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This is the first night in forever I didn't feel like killing myself.
The first time in forever I didn't sleep all day from how depressed I was.
The first time I felt like I wasn't a mistake child like my family often reminds me.
Its been forever since I've chatted up a deep convo with my friend. They always make me feel like I actually have a purpose. We have such a great moral support for each other... if I ever lost y... read more

I love my sisters but I hate double standards I think thats the word im looking for correct me if im wrong but man I help clean their room and then when Im gonna do something with mine they don't feel like it and then they want me to hand them their drink which is behind me so I pass it and then when I ask for mine which is next to them they wanna say" you get it " so then next timethey ask I say you get it they wanna get pissed at me saying they asked for a little thing and ... read more

i know my dog will die one day

she's a tiny(toy, to be exact.) mutt, we definitely know that she has maltese and bichon frise in her. i know both of those dogs can live for a very long time, so i'm expecting that if we take care of her she'll live until she's at least 12 or 13, and she's about to turn 7. she has shown no signs of her age, and is quite energetic and playful.
we have another dog, who's turning 10 or 11 this year, but though i love her and i don't want her dyin... read more

TEENTALKS MONDAY POST~ For anyone going through anything :)
I havent been on here in a while. I guess for some people it works just yo vent, but for me I need support. Either someone to tell me ots okay or to talk me through it. Often times I would come to this website pleading for advice. Sometimes I would recieve advice, but only if my post didnt have a read more button. I wo... read more

I broke up with my girlfriend about three weeks ago, she cheated on me. She tried to talk about it as if it wasn't cheating, but it really was. We dated for 18 months, I loved her, she was the longest relationship I've ever had. She won't let me forget her, she texts me from time to time, telling me she has stuff she needs to tell me, I try to ignore it. It's clear neither one of us were happy dating each other, we fought all the time, she neglected her friends, I neglected a... read more

I feel so lonely in life but the truth is I am surrounded by friends and family all the time I don't know why I feel so alone in my own head. Sometimes I just want someone to sit down and really talk to me.

My cousin and I are very close to each other, we text almost every day. Because we're both family and close friends, I always lend an ear when she needs to vent. This happens a LOT. What upsets me though, is whenever I want to vent to her. Every time I've attempted to vent, she always ends up relating what happened to me to herself, which then causes her to become depressed and it's back to her venting to me about that s... read more

dont you just love the feeling where no one cares about you anymore? the feeling when you feel like no one cares about what you have to say, no matter how small it is? the feeling where you want to cut deep in your skin because you feel like no one will care or notice whatsoever? that's what i feel like right now. i feel like screaming at people--anyone, really. my friends, my family, just anyone. just someone who i can ... read more

In March I went to Costa Rica with my friends on a school trip. We were paired together and put into homestays, where we stayed with families in the villages of Costa Rica who were kind enough to take us in.
Me and my friend were paired together as homestay buddies, which at first I was excited about. One problem is that this friend is a little bit spoiled and can be very dramatic at times. She also has a tendency to get homesick, but I didn't think about that too much.
When ... read more

Five years ago, when I was 16, my brother physically assaulted me. He choked me. My mom saw the whole thing happen, and did nothing to stop him. She just sat there. I tried to leave after my brother let go, but my dad restrained me and said, "Quit whining. This family isn't just about you." Since then, I've never really been able to trust any of them. I want nothing to do with my brother, and my mom doesn't understand wh... read more

I'm not saying another word until they leave. It's driving me insane and they think they're teasing me! I have bruises for heavens sake. I'm tired. And angry. And they will want me to say goodbye. They may be the reason my dad exists, but they are not my family.

Dear family member:

Nothing to see here. Move along

When you see a family member browsing muttr and you're scared sh**less

God, f*** this family.

Pain in my a** to 1000% percent

Depression is the worst when it creeps on you. I'm so f***ing tired of feeling this emptiness. I feel so lonely even though i have people and family who support me. I finally feel normal sometimes since i've been taking prozac. But at this very moment I'm hurting. Why can't i find someone to love and who loves me :,(? I'm in so much pain. I survived a suicide attempt last month. Things are better but i have to constantly... read more

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 5 years. I love him to death, and he loves me. But I can't help feeling like we're stuck in this weird limbo between "just dating" and "engaged." I see everyone around us moving on with their lives--getting married, having babies. But here we are. Just doing...nothing. We've had the marriage talk; we've had the kids talk; hell, we've even talked about building a house together! But he can't seem to take the next step. I feel like... read more

I just found out that this girl I attended high school with is pregnant. Normally this would a great thing, something to congratulate her on. However, I hate her! I do not like to use the word "hate" but I really do. We did not get along in high school, and I tried to put that past me when I added her many years later on Facebook. Well, let's just say it ended with her sending me a message that was not very nice. I did not want to respond back because I knew it would just be ... read more

My sister has a boyfriend, he is 29.... lets call him Dean(<-- not actual name) and my sisters name is...Coral(<--not name) So... Im (Anon) and 13 female. Ive always noticed that Dean was attractive and our family has known him for as long as he has been alive. I always thought I was just admiring you know? It's okay to notice if somebody is cute without having any feelings attached to it. Not too long ago Dean caught Co... read more

I'm just confused is it me or there's no initiative in my roomate. Or is it just me being a prick about small stuff. Like i just cant stand if it's not clean. Like god if a fridge is messy wouln't you help clean it up when you see it regardless who it is? Like i wouln't move other people's stuff up. I would like just push it in so it's tidy so i can put my stuff. Like isnt it annoying to see a freaking dirty place? Like can you see the freaking bathroom is still a mess? Or is... read more

I have no friends, my credit isn't good, I don't make or have a lot of money, i clean rooms for a living, I don't know what to do with my life as far as a career, my family doesn't really like me, my boyfriend doesn't really like me, I'm fat, I'm alone, I look older than what I really am, I failed all my classes in school, & I lie to everyone about everything because I anit sh** & everybody knows it & nobody cares I shou... read more