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My best friend of 3 years is becoming the type of girl that tries to find out what is going on in everyone's lives and says she won't judge and then talks sh** about them and tells others what they said. She says her life is horrible but when I try to help she won't tell me anything. She tried forcing me into a relationship so that I could have sex because "it's amazing" because I'm still a virgin, and it would be fun to... read more

My best friend is drifting away from me. Ever since we went to college it's been harder to stay as close as we were in high school since we are at least an hour and a half away from each other, but I always thought we would stay friends forever because we have a bond with each other that I've never had with anyone else. But this weekend, I went to visit her at her school, and she had this great group of friends that spen... read more

I couldn't help but ignore you yesterday, and I'm gonna ignore you today too. I love you so much, I can't stand not talking to you, I want you every minute of my life, and you don't feel the same, at least that's what the universe is making it appear like. But obviously you're annoyed by me right now, because I want to talk to you all the time, I'm sorry, I knew I shouldn't have been reaching out sometimes, but I couldn't help it. You're so sweet though nat, you respond even ... read more

Hey guys, I have a full proof plan to never date that girl you've been eyeing. All you have to do her best friend.

So this guy that I work with is friends with me and my best friend. We've known each other for over 10 years and this guy for a few months now. Him and I hang out and stuff and he would pick me up from school to hang out and everything and we would chill at his place or drive around. My other friend gets jealous at the fact that we always hang out and are closer than they are. Not to mention me and him like each other. I don't know what to do with her. I know she's jealous an... read more

So! My best friend in the entire world is 1) a male (I'm a female) 2) older than me 3) lives in a different country. Yet, we still make it work and are what we like to call 'platonic soulmates'. I have never felt so close to somebody ever in my life and I get these overwhelming flows of missing him! etc, etc,

Recently, however, he has started seeing a girl - we refer to her as Crazy Pants - and flew all the way across t... read more

When you don't even feel secure with your own best friend...
Yea I only have myself, maybe my prime family, and my designated imaginary friends (;_;) to trust.

OK so I'm 20, she's 27, she's recently left the country, we've known each other about 3 years and been close for 2. I have Ben madly in love with her for about a year and a half. It's love and nothing else. I know because I'm an incredibly guarded person, and would never say so otherwise. There's an age gap but to me it doesn't matter as we're basically in the same place in our lives. Anyways over the last few moths we got very very close, but she's been having a ... read more

You are at your best friend’s wedding just an hour before the ceremony is to start. Earlier that day, you came across definitive proof that your best friend’s spouse-to-be is having an affair with the best man/maid of honor, and you catch them sneaking out of a room together looking disheveled. If you tell your friend about the affair, their day will be ruined, but you don’t want them to marry a cheater. What do you do?

A. - Tell your best friend; sure the day will be ... read more

As the title suggests, I am in love with my best friend. She is a woman. I am a man. She believes me to be gay. I believed this of myself until a few months ago too, but suddenly had romantic feelings toward her of a drunken evening... I assumed this to be purely platonic affection manifesting itself as romance, and therefore ignored it. In the ensuing months, I have come to accept that I have a great deal of affection to her; romantic and sexual. It would seem I'm not only g... read more

I'll keep this as short as I can so I don't bore you, but ever since I saw her last, I feel like I've fallen in love with one of my best friends. I've always sort of had a crush on her since I first met her, but I don't know why the feeling is so strong again all of a sudden. I guess it's a combination of not seeing her for three months due to my new school, and just spending a lot of time with her during spring break. Getting kind of intimate with her and my friends, the way... read more

(PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING ) Im extremely unhappy and depressed. Im constantly having feeling of nostalgia for when I was younger and happy. SO My dad's child support got lowered by the judge and my mom couldn't not afford the rent anymore so we had no choice but to move with my aunt in a whole new state. The problem is ive been unhappy long before this . I think the problem is I'm lonely. When I was younger I never had many friends but the three or four i did have made me ... read more

I know this seems ridiculous to people who have been through this stage of life but I just needed to vent.
My life has been a bit sh** lately.
About half way through A-levels just scraping through and everyday I'm forced to be around this one absolutely perfect girl in my group of friends that I can't have. From the time I met her I've been stuck with this feeling that something is meant to happen but she has absolutely no idea and neither do any of my friends. You see they c... read more

Honestly just having the worst time right now. If someone could give me advice it would be great. It may sound so stupid to you all but anyways.. Ive been extremely insecure lately because I've been constantly ignored by everyone including my friends. No one ever wants to hear me out it's not even an exaggeration. No one ever answers me or even cares to listen. Even if it's a tiny statement I'm looked down upon so much. And to top it off, my ex that I've been wih for two year... read more

f*** f*** f*** I have feelings for my best friend/brothers ex and she has feelings for me too. This is really bad. I didn't think accepting her friend request would lead to this. We've been flirting a lot and I woke up today and started panicking. I can't get with another of his exes. He's literally known for dating the crazy girls but here I am flirting with her and I feel terrible but I also don't want to stop. f*** I'm a terrible brother. I hate this, I hate myself....... read more

30's, married, 2 kids, bread winner. Married for 9 years.My relationship is just about dead. My husband is not romantic, has kind of turned into a boring old grandpa who never wants to go out, not at the same sexual energy level as I am, he's got a tiny dick, and he's terrible in bed. He was my first and i loved him so much for many years, but he broke my heart multiple times with emotional (not physical) infidelity in the past, and after a long boring life of routine, now i'... read more

I broke up with my online partner of 2 years because I felt like I barely ever got to see them. They were really nice about it and told me they understood. It was especially heartbreaking because I felt like neither of us really stopped being in love with eachother. I was actually ready to marry them. But the distance was just too much for me to deal with. I felt really lonely all the time. Sometimes they'd only log in to say hello once a month. It wasn't out of selfishness t... read more

ever since i was twelve, i knew that although everyone else categorized me as a "girl", i didn't quite fit the pink socks to match, and somehow i wasn't a tomboy either. i ended up dressing up as ryan gosling for a costume party and i had the time of my life, everyone told me that i looked really strangely handsome, so it clicked that maybe i actually identified as a boy. terrified, i shoved the idea of being trans into the back of my mind and decided to try to ignore my feel... read more

I was deeply in love with this guy for quite some time, and then turns out he felt the same about me... we've had the best relationship, laughed a lot, hung out, talked... I gave him my virginity, he gave me his... we trusted each other with closed eyes.
There was this girl he talked about sometimes. He called her"f***biscuit". He had a crush on her for like a year before he met me, he asked her out a few times and she kept refusing. He told me about how much he hates her and... read more

I'm so f***ing tired of toxic people trying to get involved with my sister and her friends.
My sister's best friend (let's call her Girl #1) used to date this guy (Boy #1), whose ex girlfriend (I'll make her Girl #2 because she's a piece of sh** so it's fitting) is a manipulative, lying little b****. My sister hates Girl #2 with a burning passion, and after learning about all of the sh** she says and does, so do I. Guy #... read more