so stupid and wanted to forget it but you couldn't only because it was all over school like I said Arizona was in Chicago when I thought she said name states or something like that ugh I'm so embarrassed ?

I don't think I want to go to college right away.

My high school is the worst. The upperclassmen who play baseball just got suspended for the attempted rape of an 8th grader at the summer baseball camp, (but their still gonna play for the upcoming season) The staff likes to date and f*** their students, every summer we have like 5 students who kill themselves, we get school shooter threats, and more. It's like we never stay out of the news. It's embarrassing, and dangerous

This uppity white girl just told me that I have no idea what it's like being a black woman in America.

Well sh** son, thanks for telling that to a female minority who's kicking a** in a male dominated field while you're sitting high and pretty in your all women's college studying lesbian dance theory.

I was cutting in school bathroom and there was a big pile of blood on the floor becuz of it and someone in the next stall saw it and reported it, then there was abunch of security and nurses and was horrible. But i made them believe it was just my period, which was super embarrasing but its better than anyone finding out i self harm.

I did it! I finished my last day of undergrad!

why is it the less i give a shiet about my grades in computer science and engineering the better grades i get...? seems like if i take shortcuts and only look to yield answers instead of actually CARING about learning and the whole theory i get good grades.

dont get me wrong a**h*** i used to care alot about KNOWING but when i saw f***ing a**h*** pass me up i got pissed and only focused on what academia really cares about - getting good grades.

Less than 11 hours until the deadline and I still need two more pages. But I've run out of anything to say. How do other people bulls*** their way through papers to meet minimum page requirements?

24 hours left to finish an 8 page paper. I've got 3 & 1/2 ... This isn't looking good for me...

I hate how easy it is to write a creative piece, but having a guideline for a project makes it so much harder. Minimum page requirements, font size, margins, etc. I wish I could bulls*** papers like my peers do, but alas, I like to put in effort.

i finished my summer math class!!! finally. i don't think i aced, or even did well on my final tbh. and the fact that they take a lot of points off on the smallest sh** doesn't make me feel better lol. sigh... i wish i passed...
my goal was an A, but having work scheduled more often than usual when the summer semester started was really a b**** to deal with. and he made the schedules way ahead of time, so i honestly couldn't have done sh** or called out because i'm a lead. fm... read more

Alright so school, but school? It's summer why are we talking about school?? Well I've been struggling in math, I ask for help and u get it. One moment I'm like "Yeah! This makes complete sense!" And the next I'm telling myself "Wait...what?" I used to be so good at math during elementary school but why? It was easy math, I didn't have stress or anxiety my memory was good and I was focused. I was an A and B student. But not any more. My parents ask me "what's wrong? You used ... read more

It bothers me so much when the boys who called me a b**** and a s*** are still the most popular boys in my class. That's not what hurts the most though. My best friend is friends with one of them and hasn't said anything about it.

is going crazy a survival trait to improve the potential of those that deal with painful circumstances?

lmao i dont know jack sh** about my final tomorrow morning. fml.

sometimes i think i have anxiety and depression but im not sure. I dont want to see a doctor because i really dont want to be on medication to mellow me. I would rather have like a herb or some type of tea for that. any suggestions? I joined here today because i have alot to express but i keep everything inside and dont like showing my weakness much but the more i hold in, the more i feel a heavy weight on my chest or i feel like something is wrong and i release tension and a... read more

my parents saw my grades. i got two d's and my dad flipped his sh**. he said im lazy and im not good at anything, i fail everything. he said i have no ambition to do anything. he's making me unenroll from my college classes i was gonna take next year. i still technically passed. d's are still passing. but no. im good for nothing. useless. i hate myself. now he's taking away my phone and computer for the whole summer. im gonna kill myself

Of all of the classic books, my school picked out Pride and f***ing Prejudice for our summer reading. I've tried to read it wayy back in my freshman year and everytime since then it was just horrible. But I can't really complain so I might as well just grit and bear it.

My college major is drinking until I die from the harsh realities of the real world.