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I have no purpose in life and f***ed up everything and was going to kill myself with my grandpa's gun but then I thought about leaving my sister behind to deal with that gorilla man alone. I cried so much today but decided if I'm going to die I might as well take an enemy with me. My whole family probably knew what I was doing but I told them I was just cleaning it for tomorrow. They don't give a sh** and didn't ask anym... read more

I'm so drunk I'm sorry I'm so ready to die I have nothing I have no one I'm so alone and I'm done I'm done being pathetic and alone and miserable I'm done with this life in I'm sorry am I no on pushed me to it I just wanted it I wanted to be somewhere else I'm going somewhere else neo

I have such great friends! They always leave me alone. :-P

This was going to just be a post one liner... but here's my vent ;) When I really think about it... I could have a load of traditional friends who call me up just to talk about themselves for hours, bitching or bragging or both about their lives..and I could have a load of friends who only like me for being part of their group, or ones who constantly drag me aro... read more

Here I am drinking again all alone. Why am I always alone? Why can't I be pretty? Why can't I have friends? Why do I have to lie on Muttr about guys being interested in me? I'm just going to end it tonight. I'm ready. I'm tired of being ugly and all alone.

The US in its attempt to achieve further influence along with its Saudi and Qatar financiers and EU partners funded militants to fight Assad and then provided free travel to Europe for refugees in order to further pro-Europe sentiment and buy proxy NATO support among the Arabs. It seems that Chinese financiers also trying to get into the business due to its attempt at imperialism in East Asia which is commonly referred to as "influence" in the media. Russia is also shoring up... read more

Just in one of those over dramatic moods where I feel like I'll never get a boyfriend and that I'm gonna die alone. My love life is cursed.

Yeah of course hooking up with people for drugs for their company. Cheating on my past partners. Casual sex hookups. I felt empty and like sh**. Used and ashamed of myself. I felt like a prostitute. Dirty. Disgusting. A lot of the sh** I did made me feel really horrible about myself. The way I hurt people. I just wanted to be happy. I felt lonely. I needed attention and care. Having sex with strangers and people I hardly even knew, it made me feel even lonelier. I guess I jus... read more

I hate how alone I feel.

If you laugh at someone in pain, you deserve to be alone for the rest of your f***ing life.

I'm having a mental breakdown and I'm so trapped in a world of sorrow and pain.
The worst thing is, there is no escape and I'm completely alone in this world. I wish people cared about me but they don't, as always. It's ok though as I'm used to all of this, but this time it feels different, feels worse and I hate myself more than ever. I hope you had a lovely day.


Story Time:

I'm a very shy girl with a very low self esteem. I have trust issues due to a very horrible past. I have a boyfriend now of 6 years. He always wanted me to be friends with his friends but they are all females expect one. All of them he told me was once a crush of his. One of his friends happen to be his ex. It bothers me but we are not talking about her. This is about one of his friends named (I'll use a fake name) Lisa. One day he was talking to his childh... read more

This moment where you think you can trust your mother lmao. So she acts cool with everything and all but really she's just a f***ing hypocrite.
So i'm having a little inconvenience with my boyfriend, something he NEVER actually did before, he's an amazing guy we're always laughing and messing with each other playfully and today for some reason he started getting kinky with me and suddenly got upset.
Something i'm very confused about and that also made me really CONCERNED abou... read more

You want to change you say, but while you are trying to make some improvements, at the same time you are also changing in a way to tear us a part. It seems like you are only attempting to do good things to negate the changes you are making that you know would cause stress to me. You make it apparent you don't care. I end up shutting down. I become more independent now, because I just can't deal with this mess you are making. I am now to the point I don't care anymore to escap... read more

I just get scared sometimes. I worry about being alone. It's my greatest fear. When we finally catch back up to the present and Lucretia tells my brother and my boyfriend what happened to me… how am I going to cope? I don't know what happened. And I'm scared that maybe I did something. Maybe that's why I didn't get a second chance as part of the gang, as Taako's twin, or even as part of the BoB. Maybe I don't deserve o... read more

Instead of giving me some f***ing attitude because I told you to leave my cat alone, how about you just LEAVE MY f***ING CAT alone.

I'm sick of this BS of dealing with a sex addict , narcissistic, a**h*** boyfriend! I'm tired of him taking off because he's throwing a tantrum when I tell him he can't treat me bad. This doing everything alone sh** and not having a support is messed up. And I'm fed up with all of the liars and lazy a** people in this world who aren't willing to put in work for anything real in a relationship. They sit on their butts and... read more

Ever been caught in a lose-lose scenario? I'm in one now. My life is going nowhere. I've gotten such bad grades that I probably won't be able to recover from. I am completely clueless on how to handle life. I'm not ready for life, but life is coming at me, full speed. I can now see that I will end up as my parents say I will. A worthless bottom feeder in the economic food chain, living off of them and sucking the last bit of life out of them. I can see now how it's already co... read more

I never really thought I'd be so mad and upset by all of my friends graduating. It's summer and I work and I take online classes. It's not like I'm alone, I live in a house with several people but I don't feel a part of the group. It just makes me wish I was with my friends. They are all off focusing on their jobs and lives and I try to talk to them and to keep in touch but we don't talk much. I'm afraid we'll turn into ... read more

what to do when bored and alone?

Maybe if you f***ing left me the f*** alone and let me sleep for one g**d*** time then maybe sh** would get done instead of waking me up and saying I can't sleep.

Oh wait. I can't even do that. If it's not that it's something else. You are never satisfied.

f*** off. I'm getting sick and tired of this sh**