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Does anyone have any inspirational stories of how their partner was awful but turned it all around? Have you felt completely hopeless and alone in your relationship and then your partner just turned over a new leaf and everything worked out in the end? I desperately need some inspiration.

Now , now I can say you've taken everything from me .
My heart soul. And now even my will to live .
Bleeding and alone, doctors said it was my stress anxiety and depression....
They said that all of that together the baby just gave up.
I have you my world and more , and you just destroyed me....
You walked away when I needed you the most.
LIED about everything and you feel no pain.

I was never one to cry. Crying for me was extremely rare and whenever it was done it was for pointless things, mostly reactions: dog died, someone frustrates me, insults me...but now, after 20-something years, I cry almost every day. I have no idea why. All of the things that have ever been said or done to me I can hear it all, I feel it, and when I close my eyes at night I see it. I'm haunted. I'm cursed by all these things that have never really bothered me before, I've jus... read more

In preschool I am surprised I remember so far back, maybe some things stick more than others... I would play alone. None of the other kids would play with me, but one would on occasion. They weren't really close to me. Heck we played together outside of preschool only because our moms hooked us up for such events. I was always the tag along. The other kids were too busy with each other I was barely noticed. I just follow... read more

Lately I've just felt like being alone, I don't want to do anything, I don't want to talk or be with my friends/boyfriend. I want to just stay in bed, sleep and just cry. But I don't know why I'm crying. Things have been very stressful and I just can't really do it anymore. I always go to therapy and I have to hold in my anger Bc if I let it go, I'll get in trouble. Please! Advice!

When you are loyal, honest, kind, and are happy to see others.... Yet you have no friends, are told you aren't fun to be around and are boring. You live your life alone and unwanted. Wondering what to do with my life now.... Nothing is worth living life like this.

Why are my parents in such a rush to get me out and about, I legit have just started my uni holidays and i thought for the first few days I could laze around and relax watch some K dramas, music, piano practice and catch up on sleep that i have lost due to me sharing a room with my sister (who is in yr 12 and likes to study in our room until like 2am and then wakes at 7am to get ready for school). But apparently wanting to sleep to at least 10am is like a sign of depression a... read more

i f***ing hate being alone so much

So lonnng story short.. I was in Europe with a tour group with people my age. There was this guy, let's call him Jimmy. Anyways, Him and i as well as a bunch of other people from our group went out to a bunch of bars. I drank a lot, this was the most drunk i got all trip. At the end of the night Jimmy tried to kiss me. I rejected him because i had a boyfriend. I texted my bf the next morning about it. And ever since then he has hated Jimmy before getting to know him

Fast for... read more

my boyfriend got a job recently, and although i couldn't be happier for him, i feel jealous and sad. i mean, i too have a job, but from all the snapchats and texts he sends, he seems like he's having so much fun and making lots of friends easily. we're long distance and have been dating for nearly seven months, but i fear he might forget about me with all these new people and find someone better than me. there's already girls hitting on him and while he rejects them, it still... read more

My bf is pretty sh**. I feel bad saying that but i'm noticing it more every week. We've been together 10years. He's never had a job. He plays video games all day. I could be running around stressed and it wouldn't matter. He even watches video game youtube videos in bed until he falls asleep. He never says i love you, he never kisses me. I could go days without talking to him and ge wouldn't care. If i've had a falling out with family or sonething and need to chat he'll roll ... read more

You ever just wanted to give so much affection to someone ? I mean there's this guy, he's so cute but also so lonely. For some reason he just doesn't really have any friends and every girl he's dated abused him somehow and yet he's still so adorable with everyone. I know he loves me but he doesn't know how much i love him and i just want to sleep with him some times, not in a sexual way, really just sleep.
Lay down with him in his bed, caress his hair, kiss him, hold him, mak... read more

Feeling very mellow today. Not in a bad way. Just in a calm way. Also feeling very alone but that feeling usually fades fast, just wish I had someone to go on a walk with. That's about it.

As soon as I got to work, I was left alone at the desk and had to deal with a patron in front of me and another on the phone. Both were impatient and rude, reminding me that I went into debt so I could be treated like sh** by strangers. Now I'm depressed. Yay.

I swear to god I am so fed up of having stupid men messaging me expecting me to help them jerk off its ridiculous I highly doubt that your girlfriends would be happy to know wtf ur actually doing when ur alone

I like her so much that I actually wish she never entered my life. I love her but I wish I never met her. I can't stand being jealous of other guys just because she happens to acknowledge them. I can't stand not being able to see her as much as I'd like to. I can't stand us never talking, but I'm hesitant to text her because I never texted her first and it's been a while since we've texted each other and I don't know if it would be weird. You see, it's not like things ever go... read more

My love look what you've done.
You promised me endless love, a family, a forever .
Told me you loved me and would never let me go, Told me I was your world and that you'd die without me.
I didn't know forever was so short, I wouldn't of accepted it...
Since you did what you did you left me alone to fend for myself and your unborn baby in my belly.... Even after you were the one who said you wanted a daughter, you were th... read more

ive had one best friend, and she was my soul mate. i mean she really was my everything. and then things happened and she ditched me after years and i sunk LOW but the thing is im okay now. we talk now, sometimes. we're going out for dinner this week. but. its not like it used to be. and it never will be. she missed so much. i did so many things by myself that i should not have had to be alone for. i was just a kid. i was... read more

I don't think dating is working out for me. I've always been the person who breaks up with them, and only once was I cheated on so I had to go. They seemed to be the person I was emotionally invested in the most....we were together for two years. Later they apologized to me because who they left with turned out to be manipulative and abusive. Honestly though I think I might just be better alone. I never saw marriage or h... read more

Do you hold the phone when you're alone
Imagine that it rings then hold it to your ear
And wish that I was there?