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I miss you. I talk to you every day but I can't shake the image of us curled up together on the couch in our home, all alone with nobody to judge us. Nobody to judge us. I want to kiss you And bury my face in your shirt...It's not fair that we have to live 600 miles away.

cant stop crying. just did not see it coming your offendedthat i think i meant nothing to you but how could i have done, to end things so abruptly without warning, now i have to suffer figure out if its because you dont fancy me or i was too young for you too clever too stupid too loving too distant too dramatic too passive too much like me and not someone else perhaps i was too forgiving i ought to have finished with you after all the little hurtull things you would do to me... read more

i wish these never happen beause i can feel the complication but i can see that you dont care and that just makes me want to love you forever.. i wish things were not complicated and ii wish we could be this way forever but things are complicated and its never gonns hsppen i csn feel it but for now i cant immaagen my self with anyother person i dont know what this really is but in some weird way i llike it and im sorry for never telling you the trusth but now you know and you... read more

You asked me if I still love you. I dont know what to say because Im not sure I ever did. I dont know if its because of the crap weve been going through or what, but I just cant say I love you. It doesnt feel right. I cant remember the last time I was happy with you. All I can remember is us complaining about each other. I always have a headache. I dont know what to do because where do I go if I leave you now? Im too old to be ... read more

I'm so sick and tired of you throwing away our dreams and plans. You stand me up...when something comes up, you want to sleep more, or just because. You make last minute changes and disrespect everything I've worked hard for without so much as a memo. You say you love me more than anyone in your life? Where is it? You don't get a job because you say "it's more convenient to wait until...." Well, honey, work is never "convenient." That's why it's WORK. If you say you'll meet m... read more

Broken hearted tonite. Seems the man im into hates me. He dont want to talk or hang out like he used to. I barely get to see him due to his work schedule. Also he has other women he hangs out with but claims just a friend with them. im just frustrated because I miss him and want just a lil time alone with him too. Just sucks to maybe see him a few times a month. Im not wanting to be in relationship with him right ... read more

i hate you father,i hate you for leaving us alone
i hate you for never ever calling
i hate the fact that you dont give a f*** about me and tbh i dont either.
i hate that you never ever said "i love you" to me.

I grew up basically alone. Couldn't make friends no matter how much I tried, so I quit trying. Now I somehow have this amazing group of friends and family who genuinely care about me, and I don't know how to act sometimes, and I don't know how to tell them why I don't know how to act. Be patient with me, guys. I'm trying.

fights fights fights! why can't they just stop? life is already full of enough sh**y drama, so why add to it? it just doesn't make sense.
and people have their own views and opinions, just keep your mouth shut and leave them alone!

Someday when you get a taste of your own BS you are going to want a shoulder to cry on a bucket of ice cream to hold on to and guess what you will be alone. No one likes to comfort a cheater. No one likes to be around the greedy and cold hearted. except maybe your mom. and you should be f***ing thank full cause honestly I don't think she likes you all that much.

i just realized, if my parents got divorced, she wouldnt survive the world alone...with dad gone, shes been more careful and afraid at night than before

I feel so alone in this world.I miss the way things were ,since you have departed my life seems bleak and meaningless,its as though my world has turned to black.

i am so confuzed right now, i know i should be happy, i have a girlfriend, some good friends, but i am not. I've tried to be an optimist, but i keep time and time again get pessimistic, depressed, introversionistic, and that gets me even lower. in reality, there is probably only only one person in the intire world that might almost care about me: my girlfriend. All I see in myself is just an ugly, fat a$$ that is flunking in school. I am continually greated by fake smiles, an... read more

I'm tired of people saying I'll find love one day. What if I don't WANT it? Because I really don't. I don't like sharing my bed, my house, my personal space or life, I get bored with people easily and I love alone time. I don't like people touching my sh** and I have my own rules. I'll never find a guy that will fit this life style because I DON'T WANT TO. Why can't people accept this? Not everyone wants a fairy tale lov... read more

okay, so here's the deal. i feel stupid. a guy comes along and nothings serious and so i fall for him. happens every time. i cant help it. but this time im in love with this guy, no seriously in love with him, and he likes me too. but im too jealous thats my problem. i heard that he used to date these 3 girls at my school. all popular and pretty, but now hes an amazing boy. i love him so much but i dont know if he still likes me. im in love what can i say? my stomach hurts, m... read more

I don't want my government to save my life. I want them to leave me the hell alone and let me LIVE my life. How did we let it get this bad?

Whats wrong w/ people. Especially those who make kids and don't even help let alone support them?? And he thinks he a parent or father... he's will never be a parent or father the way he choosing to live his life spending all his time and money he gets on his so called "friends." I just feel sorry for the kids not having their biological father not being there for them. Its sucks trying to believe the person you once lov... read more

It was so much nicer in the woods. It's so crowded here. Everybody wants a piece of me and I'm already exhausted after two days. Leave me alone, all of you, please leave me alone!

The year started out with such promise. Now I'm miserable and alone.

UGHHGHGHGHG so FRUSTERATING! I like this guy and he likes me. we text back and forth almost every day for a whole month and hang out alone once and everything and then we plan to hang out last night and he sends me this text two hours before we are supposed to hang that says hes sorry but his parents are mad at him for his grades and he just needs to focus on school and he doesnt think that we should watch another movie ... read more