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I'm so annoyed with my boyfriend at the moment. He never seems to want to do anything that I like/enjoy. We only ever seem to do what he likes.
When I mention doing new things, as a way to explore stuff to do together he shrugs it off and says "I dont know what I want to do".
He's so solitary about some things and I just want to be more involved in his life and be treated like a girlfriend. It's gotten so bad that he'll go off on holidays and adventures without me and it hurt... read more

Blah blah blah. Just do something about it instead of bitching online especially if a kids involved. You and your family are weak and control over others is your only means of satisfaction.
f*** off

I'm currently living out one of my worst fears being alone while pregnant and becoming a single mother. I don't mean to be offensive, I know a lot of amazing single moms out there. I'm 8, almost 9 weeks pregnant and feeling so hurt, ashamed, guilty and just awful. The man I thought I would marry and raise children with has betrayed our family. It hurts so bad, I am sad about this situation because I had so much hope for ... read more

My heart is so heavy and I don't know why. Is it because of the show? Is it because of the boy? Is it because of stress from school, family? I feel like I could burst into tears anytime

I'm 32 years old and have never been told I love you by anyone other than my family

you know there's that invention where you just scream into this sound proof box; i need it, bc me screaming into my pillow causes my family to come running into my room and asking if i'm trying to smother myself to death(which is becoming more tempting, the more i have to deal with people).

i dont know what i am doing with my life anymore. i've lost friends more than i realize. my 4 month relationship is a roller coaster. i am stressed out to no extent and can't seem to get a break in the day to have some down time. everytime i think i am doing something right and helping someone out it all seems to fall apart and come back on me and make me look like an idiot or something. i have talked friends out of some very dark and bad thoughts and you know how they repaid... read more

Anybody? Your thoughts on this?

So I caught a cold (or maybe the flu?) this week. I've been taking advil and benadryl. A couple of days ago, I was just starting to feel so much better.

My mom told me to drink Alka Seltzer that day that I was already feeling better because she claims it works very well to "flush out the toxins and your sickness." The rest of the day goes fine, but by 5pm, I started to feel really sick. I shrugged it off because I didn't think it was anything... read more

Kids are great they said you'll love it they said well it took 5 years but I caved to the pressure from family and my wife and guess what I was right I should have never agreed to have kids. I hated kids since I was 13 and and swore I would never have any but now I'm stuck in a life I never wanted.

So you're playing the victim right? Because Im the acting aggressor instead of Alex or your mom and stepdad. I am literally just filling in a role you need to fulfill your victim complex. Unfortunately I will keep going hungry and unhealthy while you remain spoiled by your family and boy toys.
I don't mind it. I embrace the hell your mom and you condemned me too. And honestly thank you, I wouldn't be this free to be the ... read more

I don't know about anything anymore, I give her everything, my existence, but she doesn't seem to appreciate it, and I can't get that I should move on. Every time my phone vibrates, I pray it's from her, but I can't say she does the same. It hurts so bad, it's ripping me inside and I could feel my friends, my family, everything I live slipping away from myself with her. I'm losing hope and sight of everything, why can't ... read more

So I have to write an essay. A 7 page essay. It's supposed to be about my favorite place/destination, and it's supposed to be "immersive" so I would have to use a lot of imagery. The problem is that it's 7 pages. Why? Why does it have to be THAT long? It's so unnecessary. I feel like the professor just made it that long just for the sake of being long. It really hurts creativity because that would mean I would do a whole lot of rambling...there's really no place that I can ra... read more

The fact that my parents take money from me. I feel like theyre unintentionally kicking me while I'm down. And that I would be ten times better without them. And I'd be more confident. I think my mom grew up with coeependency issues with her mom. And is why she expects me to give my all to her when I dont have much to give her. I'm on minimum wage and yet I participate in paying my parents' bills. I don't believe anyone who stays with their parents shouldnt pay bills. I'm all... read more

so few months back, only another student and i out of the whole grade got picked to do this science internship at a college. problem is, it's during my entire summer vacation. this summer i was hoping i can go out of the country with my family to visit my other family members that i haven't seen in seven years. i honestly miss the place, and my relatives. while the ... read more

People think I dont see whats going on just because I dont say anything about it. I see sh** I just dont say anything for certain reasons. Mostly because I know i cant talk to the person, i cant talk about personal sh** because I cant trust people i cant talk about anything to anyone because I either cant trust them or they dont listen because they think that what they have to say is more important then what I have to say or if they do listen they dont care. I dont even know ... read more

Dear man I used to love,
I hate you.
I hate how you left me alone, and let the hate fill me up.
I hate how you make my heart burn and sing with the songs of an olden time.
I hate how you flirt with her, and left me to dust.
I know, this was my fault.
You told me to smile by your side,
and my jealousy turned against you.
I am sorry that I was never the best,
but I am broken.
Yet, you are broken as well, you just turn off your emotions.
That's what broke my heart, I wanted to t... read more

I'm a first year college student and where I go is already depressing enough but when I went home for spring break hoping to be happy again, I noticed the general mood of my family is simply depressing. My dad has a pretty solid job, my mom is a housewife, my sister is in high school and my brother in elementary. The summer after my senior year in high school, my familyread more

In January of 2016, I began my study abroad trip in Spain. I am a really shy girl and in a steady relationship of 3 years, so it was not easy leaving everything comfortable to me behind. I knew I needed an adventure, though, and always had been fascinated by travelers and their ambition -- that's who I glorified.

My trip opened a lot of doors for me. I was able to get a better grasp on who I am as a person and feel that it shaped me overall into a better being. That is until... read more

I'm feeling really anxious so many things are on my mind
I want a transfer to go through in work so I can be closer and get more hours because I don't make enough money I gave my birthday money to my sister to buy food for the family and I doubt I'll get paid back because I don't make enough money to regularly pay digs into the house. My meds make my period irregular and two weeks ago i thought a condom broke with my boy... read more

Growing up in a family who loves to mixed martial arts and occasionally challenge other martial artist in a match is quite a hardship. As a kid, I was loved, cared for and nurtured. But, I start to notice change since I was 10-21. My family excluding my brother tend to be more hard on me. If I miss a kick, jab or a hook I get criticized, but if my brother does those... read more