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This is sad lol...
Granted depression and whatever is real. I still feel bad for people who have an avenue of relief but refuse it because they're family knows better. I remember when I was ignorant..

Told my daughter about her letter from her dad. i wanted to be the bigger person here. She knows he is sick and in rehab for drug addiction. She wasnt too mad and understands. I feel better telling her and showing her the letter. I want to have a good relationship with my child where i can talk to her about this stuff without it affecting her. She knows im the best parent right now for her and knows she is safe with me. I know after he gets out he will want to see her so i sh... read more

So this starts about a year ago. I was at a family get together and a somewhat distant cousin was there. We never used to talk but we hung out that day. We jumped on a trampoline and it was just us. She always seemed to make her butt end up on my crotch. We started Snapchat eachother here lately and it it started back up with her sending a snap of her friend in her underwear. She claims it was an accident and I accepted ... read more

I don't feel like my family understands me. It not because of my sexuality. (I'm straight) but its how they treat me. I felt like if I need to cry I can't. But instead just crying to myslef. My mom and dad hit me and my siblings when we were younger. But know that I'm 15 they stopped. My parents only hit me for discipline reasons. They don't drink or do that sort of crap. But my mom told my siblings that we were moving r... read more

I broke up with my online partner of 2 years because I felt like I barely ever got to see them. They were really nice about it and told me they understood. It was especially heartbreaking because I felt like neither of us really stopped being in love with eachother. I was actually ready to marry them. But the distance was just too much for me to deal with. I felt really lonely all the time. Sometimes they'd only log in to say hello once a month. It wasn't out of selfishness t... read more

I need help. I do something too often and it repeats in cycles that only worsen me. I see someone. Maybe it's a trait I perceive in them that attract me at first. People say I have a new crush every few months but they don't realize how extensive and painful it is to me. There is a man I like. I don't even know why I like him. I imagined things in my head. Characteristics that I romanticize, scenarios that will never take place. A beautiful flourishing love that I will never ... read more

Why bother writing our child after walking away for 2 flipping years? I dont want to allow you to keep hurting her by walking away again every time you feel like getting drugged up and drunk . You need to fix your sick issues with drugs, addiction and mental help. You made her feel unloved and unwanted by not contacting her. She doesnt need to hear your excuses why you dont see her. Get better and take care of your inner issues. Its all your fault that you dont care enough to... read more

my dad said, im not saying that you lied, im just saying that your not telling the truth. AND THEN KEPT ON TRYING TO TELL ME THAT I WAS A NOT LYING, EVEN THOUGH, TO HIM I WAS f***ING LYING!!!!!!!! AND WHEN I POINTED IT OUT I GOT f***ING GROUNDED!!!!!! I HOPE EVERONE IN MY family DIES

(March Coded Rap)

Ya thought the thoughts
and smacked ya gums
and gave the rest of us
a case of the runs.

Ya spent years tryin-a
tear me down
but in the end
looked like a clown.

I waited till
just the right moment to
draw you closer in
and expose you.

I knew ya'd fall
how could ya resist?
Thinking I was vulnerable
the knives you twisted.

But when ya did the thing
and then he heard the ring
and then I pulled the string
ya fell like puppets -sha-wing!

I laugh and laugh an... read more

Nothing like finding out the one person in the world that you thought loved you, just doesn't. I feel like I've lost my child, but i guess maybe, I'm kidding myself. He was never my son. Just a kid I gave my chance for a family all my own up for.

Abortion is unnecessary. There, I said it. I don't know if anyone's noticed yet, but we have so many medical advances in this era. So saying "the mother could die at childbirth" doesn't hold as a valid point. If they were raped, it still counts as killing your own kind. Take the kid to a family that actually wants him/her. We can't just throw away living things like trash... We need to stop acting like sex is a toy to pl... read more

I'm tired of living with this family. I'm tired of feeling like my mom loves my sister more than she loves me. I'm tired of her taking my sister's side for everything. Yes, sometimes I try to talk to one of you about the other when I'm feeling frustrated, but you do the same to me. I'm always hearing about the other person from one of you. I hear all these awful things you say about my dad all the time and I know you're ... read more

Do you little f***ers even know what the word "buffer" means?
a person or thing that prevents incompatible or antagonistic people or things from coming into contact with or harming each other.
"family and friends can provide a buffer against stress"
synonyms: cushion, bulwark, shield, barrier, guard, safeguard
"a buffer against market fluctuations"
a solution that resists ch... read more

i hate that people talk about me; especially my family. idc if it's something good, or something bad, i just hate hearing myself be talked about. it's annoying and honestly, makes me angry. i mean, it's my life, stop talking about it.

I havent had a job in a while after losing mine due to spending "too much time" with family while my mom was dying, which I get in a way, a work place NEEDS reliable people to show up and do their job how it needs to be done.. Now after my mom died I took it alot harder than I thought I would, considering we didnt have that great of a relationship starting at the age of 14.. I knew it would hurt but i dont know..... read more

One day, I was at work, scrolling through the news on my phone, and came across an article. In it, I read and learned for the first time about how I was found unconscious, with my hair disheveled, long necklace wrapped around my neck, bra pulled out of my dress, dress pulled off over my shoulders and pulled up above my waist, that I was butt naked all the way down to my boots, legs spread apart, and had been penetrated by a foreign object by someone I did not recognize. This ... read more

my piece of sh** older sister is an alcoholic and goes into recovery and then inevitably relapses. the last time was right before we were leaving on vacation as a family and she got drunk and attacked us, broke our property and almost got tased by a police officer. after that, she went to jail for like a night and then moved out until she ended up calling the family... read more


im in love with my best friend i cant tell her that she will leave me i love her so much it isnt fair my depression is coming back i cant tell anyone i just want someone to listen im alone nobody cares about me i tried to move on with a girl but my friend said not to so the other night she made me tell her it was her fault her dad beat her and thats why she has to live with her mom i love my best friend im losing her again i know it shes back with her old best friend i cut ev... read more

I'm done. I'm so tired of going to different psychiatrists and not finding any solution. Not figuring a way out of my depression and anxiety, which by the way, is only getting worse every single day. I'm so tired of explaining everything right from the beginning to every doctor I see. That is exhausting. I know it's time that I get voluntarily admitted into one of the hospitals. But I don't seem to have the strength to even do that. Mental illness sucks. I feel so useless rig... read more