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I've been feeling pretty alone. It feels like everyone is gone out of my life, all at the same time.
I think it was all just so I would see that no one genuinely wants to reach out to me. I can't really count on anyone even though I think I already knew that. I can't even trust myself.

First time posting anything and I have no idea if anyone will read this or care but I need to get things out since I have no one to talk to that will listen to me. ๐Ÿ˜” I have been depressed and had anxiety my whole life I will be 27 in a month. I am a single mom of three kids and I just having such a difficult time in life..
I am dating this guy but at 27 and already having kids the relationship I long for is one where someone wants that family life. Although I love him and ... read more

I'm in love with a guy, even though I know he's straight.

I'm too coward and socially awkward to do anything so I'll just watch and daydream from afar.....and hope my feeling passes.

I'll probably die alone and lonely at this rate lmao

I'm just so tired, all the time, it's horrible... I have no idea why, I feel like I'm probably getting enough sleep... I don't even know why I'm here, I'm really not the kind of person who trusts these websites. God I feel dumb. And to make it worse, a lot of my friends don't really like me anymore because I was mean to one of them for a couple of days because she was hanging out with my other friends, just not me and she wasn't taking that much to me. So life is kinda suckin... read more

"Talk to people! You'll feel better! You'll see how many people love you for who you are!"

*talks to people*

*people are sarcastic, rude, and make me feel worse than I already did*

"Maybe you just need better friends! You need to put yourself out there more! You need to stop being so dramatic"

Honestly, what else can I do? I don't trust anyone anymore. People have only convinced me that I'm better off alone.

Yet again you've fallen asleep
Leaving me alone in the dark
Sometimes I don't mind the silent deep
But tonight my mind is falling apart
I miss him but I shouldn't have told you
Just seems that hurt your heart
So next time I'll just keep it to myself
I'll do what I used to do
I'll hide this side of me away from you
I'll keep my emotions inside this cage of mine
Tll keep them there and throw away the key
That way no one, n... read more

What started out as a curiosity has turned into a full blown fetish for me..
Last week I was messing around and tried on some of my wifes underwear. Some lacey hipsters, boy shorts whatever she had. Took a few pictures was like wow! And I liked the way they feel!
When I was out running errands I stopped at walmart and went to the ladies section and picked out a few things. I'm not uncomfortable with this because I've bought my wife underwear before...It seemed different thoug... read more

First day at this college and I just can't help but think I won't have any friends... It seemed like everyone had at least somebody other than me. I feel so alone, but it's not like I can drive 10 hours to go home to my family... I already miss home. This hurts. Maybe going far away was a mistake.

2 hours of alone time today! Yeah!

you leave our statues alone or it's war!

Mark 4:30-34
30 Again he said, โ€œWhat shall we say the kingdom of God is like, or what parable shall we use to describe it? 31 It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. 32 Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.โ€ 33 With many similar parables Jesus spoke the word to them, as much as they could understand. 34 He did not say anything to them without us... read more

You're a player. You didn't get what you were after, because I figured you out ahead of time. Yes, I know it's a dating site and yes, I know that they have reputations, but you said you were different. Thankfully, I didn't fall for it. I saw right through your facade and saw how ridiculous it was. I had that tiny bit of gullibility that allowed me to smile with a bit of the sweet talk. I'm so grateful that my self esteem has risen enough that I remained cautious and distant (... read more

This is what my dad used to tell me I had for years. On the outside he could see more clearly that I was so busy saving all the other lame ducks that I did not spend much time helping myself. Understanding the chakras now I can see what he was getting at but then I was so sure that dad was a tad insensitive and uncaring. Turns out I was too sensitive and too caring with others to the detriment of me. No matter what the crisis or drama I was willing to drop everything and ride... read more

I never want to make any sort of contact with you again, so to explain why I broke up with you I'll just say it here.

Firstly, it was a very short relationship, my friend was in the hospital and I was visiting her. You had the tendency to high jack my time and find any excuse to get me alone such as helping me buy gator aid for my friend. That's when you grabbed me and kissed me. I was flustered to say the least and it ... read more

This girl I consider my ex just got back to my brother's house from a night out. She disappeared last night and her boyfriend got all worried and started stalking her through crazy tech sh**. She's basically been tantric f***ing some guy who's her first boyfriend's cousin all night. Crazy nights! Wish I was with her,but she only goes out alone and likes to disappear.

Good looks can be a curse. Nobody seems to like the real you. Ive known this guy firva while and he says he loves me, and right after he starts talking about my body and how sexy it is. Im not horny so i cant be arsed with hearing the same sh** that every other guy says to me. They always say "your nice" and then finish it off with "your sosexy" it makes me feel like thats all they have on the list of things they like about me apart from the fact that im nice. They think they... read more

I literally can't understand how people would be small-minded enough to think that aliens don't exist? Like.. just remember an alien isn't necessarily one of those 'grey men'. Anything otherworldly organism can be considered an alien; so why do people think we're alone in this vast universe when humanity is absolutely nowhere close to discovering all of it?

I just had an older married female coworker come onto me, this woman that I barely know said I love you to me and sent nudes. I turned her down and don't know how to get her to leave me alone without making her even more depressed than she already is. I just don't know what to do.

My Parents Verbally abuse me. My father Abuses my dogs in front of me. I wish I could leave this life. Things that have happened in the past wont leave my head. I'm afraid to leave this earth because I know some people care....but I'm to much of a wuss to actually tell anyone about my abuse. I always pretend nothing is happening and act like I have a normal family life but its not besides the abuse my parents are drug addicts I'm so weak....I Pretend everything is fine for my... read more

Everyone's success pisses me off and I can't get over the fact that I'm failing at life. I told my mom that my BF is a POS to me (emotionally) and that I was trying to plan my suicide. Now all they do is worry since I live alone in a state where I have no family or friends and it makes me hate myself a little more knowing I'm causing so much pain on them. Idk if things will get better but I've gotta say I've never hated ... read more