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I really like someone I shouldn't.... He is 20 years older then me and every time I see him my feelings just seem to get more intense. I rarely ever get crushes and when I do I fall really hard for them. I really like him because I genuinely think he is cute, charming and incredibly smart, which is why I think I like him so much. I also like the fact that I can have an actual conversation with him, where with most people... read more

I have been finding out that I like unavailable men. I RARELY ever get a crushes and when I do I usually fall really hard. Lately though I have realized that all of my crushed that I have had are with people who are already in relationships, live far away or treat people badly. This got me thinking that I like guys who are just emotionally unavailable and am worried... read more

last year, my entire friend group got into a huge fight and i was one of the people in the center of it. it was mostly between me and another two people, let's call them thomas and elizabeth. i'm not friends with practically anyone in this group of people anymore except for one other person. between us and the group, there is utter animosity.
elizabeth is also friends with this other girl, let's call her sunny. she wasn't involved in this fight, but as she's friends with eliz... read more

Okay, so I am in homeschooling, and I love it. But I really don't get out much because of it. Thus, I have many internet friends ( Which I f***ing love ) anyway, so I have been friends with this girl Sam for over 3 years, and we are meeting this month and I am so f***ing happy. 3 YEARS is a v long time. she has always been there for me, because i have depression and she is the reason that i feel like i have a reason to live and that means so much, because without her i wouldn... read more

There's a man I've had a distant friendship with since I was in high school. Back then, I crushed on him because he had that "I don't care for authority" vibe, and as a teen, I definitely didn't care for authority. He was funny and attractive, but he had a long standing relationship when I met him, so I didn't act. Over time, I learned more about him and decided he would be a much better friend than a partner.

After hig... read more

My best friend asked out my crush knowing I like him. I want to support her and be a good friend but it hurts to know she would betray me like that

My best friend asked my crush out. knowing I liked him

I was just starting to feel good about my self again and then today i got the great surprise of my crush dating a girl i hate (i didn't like the girl in the first place), now i feel like i wanna just curl into a ball and die. I wish i could talk to my friends about this but then they would tease me about it that's why i'm posting this here. :(

Was it irrational at 14 to be upset when I gave my crush (would I did not know very well), a note saying I liked him and he wrote me back saying he wanted to stay friends?

Then he started dating someone else two weeks later?
I took it so personally at the time. I believed I was ugly and that was why he wanted nothing to do with me.

Years later, I wonder ( out of pure curiosity) what his life is life now.

I'll never forget one of my first initial heartbreaks.
I had a major crush on a tall, dark and handsome guy in my theatre class.
This was a while ago, but my heart still sinks when I think about it.
He never initiated romantic interest, although he added me and chatted with me via Facebook.
I think he wanted to be a friend.
Anyway, my crush was intense and it m... read more

I found out yesterday that my fiance of 41/2 years had been cheating on me. Never would I have thought he would do something like this. Went through his phone and saw txt. Im hurting. I feel so many mixed emotions. I'm crushed because we were suppose to wed in may. I'm not sure what's going to happen now. He promised me he would never do it again. That he was sorry. I'm not sure if I can believe him though. I was broken ... read more

It's all fun and games until you get your first "legitimate" "crush" in 9th grade. Then your life revolves around them, and you feel so weird on the inside - and let's not forget the whole escapade that comes in the event that the first person you really liked for their *personality* just doesn't like you back. And then every time after probably just won't feel the same.
Life isn't perfect, I guess.

So this guy i like, is crushing on his best friend so that's what every body thinks
she cute , she loves sports, she loves animals and her skin is flawless they always sit together at lunch
I thought he liked me because he asked me to the dance during camp but now hes not even staring at me
Then when he danced with me at the dance i heard his sister saying why aren't you dancing with, "A#!*%$"
i went home happy but so "F... read more

I FEEL SO PATHETIC. I'M A NINTH GRADER. I KNOW ABSOLUTELY *NOTHING* ABOUT *ANYTHING (and I'm pretty sure that's grammatically incorrect) AND THE FACT THAT I'M VENTING ABOUT THIS MAKES ME FEEL SMALL. THE FACT THAT I FEEL THIS WAY MAKES ME FEEL SMALL. Moving on, there's this really nice, "chill", somewhat quiet guy that I first noticed during the beginning of the school year because we rode the same bus route to school. It took me a second, but I figured out that he was an ELL ... read more

I thought this would help me, but now I'm just realizing I don't know where to even start. There isn't a single part of my life that I'm satisfied with. Where did it all start? I wish I knew. I so wish I could pinpoint that initial incident where everything just fell apart because maybe then I could figure out how to piece it back together. I guess I was ignorant. As a child, when I was happy, it was because I was sheltered from this horrible world. One day, they just decide ... read more

my boyfriend lives in florida and we met online and we havent known each other for too long
but the other night i started thinking about the fact that i may never be able to touch him, like hold his hand or anything
and then i kind of developed this crush on someone at work but they happen to be taken and they told me they spent the night at their partners home and it made me so jealous because what if i never get to spe... read more

I met a really cute girl today who's almost as cynical as I am and I love it. I think a crush is forming, and I hate it. It means I have to spend the next year or so thinking about how I'm not good enough until finally she gets a boyfriend and I probably cry myself to sleep cause I'm a little b****.

I think I am majorly crushing on my professor and I think he likes me to and knows that I like him. I have been blushing a lot more, which I don't do. f***, this isn't supposed to be happening. It is wrong. This is wrong, f***....

My best friend is ignoring me because I sent her a text about her current crush. I told her that I can't really listen to her tell me about their dating when our parents and our way of life strictly forbid dating at such a young age. I told her that it was wrong and that she shouldn't tell me anything about it because I can't keep it a secret when I know that:
1.) It's wrong
2.) He's not a good person
I told her that I l... read more

F***! I thought I fell in love with someone I met on the internet but today when we went on webcam we just about had as close to sex as possible without physical contact with each other and I didn't know what I was doing I was just doing what he told me because I was a virgin with zero experience in the sex area but the thing is now I'm not sure if I really love him because he kept saying that I'm his future wife and that I have the most beautiful body he has ever seen and he... read more