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Man, credit card companies must be the worst for work for. How much they spam you when you owe money, should be f***ing illegal. I know I owe money, stop reminding every day with multiple phone calls. Block one number, so they call with another

Ruthless man, leave me alone, lol

So my boss retired today....leaving a sh** ton of responsability on me....with no pay raise or job title adjustment......aaaaaaaand no help to even watch over when I need to I'm basically stuck and alone while only halfway learning this crap......eeeyup, kill me.

the sh*tiest part of my day is waking up. it's a guarantee that i've dreamt of you the night before, but the pain of waking up alone without opening my eyes and looking directly into your closed ones is too much for me to bear

I had a student who tried to commit suicide and I should have caught that he was suicidal. It reminds me too much of things that I have experienced with family members and I am having a hard time dealing with this and feel overwhelmed right now. Questioning a lot of what I do and not being effective in any way. I need a break by myself alone alone read more

I'm alone.
We're all alone.
No God. No Heaven. No Hell.
Just Chaos... Twisting our hearts and minds until we dive headfirst into anything to keep ourselves sane.
Being Human means accepting your faults, your fears, your failures.
It means moving forward, no matter what.
It means that even if 'You didn't ask for this life'... 'You didn't ask for this pain'... 'You di... read more

In five days I turn 26, and I drop off all of my insurance plans. I still live with my parents, I don't make enough at my job, although I put all of my heart and energy into it, and I don't see a viable path moving forward for me. The only skills I have are in the retail field, and I live in a very expensive area where 13 dollars is not enough to pay for a car, AND an apartment on your own. I know I need another job, but the only other place I can bring myself to go to has de... read more

Im starting to think that moving in with my boyfriend and his family was a bad idea while i was pregnant. He swore he would help me but is constantly finding reasons to be out of the house. Our baby is 2 months old and im alone all day taking care of him. Now i feel like all we do is fight when he is home. He expects me to want to have sex constantly when im to tired and then hes pissed when i say no. I feel like honestl... read more

Let a manipulative crackhead stay with us (definitely had no idea at first, otherwise we would've never done that to begin with); and the moment we let her know she needed to move on, she overdosed in our place. We had no idea of all of the demons she faces, let alone that she was hooked on pills, etc. After bringing her to the hospital, she has created nothing but drama for us. We are pretty good people who were just tr... read more

I..don't know what to do anymore...i tried everything. I try to prove myself to them. I'm hurt and always help them but they don't help me.Im so young and should have to suffer. I'm and adult in their eyes. I have to deal with it.if I fall they will just turn away,if I'm crying , they will yell. If I try to talk it's "NO, YOU USELESS CHILD!!! WHY CANT YOU BE LIKE HER!!" But I don't show it. I smile.I comfort. I ... read more

Judge Declares Chimp Has Rights, Sets Her Free From Zoo In Historic Ruling

For several years, the Association of Animal Rights Officials (AFADA) in collaboration with the Great Simian Project of Spain and Brazil have fought for the freedom of Cecilia the chimp who remained alone after the death of her two companions at the Mendocino Zoo in Argentina.

Cecilia was displaying little to no energy living in a small space an... read more

I am so mad right now because someone at the vet tore up my dogs nails. The nails are split in every direction and its horrid to look at let alone feel. No signs of blood, but definitley signs of struggle. You're probably thinking "your pup must have been nervous and flinching" but he had surgery today and they were supposed to do it while he was asleep! How do you cut nails so badly they split down to the skin and just ... read more

wandering the forests alone-whom might I encounter? the devil-double devil

I don't believe that God has given up on me, but I feel so alone. I just want to be healthy, why won't he help me? Am I that much of a bad person? Is my faith not great enough?
I'm tired of begging and crying all night and feeling like I'm talking to myself. It's​ truly awful.
How can I get Jesus to listen to me?? And heal me???

Somehow, I've managed to f*** things up with my new coworker after we shared one conversation that seemed to go well.

I haven't had a real, in-person friendship since I was 15.

Guess some people are just meant to be alone.

I'm a guy and I'm in love with my best friend (who is gay too). We've been in a friendship with benefits for more than 7 years now... I realized my feelings about 2 years ago
I confessed a few months back and he told me he would never be interested in me in that way... and we continued on as if nothing happened; we would kiss, flirt, f***, sleep hugging each other, the same as before... and I love every single moment I'm with him, they are my happiest moments
He would even te... read more

Why do people tend to f*** with me since im sooo f***ing quiet? Im quiet cause im a thinker and i think about alot of damn things and it takes one of you f***ing "gangsters" or "hood people" to f*** up my silent and try me up so g**d*** much. WHY CANT YOU LEAVE ME alone!?!?!

I don't understand.

Why is it I loose against other people in video games, when I am doing my best, and when I do win, why don't they like me rubbing it in their face, any victory against someone else is always a big deal because I don't win a lot, it makes me sad and depressed because I cannot celebrate my wins, in my way.

And on top of that why won't other people let me win, I mean I have lost so many times in video games, I want to put a permanent end to it, I'm sick and... read more

I've been so down lately.... for months. Idk what to do. I've dealt with depression before and I feel like this is it, again. My mom refuses to put me on medication so I try to find other ways to help me cope, like yoga, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I feel alone all the time. I think about hurting myself. I can't sleep or eat. I can barely concentrate on my school work. I have no motivation to get a job. Feel like ... read more

When I was growing up my parents were very religious. They taught me any kind of sexual pleasure was bad unless it could make a baby. Even thinking about sex meant you were locked out of heaven if you couldn't make it to confession before then.

When I was a teenager and my hormones flared up, I hated my body for making me want to touch myself. I fantasized about being raped, as that would be the only way to satisfy those urges without going to Hell for it. I had no idea how ... read more