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I wish I could just drop everything and leave. Sadly I am to scared to do that, I have never been alone

I don't know where to begin. highschool was easy, it was just, it was simple. now that I'm 22, my life hasn't gone to where I wanted it to be. I was forced to go to a college I didn't want to go to to learn a job skill I don't like. I work at a job where the favorites are women who sleep with the boss and get away with whatever they want and a boss that doesn't even care about his job. my parents are once again pushing me to do a medical field employment now and I don't want ... read more

What's the matter with me? The MINUTE I am alone I feel incredibly melancholy. I feel so alone.

Feeling kind of pushed aside and sh**y. Just sad. My family is 3000 miles away and celebrating birthdays and visits and I see them on Facebook. My sister in law and I had a falling out so she's out of my circle. husband invited me to choose the next workout challenge to do together and now a friend showed interest so now he's doing the one his friend says he's doing. I guess I can too but he didn't invite me. Just said he was doing it with him. Took my mother in law and gran... read more

Sending love out to all of those who are alone tonight, or sad or struggling <3

I feel so bad for my cousin. He's obviously closeted but he can't come out because his own family is threatening to kill him if he was ever gay. It's not your life, leave him alone.

I want to have a one night stand get knocked up and raise my kid alone so I don't have to ask a man to help

I was bullied by this guy for 2 years. I am a small person. He was a lot bigger than me. I had class with him for 2 years. I had to put up with his sh** for 2 years. He would sexually harass me pretty much every day. He would tell me all the different ways that he was going to rape me. All the different places he intended on raping me, including my own home. On top of the sexual harassment which was traumatizing on its own, he would call me every name that he could think of. ... read more

What do you want from me I said sorry leave me alone I already aknowledge the fact that i did wrong leave me alone I can't take much

Over 3 years ago you decided to become a Roommate From Hell until we were forced to kick you out, now you suddenly want back in our lives again? We would never tolerate your sexism, racism, transphobia, etc now. In your message you sent 2 months ago you said that if we didn't answer you, you'd forget us and move on, but that's clearly not the case because you're desperately trying to get our attention now. Leave us alone... read more

I'm so alone that sometimes I spend hours tellin Siri all the things I would tell my boyfriend if he existed.

I wish I had friends who I trusted enough to tell them everything. I still overshare a little too much with them on occasion but I don't want to feel guilty afterwards anymore, or regret telling them or feel like I'm burdening them or feel like I'm just desperately trying to force them to become the one person who I can confide in when they're not. I know they care bc I'm their friend but not enough to become too invested in helping me...which I understand because that have t... read more

Yes, I love my mom but she has to learn to understand. She always wants to get in my business when there is no reason to. For example, if I'm looking at one of my friend's stories on Snapchat or opening a snap she always wants to look over my shoulder to see it. I'm sorry but if I wanted you to see it I would show you it. And then she complains that she wanted to see it. I that I need to stop hiding it from her. She also tends to not understand personal space. I'm a teenager,... read more

My friend has sorta become an a** I think...

He used to be sarcastic and kinda cynical, but still rather considerate and a lot of fun. And I don't know if he seemed nicer when we were first friends because he had liked me early in our friendship or because I hadn't had to deal with multiple years of it or he just was? Now, he makes "jokes" that are actually just kinda rude (to everyone, and it's so awkward and irritating with it's to *my* friends that he doesn't know very we... read more

Well they say never go back to an ex, but I always have to learn things the hard way. So it all started back in 2010 or 2011. I was driving down a popular street full of bars and eateries. When boom U almost ran right over this handsome guy crossing the street. I cussed him out and went on to the gas station at the corner. He was parked there. He made small talk with me, then I have him my number. We became friends with benefits for a year. I wanted to be his gf, but he wante... read more

So I've been getting texts like, "Where you been?" "Are you still alive" and "You've been scarce" but I'm great. For those that actually cared to ask. Everyone has the feeling of being alone for a minute. to figure things out you know.

If I'm home alone and I'm not expecting any quests, I don't get the door. I get really nervous so I just pretend nobody's home. Am I a jerk?

I'm messed up. I have trust issues and I severely hate people. I can't make eye contact, I have zero social skills, and I can't stand having human interaction. I just want to be left alone, minding my own business.

Just denying how much i hate my life, because everything is aye okay, i hate this, i dont want to do this, i dont want to be here, everything is wrong, i cant fix it, im so stupid, but hey its not that bad ive been through worse and others have had it way worse then me, im doing alot better then most people but it hurts so much to do this, i feel like its driving me insane, i just want to leave, please leave me alone, wh... read more

I've never felt so alone. I'm a female, I haven't had a close female friend in about 7 years. I have no siblings, just a mother. Been in a relationship for 5 years(although we were apart for 4 months because I broke up with him because he wasn't treating me right) then we got closer again, he was finally acting nice and loving, he acted like he really wanted to spend time with me, it felt amazing but now time has passed ... read more