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I've tried for many years to be a part of this family and it's taken me over 30ys to realize that there's no pleasing any of you. You'd find fault in paradise.

Im so pissed at my family right now, not my immediate family but my aunt and her kids. So right now I'm in Destin, FL staying at a house my parents owned and I inherited, and every year we let my family (my aunt and cousins) stay here and vacation. This year they have officially ruined any chance of them coming... read more

Unf***ingbelievable. Realtor just suggested not turning in documents as required in order to improve our situation. That is unethical. The even more amazing thing is my family wants to keep working with the sleazebag.

I don't know where to turn at this point, I don't have anyone, few family members and almost no friends. Never in a million years have I ever felt like I've been crying out for help and no a single person can hear me.

I am a college student, I just took my MCAT exam last Friday, I've always worked hard, I've always spent most of the day in the library and have made deans list every semester. I've invested $1,500 in MCAT... read more

I am always used by people, not a single person has ever wanted me just for me. Every single relationship, every single friend even my own family. All I want is for someone to want to be around me, not for what I can do for them. I've attempted suicide twice because of this and I feel a third time coming soon because I got someone now that claims they want me, but yet never wants to show any type of affection. Even when ... read more

the pit in my stomach won't go away. i used to always worry if im faking depression or not, and i sometimes wished i could have a depressive episode again to just know if im right. i wish i never thought that. i feel f***ing terrible. i don't know why. why don't I text back? or text at all? im so tired of being alone, but i cant bring myself to pick up my phone and type out any words. i haven't moved out of this chair since i got home 5 hours ago. i just want a reason to feel... read more

I had a dream last night where I went to a fair with my best friend and her family, parents, cousins, aunts & uncles, etc. In my dream, they all climbed up this ladder I couldn't climb as the fair was on different levels and they left me by myself. Two guys saw it and told me I could hang out with them, so I did hoping my friend and her family would see me having fu... read more

My family is ruining me and pushing me further away. It isn't fair that I have to spend my prime fun party years taking care of my aunt and uncle. f*** them.

i recently got out of a serious relationship. It was my first real relationship. He was 19 and i'm 16.. i should have known it was all too good to be true. we broke up because he cheated on me twice. i know i shouldn't but i miss him. i wouldn't give him another chance. but i just wanna know why he did what he did. i thought he really did love. sh** i let him meet my family. i never let anyone meet my read more

If I have to act like a c***everyday day just so I can have some peace and quiet, I will. Just because I refuse to take any more emotional and mental abuse from my parents, I'm the bad guy? Yea well I don't f***ing care. My neighbours and entire family could f*** off.

I've been thinking about it a lot, and I think I finally came to a good conclusion. I am definitely bisexual, I like girls less, but I still have had crushes and want to at least try to date one in my life. To bad I can never tell you this mom. Why the f*** do you and my brother laugh and make jokes about gay people? It's not a situation where you should laugh, it's a situation of love, and wanting to be happy. If I told you these things, would you laugh? Would I be the laugh... read more

another family member died last Friday, and i wonder does everyone know that there was a time, when people didnt have to allow their tolemers to shorten which causes mutations, which causes us to lose cologen, and the thing called aging, slowly dying begins.
how does, and i applaud mike pences thing on violence and hate of all kinds and how he SAID he is against hate, weell, then mike pence, why are you against cannabis ... read more

I can't wait till this is all over this bulls*** part of my life like damn I'm ready for it to be over ready get away from my family ready for a new start in my new state

I need people in here to tell me how do I make my life better and more healthy , am unemployed , afraid to drive and allot of things , the things am afraid of are hights , dogs , animals , driving , well the reason why am afraid to drive is because am always imagining in my head and saying what if I run someone over by accident of course by hitting stop to late and then cops would come to my house and then my family woul... read more

Ok, so most of the time i feel like a sh** because my father in law REALLY bugs the hell out of me. I know i need to keep in mind we live in his house now. But we are here because he can't live alone any more. I get that he is set in his ways but someone should cut me some slack. I moved to a new state with no job, no friends, and no family expect for my husband and his fa... read more

What people say when they're mad is the truth listen but don't take it in just fall back from that person family, or friends good vibes 🌊

someone in my family might die but since i have no friends to talk about that yanno.. she has a blood clot in her left lung and right lung and is on hepherin and 4 litres of oxygen. I'm scared its gonna break.. :(

This might be slightly morbid, but I always say "I love you" to my family before they go to bed, even if I'm mad at them. That way, if they pass away in their sleep, "I love you" will be one of the last things they hear.

I f***ing hate my family. Especially my mom. A while a go my mom was yelling at me because I told my 7 year old sister that she should go to bed( it was 8:55). My moms mad that my sister obeyed me and thinks that I am trying to replace her( be my sisters mom). All she f***ing cares about is control and power. She dosnt care about me. I hate her.