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i feel so alone in a world even lonlier

I hate myself so f***ing much. My ex is having sex with a new guy who is sh**y an ugly and she posts about it all over her nsfw tumblr. I was never enough for her and I hate myself for it. She never even wanted me in the first place I was just the one there to giver her attention. I hope she's happy but it's clear she isn't. She snoops on his phone and he's a disgusting sh**. I don't want to think about it bc I don't want feelings for her anymore, but all I can think about i... read more

Looks like my suspicions were correct. You're one of *those* types of people. The ones who are very good at pretending like they are friendly people but their true judgmental and holier than thou nature always manages to shine through if you're paying attention. Occasionally throwing sly marks at someone, not trusting that they know how to do their job even though you've only recently started working here as a "manager" (lowly fast food place well under the store manager and ... read more

just to add cuteness factor for all of you watching me fall in love with this amazing girl, obviously could only be speaking of alyssa, we want to live in a vw bus for two seconds when we grow up and be by the beach. i'm not allowed to leave the house alone but i love sunsets so yesterday she facetimed me and took me into her backyard and climbed several things to show me the sunset. we both want a daughter, who we'd bot... read more

okay so for starters. my dad passed away when i was only 10 and my mother has always been abusive so i went to live with my aunt and her fiance had molested me and she didn't believe me at first until my cousin told her. then as time went on my aunt turned out to be just as bad as my mother. she was controlling and basically made me her slave. then she told i had to either o into the military or she was going to kick me out. i was only 16. so i went into the military at 17 bu... read more

My philosophy might end up with me being alone and forever alienated. But how can I just ditch my own thoughts?

I'm in theatre at my school, and I met this boy whose a junior and we've become friends. We aren't that close, but he's alright. Last night, we, and all the rest of the thespians, went to a middle school play. He gave me a ride home and on the way home, he dumped out his entire life's story. He told me about his past relationships, his anger, his depression, his suicide attempts and by the time we got to my house, I couldn't move. I had anxiety all night that night and I didn... read more

I went to check my phone for a message. Hoping for something positive. Only to find a message from a relative who stresses me out with their passive aggressive nature. I just need a break from all this bull sh**. I keep working so hard, but it's never good enough. I just need people to leave me alone.

Gonna stop making friends so then I expect being alone instead of it being a kick in the face :)

I'm stressed, depressed, hella existential, and feeling alone. It sucks when you know you're feeling bad for no reason, but you can't stop feeling bad. You're just kind of stuck.

Well this year so far hasn't gone so well so far. Do you ever have those one friends who you hope will be there forever and their just always there? I lost a friend like that. He was my best friend. I ranted to him about everything and anything. I trusted him and he trusted me. He told me things that were personal. I could always be myself with him and not be afraid of being judged for it. He was always so caring and would always give me such great advice. When my boyfriend a... read more

Dear sister-in-law: You weren't there. You have no clue what happened. You are only taking into account what your LYING, ignorant, bully, jack@$$ brother has told you. He's been a jack@$$ your entire life, but suddenly you're going to believe him over us because...umm...because you're too afraid to have thoughts of your own that might differ from your Mummy and Daddy's? You've been a difficult, whinging biotch from day 1, but I tried so hard anyway to make friends with you. I... read more

I’m done with the notion that penis in vagina should be used for reproduction alone, if practiced at all on a female. There’s just no need for it. Our bodies weren’t made for that. A big clue is that every hetero female’s “first time” is painful. No other form of stimulation is painful, never (i.e. our clitoris, the main female source of pleasure) . A woman has to make her body not feel pain via piv over time... read more

What's the name of the 40 year old guy stalking you? What info do you have on him? Tell everyone and don't go anywhere alone until adults and police know he's being a stalker.

I don't think there is anyone out there for me
I don't even think I can truly love someone I realized everyone is full of sh** everyone isn't loyal what's the point . It doesn't even matter might as well get use to being alone

I don't think there is anyone out there for me
I don't even think I can truly love someone I realized everyone is full of sh** everyone isn't loyal what's the point . It doesn't even matter might as well get use to being alone

sometimes i just feel so depress out of no reason....
then all the sad memories start to unfold along with all the frustrations...
used to be cry when alone but no longer...
maybe i should check myself into a mental institute...
really feel like a nobody

I've been so desperate lately. I've just been accepting the random friend requests hoping that I'll come across my dream match somehow. They all turn out to be creeps, as you would expect from random friend requests. I'm such a f***ing loser. I want companionship but I don't want it with just anyone, I want it with someone who will understand me. I couldn't even hold on to the most benign relationship I've ever been in so I've been missing my ex even though I know it would be... read more

My mom was drinking with my brothers girlfriend and her 2 friends. She was between buzzed and drunk (all the girls were). My brother was out drinking with his friend and his uncle at the uncles house. I was on the phone with my mom on speaker for 5 hours. My brother came home and everything was still fine. Everyone was laughing and he asked if they wanted him to make them drinks. They all daid yes. The girls slightly picked on my brother (but even my brother laughed) then he ... read more

One thing im noticing whenever i get sad. I don't hit the lows i used to feel. And i can actually laugh.
This is cool.
And i deffinitley feel less alone and less sad about how life is and was.
But i can power through. What like 4 maybe 6 years left of this?
I can deffinitley do that.
I don't need any special thing to feel better a mental and physical hug, then im good.
Idk if you need one but here have a mental hug.
This... read more