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Vodafone dropped a surprise bill on me and my partner for a contract that ended last year for the second time this year, this month being the hardest financially and being the only financial provider of the two I don't think he takes into account how much pressure it puts on me.

Through conversations with my family and trying to understand what the f*** this is all about without being a piece of sh** i ended up snapping at him.

He kept telling me there is nothing we can do ... read more

I know you are a desperate poor insane woman. shoveling snow in the nor'easter for a couple extra dollars. why don't you collect cans too. your section 8 is not enough for you. maybe you ought to lease a cheaper car. or go without a car like me. I wish you would leave me alone because I am probably worse off than you. no section 8 no Medicaid no car you better return my snow shovel I do not feel sorry for you you should ... read more

I feel like crying so hard. I have no one. It is all because I have isolated myself. It is my fault once again. I feel so alone because for the most part I am alone. Now, I have about one and a half months to somehow make friends. It is a LOT harder to change then I thought. And is some chases I have gotten worse with things. I have become much more shy, which I did... read more

My mom keeps preaching about how children should be disposable after they turn 4 every time she has the chance, and it seriously annoys me. Actually, I think it hurts me.
I don't blame her for hating her children, especially me. You see, I'm a useless mentally ill member of society, not exactly what you would call a good daughter. This should be enough to want to dispose me, alright, I get that, but... man, she shouldn't be saying that to everyone.
It must've been really hard... read more

some days it just gets so bad, where i feel like no matter what i'll do it'll just end up with me being alone
and some days it barely crosses my mind.

my patience is running thin I don't want to be alone anymore, but what will I do when it does run out? I don't know...I don't know

I am so mentally exhausted. I am a third year undergraduate student on the pre-medical track. I have lab three times a week, and spend nearly 30 hours in class, when homework, studying, clubs are involved you'd wonder when I'd have time to even breathe. Sometimes I feel really hopeless, there is nothing for me to look forward to, every weekday is studying and every weekend is studying. I think about giving up all together multiple times a day. Most students get pumped for the... read more

I wish i had friends, I really do.
It's depressing sometimes, I mean, i'm an "okay" person but it seems like nobody likes me and i feel like most people don;t like hanging out with me.
90% of the time i'm a happy person, i have a good heart and very outgoing too, but idk.. :( why can't they like me?
And also, I'm turning 22 in a few weeks and i get really depressed in the days leading up to it because people often forget my birthday and that makes me feel so alone. Have no friends other then online friends. I spend weeks, months on end alone. You would think my family would want to look out for me. But no. I have emotional issues, social issues. I am a recovering alcoholic, I also abused drugs. I have not been to a meeting. In years. Awhile back I purchased som... read more

Arrrrggg. So pissed. At myself, my family the world. I live alone. Have no friends other then online friends. I spend weeks, months on end alone. You would think my family would want to look out for me. But no. I have emotional issues, social issues. I am a recovering alcoholic, I also abused drugs. I have not been to a meeting. In years. Awhile back I purchased som... read more

I feel so alone. I wish I could meet a hot guy who loves me and that I love equally as much. I doubt I'll ever meet that special someone to complete me. I'm isolated from society. I don't know how to make relationships. I wish I could but it isn't easy for me. I sometimes think it'd be easier if I just died.

When I wake up we are entwined, my body is trapped under the weight of his arm and so instead of trying to break free I decide to snuggle myself against him. I close my eyes and inhale against his warm skin, taking in everything I can about his smell and the feeling of his bare skin, knowing that when he wakes up he could change his mind and leave me alone again. I feel him start to stir and my eyes pop open. He rolls sl... read more

We're not alone in the crazy President category --

Brazilian President Michel Temer moves out of official residence because of 'ghosts'

"I felt something strange there. I wasn't able to sleep right from the first night. The energy wasn't good."

I feel an angst in my chest that I can't budge, but I'm sensing it's all linked to false guilt. Sometimes I look at my life and I don't understand why I can't just be totally 100% content. I have everything I need. And yet there's this voice inside me that say's "you're not enough". It says I should be living life more, getting out there, travelling the world, having more adventures, facing more fears, taking more risks, and it particularly tells me that I don't have enough p... read more

For all the people with problems, for all the people who hurt, I'm sorry and I hope you feel better. I know it's not that simple, you don't wake up and say, "I want to stop cutting, I want to live, I am happy." I'm not stupid, young, but not stupid. My friends keep things from me, I'm involved in things I shouldn't be involved in, and I hate it. Life is still worth living. What's the worst that can happen? You get to try once and if you screw it up, guess what, you don't have... read more

I need advice on what to do. There is a kid that sits at my friends and I's table in our cafeteria, he was quiet but we were fine with him sitting there. I'm a rather anti-social person so I didn't know how to break the ice with him until recently, but now the problem starts coming up, he talks when he is only spoken too even though, but I want him to be able to just jump into our conversations and then i figured out that he was a year older than me and back when he was in el... read more

he called me: dark skinned, nobody cares about me, I was the worst of all his past relationships, he can date anyone, I'm rude, I'm mean, I'm fat, I deserve to be alone. I quit my job for him, I ditched dental school for him. why? why did I put myself through all this pain I'm just crying all day constantly no stop.

i dont even know what to f***ing say tbh i honestly just want to die sometimes i get better and i feel genuinely happy for a little while and then all of a sudden everything just comes crashing down soemtimes without even a reason it just happens and im so f***ing sick of it im so f***ing sick of being terrified that ill wake up wanting to die or not having the energy or motivation to even open my eyes but still being pushed out of bed by the massive anxiety constantly tearin... read more

Slowly. Day by Day. Hour by Hour. Minute by Minute I am losing all of my friends. We aren't close anymore. So I sit everyday and think. Why do I lose the friends I love the most? So let's turn to the topic of them. One of my friends is a copy cat. She copies my style, actions and even phrases. It feels as if I have a clone. I have two close friends that I adore. 1 enjoys the company of somebody else other than me. Not that it's wrong, I just feel neglected, left out or left i... read more

I hate going out shopping with other people, except for my mom. They wander away and I have to spend the next 20 or so minutes looking for them, they take their sweet time answering my texts and have a laugh about it later. I dont want to spend an frackin hour at the store just wandering around. I wouldnt have this problem if I were alone. In and out. I dont mind walking.

I cut off my family because I was abused as a child. I reached out to my friends, but I feel really alone. Yesterday was my birthday. My best friend of over 8 years forgot...and only messaged me today "sorry for forgetting to text you." She was on Facebook and other social media yesterday...why couldn't she have taken the 30 seconds to wish me a happy birthday? She takes forever to return my emails and texts, and she alw... read more