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Everytime I do something for anyone, I dont really expect a reward. But when I do help people -repeatedly- they'd always come back crawling to me for help in any way. The thing is; I'm tired.

Im sick of having to constantly cater around your needs when you dont deserve a single ounce of my time. The fact that you keep overusing that privilege and still hurt me every single time is not okay. And when I try to g**d*** reason, you'd deny and say I would be the same when there's... read more

Why do I always feel like sh**?
My life is not bad. Never knew my mom since she didn't give a sh** about me so my dad left her and took me with him. My dad's the best. I have good friends, online and offline. I have an artistic hobby. My dog loves me. My family loves me.

Why do I always feel so tired of being around? Others have so much more reason to feel like this. People have abusive parents, abusive siblings, etc. T... read more

I had a student who tried to commit suicide and I should have caught that he was suicidal. It reminds me too much of things that I have experienced with family members and I am having a hard time dealing with this and feel overwhelmed right now. Questioning a lot of what I do and not being effective in any way. I need a break by myself alone alone alone not having to deal with anyone else and working to get my head strai... read more

I feel like a disappointment to my family. Growing up they always commended me for being a smart promising kid. Then I went to college and I feel like I can't accomplish anything anymore. School was never so hard before and the pressure now makes me fear my own future. I look at all the people around me planning out their lives and I feel...jealous and lost and hopeless. I never even wanted to go to college because I did... read more

Holy crap, I'm so grateful for this site! My mind is drowning in an swirling ocean of anxiety and frustration. But the thought of exposing any of my friends/family to the crazy crap that fills my brain is...well, unthinkable. At least I can spew it onto the Internet and know that it won't judge me or call my parents.

My family taught me how to not be a productive partof  normal society.  And to  alert it in this f***ed up life by means of selling some pot. Times and tough. about a 2nd part time job. Nah.. fk. That. .. DOG EAT DOG!! Snatched up a dope ho and a ball. Next thing you know guns blazing. ..  i dont give a fk .. tooo much smoke to see my face.  The only thing I wonder is will I struggle  kissing my babies. ... ... read more

Can I be selfish? Is it allowed. Can't post shot to fb to many family members would see and eat would start
Just when things are going good and I get comfortable enough to lower the defence BAM! It hits hard.
This time early onset Alzheimer's.
My 54 yr old husband that I married 3 1/2 yrs ago was diagnosed with this dreadful disease 5 days ago.
Why??? He doesn't deserve this. He is a great guy with a heart of gold.
I wil... read more

I am in highschool, and I know it may seem like I shouldnt be compaibing, but I hate my life.
For months my grandma has been in the hospital and is about to die. Schoolwork just keeps piling up, just like all the blackmail as well. Who I thought was a good friend now tortures me and has convinced all my friends that im the bad guy. Yet she knows my family is already dwaling with an ill relati... read more

I have no idea what is happening but since yesterday my father seems so sad. He's got that defeated look on his face and it's breaking my heart not to know why. I'm spending a few weeks in my parents' house before going back to my flat in another city but most of the time I stay in the guest room working on my laptop. He just kinda comes here and shyly knocks on the door, asks if I don't wanna eat something, offers to go buy food. It's not a look I'm used to see on dad and I ... read more

Im starting to think that moving in with my boyfriend and his family was a bad idea while i was pregnant. He swore he would help me but is constantly finding reasons to be out of the house. Our baby is 2 months old and im alone all day taking care of him. Now i feel like all we do is fight when he is home. He expects me to want to have sex constantly when im to tired and then hes pissed when i say no. I feel like honestl... read more

I've always been paranoid. From being afraid of monsters crawling in the dark to people from other dimensions watching my every move, I've always had these thoughts and they've always gotten to me. The latter is more prevalent and makes my daily life a nightmare. I can't do anything without worrying that unseen people will judge me and be disgusted by my actions. With a rough family situation I feel like I can't tell any... read more

I need to get this off my chest... Hopefully it'll make me feel better. There's this cute girl at my work and I've liked her since I first saw her but kept denying it until just recently. Not too long ago... I found out she has a husband and a daughter and of course they freaking have me ring them out. It's not bad enough that I have to get over her but seeing her family freaking hurts like hell. Luckily I don't work wit... read more

Let a manipulative crackhead stay with us (definitely had no idea at first, otherwise we would've never done that to begin with); and the moment we let her know she needed to move on, she overdosed in our place. We had no idea of all of the demons she faces, let alone that she was hooked on pills, etc. After bringing her to the hospital, she has created nothing but drama for us. We are pretty good people who were just trying to lend a helping hand. Didn't realize by the end o... read more

Hello all, I hope you're having a good day. I have a question. I'm gay and I'm not out yet. I'm not super obvious, I'm not the most masculine type but most people don't know if I'm gay, straight, or bi (and I like it that way). I've finally gotten comfortable with my sexuality and myself as a whole, after years and years of self hate and severe depression, so this is huge for me to be able to comfortably say "yeah, I'm gay, so what?". One problem though. I grew up in a southe... read more

I'm not the best with handling my emotions, so in the past I've made some poor choices (particularly self-harm). It's something I feel as if I'm getting over though, but my mom always finds a way to put me down and give me these thoughts. I could rant and tell you every hurtful thing she has said, or even the ones she has said today, but why bother? I'm not writing a book. She does make fun of me "cutting myself." Today she made me emotional to the point where I was crying, a... read more

I will find it hard to get married later in life, all because of how my family life is destroyed and I don't​ want anyone to know about my insecurities and my problems I grew up with. I'm just curious what the consequence would be if people knew I was engaged to someone that will attract lot of attention of my whole personal life, I would​ prefer if I met someone who has same issue as I have, but some people will nev... read more

I'm never happy anymore. I have no family or friends and I don't feel like I have anything to be happy about. When I do something that DOES make me a little happy it's short lived and I'm back in my depressed slump. My mom always calls me ungrateful because when she does things for me she doesn't think I'm happy about her doing it which I am I'm just depressed but I can't tell her that because she won't believe me and th... read more

Why the f*** do men think that they are the breadwinners of the family....Sick and tired with this attitude. I work and earn as much as you. So keep that attitude with yourself.

That feel when you're the creative one in the family with numerous talents so you're always helping people write their papers, resumes, other school and work projects, doing their hair and makeup, giving haircuts, helping them shop, decorate, plan parties etc.... but you suck at keeping up with housework and time management and other practical life skills and have to listen to a barrage of put-downs and whyareyoulikethis... read more

It's so unfair when I get yelled at for being so called "lazy" when I was doing everything while you sat there getting pissed off because you didn't want to do anything. I feel misjudged by my own family because they think I'm so lazy even though they see me doing everything but I've never seen them yell at you while you sit there. I can't even sit for a few minutes just to rest. I hate this

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    My parents used to really suck with money so im ch...
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