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I feel like I am never going to be happy, maybe I was just meant to be alone......

I'm starting 10th grade this year at an Early College, so I'm basically doing both 11 and 12th in this year. I heard it being described as a merciless hell year. Furthermore, my mom works from 6-23 (her work is far away) and my dad doesn't want to help with transportation and stuff anymore. I'm starting school tomorrow and I feel so overwhelmed and alone. I pulled an all-nighter to finish my last bit of summer work and n... read more

Is it possible to be this alone?

– LOW COST It is a proven fact that human waste contains

many undigested nutrients.

The same is true of all “animals;”

that’s why dogs nibble in litter

boxes; they can smell the

undigested bits of cat food.

You, alone, can provide your toilet slave with

about 25% of their nutritional requirement,

directly from your a**. Since a toilet slave

is immobile and doesn’t exert any energy, that

is sufficient ... read more

I am SO tired of being bitched at every time I open my mouth.i make ONE suggestion and I get a lecture on how wrong I am and how it won't work. Can't live on my own due to severe heart condition, so I have to live at home with my parents. If I had any other choice I would take it but I don't. Can't hold down a job due to illness and no one else will take me in. Any time mom is mad at me she yells about how lazy I am, how I do nothing to help her, and I live there for free so ... read more

I feel.. empty. Not the sad kind of empty, it's like the feeling I'm forgetting something or something's missing. I guess it would be considered closer to loneliness but not quite. It's hard to describe. I mean at first I thought I was plain lonely, as in I needed to find a boyfriend after all these years of being alone, so I tried to hang out with my best friend. He has a girlfriend but we're together all the time, when... read more

I don't mind eating myself to death. Food has been there for me when I was alone. Till death do us part.

OH MY f***S I'M SO f***ING TIRED UGHHHHH!!!!!!! I wish people would leave me alone!

Me and my partner are nearing the one-year anniversary of us dating long-distance. Ever since we did, I enjoyed every moment we shared together.
But sometimes, they would start seeing themselves as a terrible partner. They've had a history of bad relationships before ours and have they depression. And while since dating they've been happening less, but when they do I feel like I'm not trying hard enough to help them.
This is my first romantic relationship with someone and I w... read more

I DONT love you at all. Please leave me alone. I go on these trips so that I can be away from you. I'm trapped in this marriage. I wish that I could leave you. I only pretend that I love you. This is the main reason that I don't believe in the Christian faith. You can straight up lie to my face and say that you are not spying on me. Remember thou shalt not bear false witness. U went to church today. Such a hypocrite. F-u... read more

You're alone. I'm alone. Lets be alone together.

I can't be perfect, and I know everyone has flaws, but mine must be pretty horrible if nobody I meet can accept me for who I am. I'm opinionated, I can be stubborn about some things, and I'm an emotional person (but I never yell at others or cry in front of people, and most of the time I try to moderate my emotions) My mom always told me "if I had one piece of advice to give you that I thought was the most important, it would be to talk. Talk to people, open up, get out of yo... read more

I really shouldn't be left alone, go from having a great night with friends to thinking about how worthless I am. Once im home i literally sit here an think about how sh** an insignificant I am. Need to lighten the f*** up.

I fluctuate between depressed & suicidal and "f*** it, I'm gonna make the world my b****." Lately, though, the depression has been winning out. I've been trying to find a job--an actual, adult job--but to no avail. It's so frustrating to have this desire to move on with my life, but not be able to. I can't get married, build a house, or start a family until I get my sh** together, but it just isn't happening. And I feel like I can't talk to anyone about this; my boyfriend wou... read more

She's ungrateful, drags you through hell just to get what she wants yet every time you feel alone you crawl back to her.
She has destroyed your confidence, trust and happiness. Don't you realize I would never do that to you? I know what it feels like not being able to trust anyone but don't keep putting the little trust you have left back into her.
I'd love you unconditionally, give you the world just to see you smile bu... read more

I woke up and asked my boyfriend what he wants to do today and he didn't respond. I asked him again and he told me to leave him the f*** alone. I guess that means I'm spending the day by myself. He could at least tell me what I did, now I have to rehash everything that's happened recently to try to figure out if I said or did something wrong, I hate my life.

I. I don't know anymore. Life should be f***ing great for me. I'm nearly as priveliged as it gets, I'm a f***ing young adult white male who passes for straight. I have an amazing girlfriend, my mom and I are on a vacation we saved years for. And here I f***ing am. I feel distanced, and I feel alone. The days are great. They're fun, I get to hang out with my mom who I haven't seen in two months or some sh**, and it's grea... read more

So I recently graduated from college and today was the ceremony. Having previoisly been homeschooled, I've never had a ceremony before and i was truely excited. When i went to my sis and 2 of my friends graduations in the past year, i was there for them after the ceremony to take pictures and go out to eat. Simple, right?

Well my family didnt seem to give two sh**s about my graduation. I live at home with them. I got up early so i could make it in time to check in. I drove m... read more

I know PMS has something to do with it, but this month has been hard and I just want to cry. I feel very alone.

You don't give a f*** about me I know you don't and you never did talking about you love me yeah riiight just leave me alone