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I don't understand.

Why is it I loose against other people in video games, when I am doing my best, and when I do win, why don't they like me rubbing it in their face, any victory against someone else is always a big deal because I don't win a lot, it makes me sad and depressed because I cannot celebrate my wins, in my way.

And on top of that why won't other people let me win, I mean I have lost so many times in video games, I want to put a permanent end to it, I'm sick and... read more

Is it weird if I'm sad one of my sims died?

Yeah like she was a high school girl with a promising future and my fireplace killed her :(
She was gonna be the middle child that saved the whole family

That trip last year my mom took my on was really f***ed up. We went to go see her redneck friends. On the way up there she told me how her stepdad raped her. It took her until I was 20 to tell me that. The family kept talking about how the end times were coming, spouted disparaging things about black and gay people. Then before we left I saw the father rubbing his daughter's a** as he hugged her.
My mom never said anythi... read more

My boy of 7rs has a baby with a one night stand?! What now???

My boy and myself met in our last year of middle school where we initially dated. However, throughout our high school years we went our seprate ways but would still keep in touch... it wasnt until senior year where we decided we were older, wiser, and took it upon ourselves to give things a final serious go! We were once again, absolutely perfect... or so i thought. For some reason he made an unloyal move, not phy... read more

I feel so useless.
Everyone at works admit that I am a useless sack of sh**.
I am always the one who gets the most sh**.
My family disowned me.
I have no where to go.
Honestly considering suicide.
I have no road to go down.
I don't have the financial resources to get out.
I am nothing.

I am currently studying for a med school exam that determines my entire future and whether I can even be a doctor or not. I am getting so frustrated trying to study everything. If I took the test right now, I can pass but it'd be a horrible mark that I probably can't even match into anything. I've been studying for this exam for the past 4 months and my sleep is terrible and my mood is getting more and more depressed. Today was my mom's birthday and I just can't enjoy the lit... read more

I see the way that you look at me when we are outside, or when I am passing by. You probably keep telling yourself that you do not miss me, but I know that you do. I was truly your friend, and I think that it has been a while since you have had one of those. I don't understand how you think that it is okay to act the way that you have, and then have the audacity of trying to make me feel like sh** for standing up for myself. You and I both know what happened. We were both the... read more

My life is about to get f***ed up so fast right now. RIP ME and to make it worse I know I just can't kill myself because IT WONT SOLVE sh** AND the problems will keep going on and get brushed onto my f***ing family f*** this f***ing life. I will f***ing kill this f***er if I ever f***ing FIND HIM. But then id go to jail for murdering a f***ing criminal. priceless sh** where the f*** is the justice in this age.

My depression has been getting worse. I don't want to be alive anymore.. I don't want to kill myself either, I just don't want to be alive. I have such a great life. I have a job, I'm engaged, have a family who loves me, I have friends... but nobody knows and I'm so scared to reach out and tell anyone. It is so easy for me to pretend to be okay, and my family would ... read more

Vincent eugene martz egor mercersburg pa you need to get through to your thoughts that you are not part of the martz family. You are the ugly duckling of the family and we do not like you egor.This is not over for what you did to the martzs and you deserve nothing good in life so do the family a favor and vanis... read more

Vincent eugene martz egor mercersburg pa you need to get through to your thoughts that you are not part of the martz family. You are the ugly duckling of the family and we do not like you egor.This is not over for what you did to the martzs and you deserve nothing good in life so do the family a favor and vanis... read more

There's a long history of psychological abuse in my family, beginning with my grandparents. My grandfather divorced my grandmother because he "couldn't deal with her mental disorders" anymore yet he was married to her for 20 years so he would have been well aware the effects of her mental disorders far earlier. What really happened is she came from a rich family and... read more

Please help! I'm desperate :-( My sister is a sociopath. I know that only a doctor or therapist can diagnose disorders but she went to a therapist before when she was 17 and he said that she's a very sweet and normal girl. She's definitely NOT normal - she is a liar, a con artist, violent, lacks empathy, has set frogs on fire in the yard with gasoline and matches, and she's obsessed with serial killers. She's said and done terrible things since she was a kid and now she's 35 ... read more

We've got one of those relatives who makes vague social media posts no one understands (and doesn't understand why we don't get what she is saying) She posts things like, "I didn't get to see who I was supposed to for the you-know-what because that other person who said they would never did, and now I'm stuck. family should know but doesn't and won't fix it."
And when we try ask what she means, she replies that the peopl... read more

I'm so tired of this place and having to rely on my parents though I can appreciate they do so much for me. I'm tired of being assigned the role of the 'peacemaker' and to 'bring calm to the family' frankly f*** that. I should be allowed to have hard days and to feel sorry for myself once in awhile. I just want them to appreciate that what I'm doing is important and also requires energy and time and a hell of a lot of wi... read more

You have no right to get mad at me for being rightfully angry at you for breaking my makeup!! You're not some kid, you can't just get away with ruining someone's makeup and then have the f***ing nerve to say that "it's just makeup". It's not about my f***ing makeup. It's how you balantly ruined my stuff in front of me and won't apologize for what you did wrong. And I find it so f***in funny that only you can get mad when someone f***s your sh** up but I can't????!!! What a gr... read more

Any one using testosterone creams, read this.....

The couple’s son, age 10, and daughter, who is 5 years old,
“developed enlarged reproductive organs, growth of pubic hair, advanced bone age,
precocious puberty, virilization, abnormally increased growth and aggressive behavior.”

Simpson was never informed of the risks of the product and did not know until April 2016
that his use of the product was causing “severe adverse medical problems to his read more


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