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I really need some love advice here. So, currently I'm single. Boys don't tend to like me because WAY back in middle school I was really mega ugly (who wasn't). That got me bullied, and it seemed that people tended to avoid me, even though it's been 6 YEARS. Anyways, I had this great guy friend who I had a crush on for a while, but didn't say anything too. I didn't want ot ruin our 10+ years of friendship. That said, he ... read more

I have a really bad crush on a guy that I never get to see. I feel like I should at least try to get over him but I honestly don't want to... :/ Idk what to do.

So I'm a senior and I have a crush on a sophomore. I can't talk to him because he makes me really nervous! He's talked to me once or twice and hugged me once, but that's it. Whenever we make eye contact he looks away or at his phone and when I try to talk to him he turns red and doesn't look at my face??? I'm confused!

So for starters, i consider myself as pansexual, the sexuality of the future, for real. I finished high school last year, and there was this girl that once told me she liked me, she said and i quote "I think i like you" here in Peru it doesn't mean "i like you, you're cool", in spanish is more like "i have a crush on you", of course i froze and said "what?", she noticed and leaving me hanging she just said "i'm joking!" ... read more

I'm stuck between high school and college and its so weird. Working on applications while doing homework. Having my own fitness schedule but still having to go to gym class. Wishing to move on but stuck with memories of the past. It seems only now people have been beginning to notice me. It's so weird, and I'm not used to that.
There are questions I have that I wish to pursue, but it's not worth it, I mean I might be out of the country in half a year. What's the point in know... read more

I feel like no one cares about me/likes me. I'm basically venting here.. So sure I have friends and they say the ol' "I'll always be here for you" but they never actually mean it. When I really need someone to be there for me, no ones there but myself. I've learned that the hard way. I have no best friend. That problem plus the fact I feel like no one has a crush on me. My friends have had read more

Why don't guys ever like me? I've approached guys before and have made friends, but then I find out that they're either taken or gay. Guys almost never get crushes on me. Every now and then, a guy gets a crush on me, but those guys are so forward and tend to cross boundaries that I'm not comfortable with (such as thigh touching). I don't want to sound conceited, but... read more

I've had a crush on my teacher for over two years and I'm graduating soon and I'm so afraid of losing contact with him.

Whenever I get a crush, I basically stalk them on facebook to learn more about them and find myself unable to to stop thinking about them.... But he has no internet presence at all! I have to actually talk to him to figure out what he's like, and get to know him face to face... I actually think I like this a lot more. I can't make snap judgements based on how many fb friends he has, or what he posts.... I have to figure ... read more

If I really think about it, it's almost like I feel guilty about not liking girls. I identify as gay at the moment but I always end up surrounded by bisexuals or straight boys and for some reason it's like I've grown this guilt about not liking girls. Sometimes I even think I could be bi, or this other term I heard before called homoflexibe. I mean, if a really pretty girl asked me if I wanted to kiss her or something, I'd probably say yes, but that would be kind of an in-the... read more

Well it's lucky that I'm cured of that crush now. Took nothing more to kill it than your 'liking' someone's boobs on facebook. Haha. It's almost a shame though, it distracted me a bit from my real life and my actual relationship.

I'm pretty sure the first crush I ever had just viewed my profile on okcupid, but I have no idea how to tell her how I know other than I was stalking her facebook recently.

I'm 23, will be 24 in several months. I'm unemployed, all the companies I've been having interview with made me holding out some hopes just to crushed it to the ground later, and I just been kicked out from my freelance job only because I sent email to the wrong person. The wrong person was my editor, and she didn't even tell me that I sent the email to her. The email was about confirmation whether to continue to work as... read more

so there nothing much I hide from anyone and there sure isn't anything hide from my best friend but I recently did something that so complicated I cant even confess it to her. It also happens to involve her. So my best friend Tracy had recently developed a crush on my coworker Dan. she'd gotten to know him since she came around to my work so often. She only told me and it was a secret because one of our other really clos... read more

school was great today except for my crush embarrassed me today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the worst omg someone pls help me

I had a big crush on you for years, but things are different now. You've proved yourself to be unreliable, untrustworthy, selfish, and a waste of my time. Have you ever been nice without being fake? I may never know. All I ask is that you leave me alone now and let me move on with my life. I gave you so many chances and I guess you would rather be with her instead. So I'm done. Please don't invite yourself over anymore.

Let me start with how I see myself: I am a 49 year old woman. I have good values, am honest and am loyal and have a good sense of humor. I am what you would call cute, 5 feet 1 inches tall and 110 lbs (proportionate). I can be gregarious but am just as comfortable being alone. I love children and animals and my family always comes matter what. I have a stable job in medication development and have always been responsible in what is expected of me...I do my share an... read more

I am so conflicted. I thought I wanted you and I was over my last crush. But I thought of him and all my feelings just came flowing back in. The thought of you hasn't gotten my heart racing since I thought of him again. And I don't want to settle for you, I want to want you. But these feelings of this other guy needs to be met or thrown away. I don't know what to do!