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I have my sister and I have my friend to talk to. Yet, I'm still sad and lonely. I want to just tell someone everything but I can't. Instead I just cry to myself alone. I cry silently so no one can hear, nobody will notice. No one will ever know how sad and depressed I really am. They'll just continue thinking I'm the happy, nice, smart person at school. I just want to let out everything with no one to listen and critici... read more

I wish you knew how easy it would be for me to leave you, how every time you're nasty to me I think of my ex and how he wants me back. The only reason I stay is becoming less and less worth putting up with your mood swings and selfishness. I feel like a ghost, I've compromised too much of myself for temporary peace. I do not love you and only say it to avoid the drama of your uncontrolled temper. I feel so alone, so bore... read more

I'm getting old, and I'm not even that old. Thing is, I've been alone all my life. That never really hit me as hard until I finally realized it is too late to make the choices I wish I had made when I was younger. Hindsight is a b**** and time waits for nobody. You have to make the most of it while you still have the chance. I had to learn that the hard way.

Hey. I know you probably don't wanna talk to me right now but just hear me out. I'm sitting alone in my bed on a Friday night and watching TV and all I can think about is how I would much rather be hanging out with you. You never seem to be into hanging out. It always feels like you have to instead of you want to. Idk. Are you even with your family right now? I bet you're partying with your acapella group. You could just... read more

Feeling hurt. alone. Betrayed. Maybe love will always feel insignificant in this world I've created, because clearly it hasn't been any help.

Not to sound conceited because in no way am I conceited- I'd say I have very low self-esteem, but I don't get why women will tell me I am so beautiful and 'some guy will be so lucky to have you someday' but yet as far as guys dating me are concerned, there are none. Zero. Nothing there. Has barely ever happened. Guys do not approach me, they do not flirt with me, they do not even give me no time of the day. I hate when women say things like that to me because it seems nice bu... read more

Not gonna lie. I really like reading through the submissions here. They remind me that I'm not alone.

I dont understand why my mom has to yell at me for not starting the school year with straight A's. I mean every single year I start great and end great but this year I started off with B's and mostly C's. They started yelling at me which I find useless because it doesnt help me, in fact it makes it worse. They don't help at all with yelling or taking my phone away because that not the problem. They say I don't open a book when I'm at home but they also say that im always in m... read more

How do I know if I need to find therapy or other help? I think I might be bipolar.. or have some sort of depression. Almost everyday I'll have hours upon hours of depression. Everything feels tiring, heavy, and worthless. I have no motivation whatsoever. But then other parts I can be incredibly happy. I'm not quite sure what it is, but my emotions are never stable. Yes, I have some short really happy moments in life, but there's also prolonged ones of anxiety or depression. O... read more

I feel really anxious and lonely. I'm not alone in my house right now, yet I get the sense I am the only one here. My heart's beating faster than normal and I am tense. I haven't said a word to anyone all day - just don't feel like it. I feel like I should be writing a story, like I need a creative outlet, but I can't concentrate enough to get anywhere.

Writing this to clear my mind. I feel so sleepy. Everyone likes to relax on bed. But I do that everyday and all day. Why do I feel so lazy? I have to study. I know. Why don't I? When is this going to end? Will this ever going to end? Why can't I do anything alone? Why do I need people or some sort of motivation to do my work? This is not good. Why don't I realise the importance of this moment? Why? It must be possible. I... read more

I've been depressed for some time now, sort of hoping that I'd feel better some day, but that's day hasn't come yet. Man, it really sucks to feel this way; the feeling of a profound hatred toward everything and everyone. The feeling that even though you have tons of friends and family members that care about you that your still all alone, just you. It feels that ever since the break started during the summer all I've wan... read more

Sitting here outside, staring up at the sky watching the blood moon.

Has anyone else seen it tonight?

Something so simple yet so beautiful.

Only thing i wish, to make this moment complete, is for someone to be here to share this moment with me.

To be sitting here, just sharing this peaceful moment with someone, anyone.

So to any others who have seen this sight, know there is someone else out there seeing the same thing as you.

Any time you see the moon just think, there... read more

My husband and I haven't exactly been getting along lately. We have been married for a short five months and yet he has become so emotionally disconnected from me. No matter what I say or do, he doesn't understand. He doesn't even act like he wants to understand. I've never felt so alone while being with him everyday. I just want him to love me again. The way he had before. What am I doing wrong? I feel helpless.

My cat's sick with a near terminal illness
My baby niece was just sent to the hospital
My mom and dad don't care how I'm feeling
Everyone's asleep
I feel horrible
It's midnight
I'm all alone
I'm going to die

Ever feel so alone and so empty inside that you just lay in bed and wish your life could fast forward to a more happier moment? I've been feeling like this for the past 2 years while living with my sister and her family. I don't even feel like I'm family here. Just a person taking up room and board in HER house. Being taken advantage of and treated like a damn Nanny!
No aspect of my life is going well in my current situa... read more

It's getting harder and harder to wake up, now. Less and less reasons to, I guess.
I feel like a mistake somebody forgot to erase. I feel like... damn it, honestly, I feel like dying.
Wouldn't it just be so beautiful if I could just sleep forever? If I could just sleep for once, I swear.
I'm tired. Not tired as in a lack of sleep, it's something else. Numb, but painful. Aching. Like frostbite.
Sometimes, I wonder if I'm even awake or just...drifting.
My life is so perfectly f... read more

Just the usual busy is enough, school, sick parents, helping raise 2 kids now. That's enough. But just a little while ago I was asked to take my aunt (who I don't get along with) to some pharmacy somewhere. At first it was a pleasant conversation, jokes, funny stories about college professors. Then she proceeded to start making very detailed and disgusting sex jokes and tell me what an absolute a** my father is. Went so far as to say that when he died she wanted to deface his... read more

I'm gonna die alone

So him and I talked a total of 5min non stop today, He's too busy to text his girlfriend three words or even two words. I feel heart broken, betrayed and alone....I need someone to talk to but everyone I do talk to relays everything to him which causes a fight between him and I.