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My boyfriend was romantic. He would hug, kiss, and hold my hand. He spent money on me he could have used on himself. Its been almost two years and now I'm the girlfriend he caught and doesn't have to try and impress any more. On our "date" he that he told me was going to be special, he brought three of his guy friends and then took me to McDonalds... I wouldn't have spent 2 hours getting ready for a movie with the guys/McDonalds. Then he had the nerve to tell me to ... read more

I feel so alone tonight and I don\'t know what to do with myself

i want to die i want to forget everything they did to me i want to not feel so alone and afraid anymore i don't want to feel so disgusting i never want to wake up again and know i will never have friends because too much is wrong with me because no one could love me or care about me if they really knew me i want the voices to go away i want the emptiness to go away it is too much for me i can't anymore i want it to be ov... read more

My name is Maris and I've been forced to do a sport I no long want anything to do with.
By the title I'm sure you've already guessed I was talking about swimming, and if you did then congratulations, you hit the nail right on the head! But yes, ever since I was (What, 8?) young, I have been swimming for a local swim team. At first I loved everything about swimming and found it very enjoyable, but as time went by I begun to realize that the sport is more about being the best ... read more

You never realize how alone you are until you need someone and nobody is there.

I lost all my friends. My parents are crazy. I'm extremely alone. I have no one to talk to or hang out with. People misunderstand things I say and do and I'm not close enough to anyone to explain myself. My whole life has been unstable and people just using me, taking advantage of me. sh**

I want to die. I'm living a meaningless, purposeless life. Anybody obligated to give a sh** about me (grandparents, father, siblings) is dead. The only person I do have, my mother, has - ironically - opted to act as though I am dead to her. She has "taken" my car after selling hers, demanding that I buy a new one. I'm stuck in the house of my baby's father's parents. Doing nothing. Absolutely nothing, aside from basic maintenance of my baby. Not that that's not fulf... read more

I'm Skyping with my ex whom I still have very strong feelings for. She left me for fear of getting hurt even after everything we've been through. I tried everything I could to get back with this girl, nothing worked. But since I'm such a nice guy I am helping her with her relationship issues. And I had to give the classic "you'll eventually find the right person" speech. And through all of the minor hinting of how happy she was when we were together, I just caused m... read more

For the first time in 2 years I can breathe normally. I can speak freely. I can be me. And it's only gonna last for a little less than a week. I'm terrified of the day I have to go home. I won't see my best friend for at least another year. I miss home. I wanna go home. I wanna go back with her and her family. I'm tearing up. Life is infinitely better with a best friend or even just a real friend around. I've been completely al... read more

I honestly can not go through another week feeling so alone. I can't do it.

i just want someone to care. a friend. so i won't be alone all the time. why is that so much to ask?

I miss having best friends. I'm just alone all the time now. Yepp.

Why does everyone have to try and make all these big plans for me without even asking me how I feel about it all?

I got a 31 on the ACT and now my teachers, guidance counsellors, parents, and uncles are trying to tell me how to live my life. I'm not even sure if I want to go to college in the first place, let alone some pretentious ivy tower like Cornell, which is where my father wants me to go.

I just want to be a... read more

A great song for teenage girls to listen to if you are going through tough times is Taylor Swifts "Tied Together With a Smile" you're not alone

I hate going to the beach. I'm always ignored by my family and left out of everything. It's not even worth going if I have to stay at the house and watch tv. I wish someone would include me in something. Sure, I'm a little shy, but I'll if you talk to me and act like you actually see me once in a while. Or at least let me bring a friend. Maybe I'll feel less alone and ignored.

Ugh. He's all upset that I'm not going with them. Doesn't he realize that they are BOTH ready to go, and how long it would take for me to get ready? I just woke up, I'm still eating breakfast, my hair looks like sh**, and I'm wearing pajamas. Fixing my hair to look somewhat decent alone would take about 15-20 minutes. "Stop coming up with excuses!" he says. They're not excuses, they're valid reasons. I would gl... read more

Hi my name is kat. Im 16. I enjoy singing and drawing. I always wanted to be normal like everyone else. Have the normal family. be straight go to school and want more from life. My father was very sick since before I was born. He had cancer twice and then had leg ulcers after. For 7 years . He couldn't walk couldn't work couldn't leave the house. He's on disability. Last year another ulcer reopened and he may have cancer again. My mom has copd and doesn't work either ... read more

Holding on to the hopes of ever seeing you again.. Laying here beside my boyfriend.. Because I'm afraid of being alone.. I could cry. I hate what emotions can put you thru.

I'm too desperate for a relationship anyways. And anyone I might fall for my parents probably wouldnt approve of because he might not be really isn't fair to do this to me. I don't wanna be alone for all of high school. But I'm not just looking for someone to love either. I want something that'll last. Doesn't everyone....

I'm starting to fall out of love. You don't put me first anymore. You forget important details about my life. You would rather spend all your time with a**h*** who treated me like complete f***ing trash and sh** and you lie about how much time you actually spend with them. I gave you all my honest self so I think it's time you do the same before it's too late and you're left all alone with your sh**y friends and withou... read more