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I am so f***ing sad and angry why does everyone f***ing ignore me ?? I have no one. I f***ing love my family but they don't love me. What did I do ? Why is it always me for f***s sake just leave me alone !!!

Idc if you don't talk to me I want to be alone and like to be alone anyways just leave me alone

I don't want to get up and go to work until 4 today I just don't I want to be left alone and in my bed all day moping in my sadness ugh should've took off today too

I used to be friends with a person I looked up to, I admired their can do attitude and thought they were so badass. When we first became friends this was several years ago I was still a teenager,I was insecure and sorta used this person as a crutch and was known as their sidekick. Now as an adult I realize that this friend is one of the most insecure people I've met and I stopped needing /craving their friendship a little while ago. I am able to stand alone. I am sitting in my hometown and I have no one I would consider a friend who isn't caught up in their own mental/emotional issues themselves. If I se... read more

It's too depressing to hear you try to create things that never existed. Ironically, I have never felt more alone.

I haven't been happy in months. I was finally happy yesterday and I did the stupidest thing and ruined it. I feel like I ruin everything. Everything just seems so incredibly pointless. The only thing stopping me from doing IT was the thought that I still had things to live for and that when I got older, I would make the world a better place. I'm now realizing that I don't have anything to live for and so far I've worsened the world by being in it. I lost the one person who ac... read more

PLEASE READ I want to live like the people in movies. I'm aware everything is fake but imagining how much money I could make off of just robbing people just gets me going. My mother and I are living with my aunt at the Moment because of money issues and I always wear the same few shirts and jeans to school. I'm tired of feeeling like everyone is judging me not knowing I could steal whatever they have whenever I wanted. I probably wouldn't do it alone and I really need someone to talk to.
My Kik is adams00_

This week alone I've eaten 3 tall canisters of Pringles chips. Idk why tbh but I'm actually on the third canister now, I've had one every other day this week including today and now that I've gotten a taste for them I'm fine. I don't eat much junk food or sweets but had a random craving for pringles now that my craving is satisfied, has anyone else had a random food craving recently that you just desperately had to satis... read more

I take comfort in the fact that now you're alone and you can't count on anyone like how I felt when I was with you and all the other people that treated me terribly. And also that one day, pathetic whiny traitors like you will be nothing and people like me who do the right thing, will finally have their hard work pay off.

Dear Youtubers: STOP POSTING SPOILER TITLES AND THUMBNAIL PICS IN YOUR VIDEOS. Especially for Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild. I'm not even looking for spoilers but I should feel free to use Youtube without having spoilers thrown in my face due to video recommendations. If you MUST put a how to get [insert secret item here] then title your video as "How To Get Secret Items in BotW" or something, with a thumbnail of Link or something that doesn't include secret or easter egg i... read more

Being poly f***ing sucks. Until I see the other woman's face, and sometimes even then, all I can think is she's a pathetic excuse for a human being. I have anxiety too, damn it and I still go to the f***ing grocery store! Stupid b****, you're the one with car and I can't physically drive yours, so you're going to have to get off your WoW playing a** and DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN b****! It's my date night and she f***ing ruined by coming home and bitching again! I hate this! And... read more

But for now sitting alone at the bar wishing away.

i wish my boyfriend could be happy with me, but i either let him go and fall into a depressed state or keep him and watch him get more and more disloyal. i know there's really only one option here but i'm scared of being alone. he's not even a great boyfriend -- he ignores me for weeks, talks about me behind my back, threatened to kill one of my best friends.. i'm just so scared of being without him. he's been everything... read more

You know what really pisses me off? The people who are meant to be closest to me can't tell how I'm dying inside. How I'm screaming out for someone to tell me things will get better but no. It's all about their problems and when I even try to say I'm struggling what do I get? f*** all. Sure. I get it. You've got your own problems. You've got your own trust issues but I've talked about how I'm emotionally f***ed up and what's your response? That I'm not? That I seem fine? Mayb... read more

Oh jeez i need to go to the gym.
I hate feeling like this. I dont feel gross but i have too much energy.

Also i need to sit back and read a book, because i need a love story to ship. And i need to stop getting my hopes up. Legit im currently a sack of trash.
Clearly im too alone. And it sucks because everytime i have to unget my hopes up id rather stab my heart. Ugh stupid. I am unfortunatley and as much as i will deny ... read more

The difference between you and her is that you are bad person and everyone loves you still.

She is a good person but was abandoned by her lover and left with a child with no friends or family members to support her.

A tragedy is written in her own silence.

She realizes her faults. She doesn’t realize she deserves more...No...She doesn’t even compare her situations to others. She simply prays for someone to love her back and support her.

This is why she becomes so atta... read more

It's so annoying to me when Americans show up saying we're poor and we're godless and need their help. What about the poor and godless in your own nation? What are you doing about them? Leave us alone, we can handle our own problem. We don't need any more of your "democracy".