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So growing up I was very much a tomboy, boys were far from my mind. I was all about school and being happy. I was sure that I would always be single, even made a joke out of it saying I would be old with a fish tank remaking finding nemo's. Anyway it's my freshman year of high school and I meet a group of upper class men at the bus stop. We instantly click and now I have made my first group of friends but one in particular stood out. We'll call him Jacob. I don't know why but... read more

So i told my crush i liked him on a DM on instagram. He saw it but didnt comment anything. Heart= withering, broken, confused. Sad.

Best friend has a crush on a lesbian. She has a girlfriend. Hes doing everything and anything to make her like him. I wish that words would get through his thick skull that it wont happen. Hell the fact that shes lesbian should be enough to make him back off.

My crush is online. Why is he online? He never gets on Facebook.
Should I message him while he's online? Should I ask why he's online at 1:15 in the morning?

Ugh. So, I found this guy's youtube channel. He goes to my school.
And I find a video called "dance lesson #1" which is basically a video of him dry humping the air, but to a tune. He ends up getting his crotch so close to the camera that he knocks the camera over, and the video ends. So, of course, I die laughing.
*Next day at school*
Me: Hey, do you have a youtube channel?
Him: Uh..yeah.
Me:I saw this one was called dance lesson #1
Him: Oh.
*I burst out laughing*... read more

One day, I was in class, and I normally always wear a little bit of my perfume, but, on this day, as soon as I walked in and took a seat, my crush sneezed. He was sitting a couple of seats away. The day prior to this one, I didn't show up.

I think he missed me. <3 <3

Dang it. Ethan, why must you be so hot? Why must I have a crush? I want to kiss you and smack you at the same time. Worst part? Chloe knows... I hope she doesn't tell you!

Lol you didn't offend you didnt offend. OFcourse you offended me! I knooowww I'm a screwball, you didn't have to agree! Your feelings aren't even genuine towards me. Youre just satisfying your submissive fetish to please any and everyone. And whats with wanting to be the small spoon anyway?? Not to mention your tard nipples. I won't even admit it to myself, that you're possibly in the closet. Cause that will crush my ego... read more

Idk if my crush knows who I am.. Any advice for him to know who I am?

Struck out with another girl. I don't know why I even try anymore. At least this one had the courtesy of going on a date and spending the night before telling me she wasn't interested. Literally just like a switch flipped, she was all smiley and talkative then suddenly I don't hear from her for a week. I'm so tired of playing f***ing games, of "girls want what they can't have so ignore her". I'm tired of getting close with a girl then f***ing up and ending up alone again. So ... read more

I'm a senior in high school now. Life is different than it was when I was a sophomore just coming to another new school, once again. And by once again I mean my eleventh new school. I was searching for myself, trying to figure out who I was and where I would fit into this world. But as I grew older I learned that we don't have a special place in the world, we just go along with our lives just as we are. We don't have a special place, we just have ourselves. Even though I don'... read more

I feel awkward when someone flirts with me like "You smell good" or "You are too good for your crush". What can I say besides thanks? Aghh It makes me cringe when I an just so socially awkward

I've been dating this guy for over a month. I had a crush on him 3-4 months before we started going out. It was perfect. He treated me perfect & clingy. But a good clingy, but the past couple of days he's been going ghost. He's been texting me less & made an excuse today to not hangout. Everytime I wanna just give up on the relationship so Im done with it before I go into more pain, he'll call me & just remind me of how ... read more

I've been crushing pretty hard on this guy for a while and it seemed like he liked me back. Then we and some friends played xbox at his place and throughout the evening, he kept treating me like sh**, commenting on how bad I was or how easily he could kill me. He targeted me exclusively for the entire evening. I could tell that the others were a little uncomfortable and we ended up going home early. I've avoided him sinc... read more

If I have a certain class before my friend does, am I a good friend for telling them what's on the test?
If they ask me, and I refuse to tell them, am I then a bad friend?
If I were in their position, would I also ask them about the test?
To be honest, I don't know anymore, sometimes I feel pressured to tell my friends what's on the test. But then even if I do tell them, it's up to their abilities to answer the questions.
But then I feel like I'm giving them the advantage and... read more

I had a dream about my ex's younger brother (he's probably 19, I'm 21). I had a bit of a crush on him a while back. But now I'm having sex dreams about him even though I'm in a committed relationship with a wonderful man. WTF IS THIS?

I don't even know what category to put this in. Anyway, I'm really worried and I don't know if I'm over reacting. Advice or opinions would be great! So there's this guy who has been talking to my boyfriend. He has never met him when they started talking, but this guy is OBSESSED with him. I don't know if he's gay or just really wants friends. This guy has been messaging me to talk about my boyfriend and stuff. It really seems like he has a huge read more

There is a girl that I have been friends with for years, she has not had any relationships where I have had a 4 year relationship up until 2 years ago. We have gotten very close over this past year. I have always had it in the back of my mind that maybe I could be with her, throughout the later years of my failing relationship and when I thought I had a crush on her friend more recently. Just the thought of it has been h... read more

To guys or girls: If a girl who you don't really talk to or have any classes with suddenly started talking to you (on Facebook) what would you think and how would you react or reply to them?

My friend said I should talk to my crush since I have the same classes as him (but not the same period). But I don't know.. I've been Facebook friends for like a year now and I haven't even talked to him since then, like never. And ... read more