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I live as a hermit because my family hates me.

FK Y'all I will not let them upset me I will not im really the f***ing maid I'm the only one people can depend on to do sh** but yet everyone treats me like sh** Fk family!

lol I have that black peel off face mask on , and my cat is looking at me like I killed his whole family XD

I'm a grown a** 20 year old that moved out almost a year ago, crying because I miss the days I'd lay with my head on my mom's lap as she'd gently sing to me. My family lives a 2 hour flight away. I miss them.

i think what i need is someone i can depend on. im the eldest in my family so usually i'm that person. but it's really hard to depend on yourself for everything. man i wish I had friends, i'm pretty sure that's where they would come in.

my family don't like gays, homosexuals, anything to do with it, and i hate it
just the mere talk about gays gets them very uncomfortable, hence that's why i need to be in the closet
and i can never come out because of their hatred, it's not fair

I’m honestly really upset and I have no words to use to really express how upset about it, but I’m going to try my best. I need to write this down because I have no idea what else to do and really need a shoulder and a ear from anyone going through the same thing.

I am a bisexual female, I turned 18 in February and I’ve just recently got a girlfriend who I adore more than anything in the world. We had been interested in one another for a long while and had met in schoo... read more

Honestly can't stand people who let everything that annoys them carry on until they're in a sh** mood for some reason and they let it all out on whoever dares pass by them. My mum is the perfect example of this sh**. The first day I got back from university (I am staying here for 10 days) she tells me I need to do a few chores which she listed to me.

Fast forward a week and I have been hit or miss about doing the chores. That's my fault and there's no arguing that. But f***,... read more

Why haven't you got a divorce?

For me I am afraid to lose everything. I am afraid I will be alone. I am already alone, I struggle with making connection with others and feel unwanted. But then to be completely alone. I feel the misery living with a spouse who doesn't want to put much effort into being team in the relationship while still being able to enjoy the things I wanted in life, like my pets, gardening and house, is better than losing all of that and having no one if ... read more

I am so tired of my aunt. She is an awful person. Basically this is what happened, she was once married but got cheated on and got a divorce so she moved away. When I was a child I would visit her and she would "babysit" me. What she would do is take me and my cousin to the beach and then abandon us so she can go party with friends.

Years later she met a guy and she ended up getting pregnant. My family has tried to help... read more

Went to dinner with my family and ate like a pig, had twice as much as everyone else. I'm a fat f*** but I can't help it. Food was there for me way more than any of my family. When I'm sad, I eat, when I'm bored I eat. Food is my only friend and now I have to find a way to lose 80lbs. My health is at risk and my confidence is gone. Is there any way I can succeed? I ... read more

So I'm Trans MtF and I live in a small town and I'm out to my family and very little groups of people, but i just came out to one of my good friends and I'm Scared out of my mind if they will respect my wishes too keep this private or if this was to affect our relationship in a major negative way.
She is also the second person to reveal that they had a crush on me after i came out.

too many emotions right now, i haven't... read more

I don't like you. I wouldn't say I hate you, and I don't wish you or your family harm, but I don't like you.

I don't like the way you stopped talking to me out of the blue like that after what happened. I could have been pregnant! For a while, I was afraid I was! I don't like the way you lead me on for years. Promising me a happy future together when you never had the gall to even tell your parents about our relationshi... read more

so my family is the only one from our entire family to move to america (not refugee or anything, just wanted to leave) and i haven't gone to visit my family in eight years. i started messing it cuz i saw a picture of my favorite cousin all grown up so i wanted to go. now we're here and i now i remember why i ha... read more

High paying job vs 0 family time...... decisions.....

I'll miss the days before gorilla men and gay pansies started stalking my family.

idkhow to cope up with this but my family member suffers from ocd
and i cry internally everytime also I'm skinny and i have body issues and my friends are complete a**h***
i have no one to talk to . FML.

My parents recently got on instagram and the first thing I thought was "sh** im gonna get stalked". Anyways I went through my moms stuff and came across a photo from last year where me and my brother just look miserable as hell and when I think about it, in 90% of our family pictures we look miserable. It's mainly because the photos are taken at really bad times where we've been hiking for a few hours or have had a long ... read more

I keep stress crying...or just crying at random intervals. I've had family coming in and out of my house for the past 6 months. We managed to get my mom's house from a slight hoarder to an 'average' home. Her room is the last thing we have to go through. I was told we only had to clean through friday. Now it's till this thursday. I've never been someone close to my outer f... read more

About a year ago, I had a falling out with two of my best friends. The three of us had just moved in together and it was supposed to be this fantastic adventure. One of my friends was my dorm roommate our freshman year of college, and now we would be finishing our senior year living together again. We got along great freshman year, so I thought living together again would be fine.

Both of my friends had not-so-great roommate experiences the prior year. One friend (we'll call... read more