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I hate my brain, and i wish my dreams could stop thinking of stupid sh**. I know stupid rant right? But when its about some stupid crush that wouldnt matter if you told him or not they dont like you back. I cannot understand my brain decides its okay to even think about him. He went with my sister and that alone made me not like him anymore. But then randomly i will start having these dumb dreams. I CANT STAND IT!

I got f***ing serenaded and I'm so f***ing angry because he's so f***ing cute and I can't have him even if he wants me and I want him so f*** it all. f***ing slay me, I'm the dumbest b**** on the planet for crushing on cute a guy across the globe just because he sang a few love songs at me in a video chat.

I'm not even sure if this is just a teenage crush that'll go away with time or something more..
I've never felt this way towards someone so strongly.
My heart races and pounds even at the mere thought of him.
I can't seem to breathe when he's around.
My heart yearns for him.
I can't help but smile at the simple mention of his name.
I can't help but feel flustered each time we talk.
I can't help but missing him when he ge... read more

the last day of school was on thursday. my crush and i have never really talked outside of school, but thursday we had a conversation at the end of the day that turned into us chatting on facebook until one in the morning. it was really cool, we've been talking every day since, some of the deepest convos i've had in a while. i think he trusts me a lot, bc he just came out as bi and i'm bi too, so we were talking about th... read more


I am seeing someone who is very important to me. He is hands down my favorite person. It also doesn't hurt that he is extraordinarily handsome.
Recently, a very close friend of mine told me he has had a huge crush on me since we met, 8 years ago.
I hate this. I don't want to lose him as a friend, but I don't want to deal with uncomfortable situations of him hitting on me.
I explained that I am seeing someone, but it does... read more

OMG I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN RIGJT NOW.... im so mad!!!!!!! wow ok so over the last few weeks my "best friend" has been ignoring me and talking about plans with her friends LITERALLY right next to me... who does that jw?? and idk shes just been being so mean to me but i dont say anything about it bc i dont want to be rude. and a few months ago my crush asked out my good friend so that was just peachy! and most of all my famil... read more

ughhh crap why whywhy
I have a mild crush/crush on my brother's close friend. How do I get rid of it? He was only in town for a few days but ugh.
get it awayyyy

You're getting fat everyday , you eat none stop that when we have sex you crush me to death I can't breathe and it hurts a lot , now everytime you ask me to have sex I fear that it will be my last day on earth . I asked you to lose weight but you tell me you can lose it easy . Yet haven't lost any , everytime we have sex you ask me did i enjoy it ? I say no I couldn't breathe for the whole time and my stomach hurt like h... read more

Why do crushes even exist? Heck, I've been crushing on one guy for what? FOUR YEARS? And here my 'best' friend comes along, announcing she fricken loves him and now they're dating. Thank you, 'best' friend for totally caring about how I feel. Oh wait, you broke up?! GOOD FOR YOU. Cry, laugh, I don't care, BUT DON'T FREAKING MOVE ON IN ONE FUDGING DAY. Some people do... read more

Dont you just love it when you friend that you've known forever just ditches you and forgets about you because of the new popular pretty girl that came? Oh life.dont you hate me? The pretty girl even stole my best friends crush. Yet she forgave her.yet she won't forgive me for doing the slightest thing. Now her and the popular girl exclude me. Even ditch me...

I told her i have a crush on her and she doesnt feel the same why cabt i just stop thinking about her i guess we need to stop being friends cause being her friend is hard know shell date other guys knowing how i feel about her its so hard and upsetting knowing ill never be that guy for her i just cant.

broke up with my boyfriend now he's dating my ex bestfriend and my crush will never like me back. I gave him a note and he ripped it up before he could even read it

like i love her so much and i rewlly hope me sorta asking her out doesnt change our crushy relationship
i wanna talk to her wbout all this but i also really dont wanna worry her or anything aaaa

i am really crushing on this gal hard
i havent been this is love since last year when i swore off crushes because of a crush that went south
she doesnt want a ldr which im cool with
i just wanna tell her i love her and hug her and send her hearts and call her cute aaaaaa

So, a couple of days ago I read this article. The woman that wrote it was sharing this tragic event where her husband at the time had killed their baby. He was around a few months old I think, and premature, so he had some issues. He'd cry and scream a lot through the day, which no doubt was exhausting. My oldest one was upset a lot during his first year. So anyway, she is tired, asks dad to watch him one night. The next day the kid's head is shaped odd, they figure he slept ... read more

I'm just really confused. I liked this guy I work with cause we had so much in common, we had really great conversations because we share the same twisted humor which I find rare, and at points he'd go out of his way to come chat with me on my way out and act really nervous talking to me (which was adorable). Eventually he added me on facebook, I was happy to see we had more stuff in common but then i noticed he hangs out with a ton of beautiful girls. At first I'm like "sh**... read more

I'm a 14 year old girl. I'm going into high school this year, and I am currently doing summer school PE to get credits. I only have two friends (who are both female). We all went to the same small private school. There were only 7 eighth graders in my graduating class, and about 80-90 kids in the whole school. I have a hard time making friends/ talking to people because I have bad social anxiety. They both have boyfriends, and talk about it all of the time. I can't. I've neve... read more

The guys I know have been getting so needy lately. Like why y'all gotta ruin things because you can't keep it in your pants? You whine about the friendzone and act like I'm using you when it's the other way around. You told me you wanted to be friends, and I said OK. It's YOUR fault for expecting more of me when I only agreed to being friends /from the start/. Like, sorry to have crushed your hopes and dreams, but don't ... read more

I hate that I can't stop thinking about my crush and that it is all I seem to want to do. I think I have finally found a guy that has liked me back and I can't stop thinking about our future together and how "perfect" it is going to be. I know I am just setting myself up for failure and to be honest I don't even know the guy. He is someone I have been chatting with online and for all I know he could just want me for sex.... read more