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Posting here to send a rant into the void... Terrible cough kept me awake all night, woke my baby constantly, my 5 year old was up from 6am. Crashed my car on the school run (pretty minor incident). Terrible headache and need to take my dog for a walk in the torrential rain. family coming to stay tomorrow so have loads of chores to do, then due to spend the weekend at my in-laws house 😕 Oh, and still need to lose a st... read more

im f***ing sick of all your guilt tripping and the strain you put on this f***ing family that we definitely don't need any more of, i get lonely too without constant attention but you want sex all the time and you expect everyone to fulfill your needs while you don't give a rat's a** about mine. i am able to f***ing control my feelings even when it makes me suicidal to where they don't hurt you, but you won't do the same... read more

Everything in my life feels so confusing! I feel like I'm trapped sometimes and I have no idea what to do! I love my family and I love my boyfriend but each one of them tell me different ways to do things and different paths to take. I admit that I tend to listen to others before I listen to myself, and it almost seems like I don't have my own opinion on most things. You could even say that I live a shell of a life, I ro... read more

you're too busy to talk. so i go home and my whole family is asleep so once again i have nobody to talk to..

i feel so lonely..i wish i actually had friends

I hate being scared to do it. I just look like an idiot. I don't want to live anymore. People think I'm kidding or overreacting. Maybe maybe. But how can I not. If you were in my shoes. Tears bottling up until I explode with emotions. I used to talk about my feelings to everyone. My family tell me to stop acting. My friends told me what to do. To get over it and do something about it. I can't. I'm frozen. I'm numb. I fea... read more

I never had the money or resources to leave this place and my family used to live around here. I was just a kid when we moved here. I did not know what I was getting into. Now I am stuck here with no family. maybe all places are the same, I don't know. How did I end up here in this mess.

Why is it so hard for her to say I love you back!? 😩 It's so frustrating, she says she does but never actually says it. I guess it's just how she is, she doesn't even tell her family she loves them, never hugs them or even want to be close in contact with them. I guess I should consider myself lucky because she doesn't mind me doing all of that. It's just like idk, she's like the sweetest person in the world but not a... read more

been in a tell em how is it kinda mood today. my partner said i was slagging off her family!!!! really just because i said they never bothered with her about from one aunt. where was they when my partner had hit rock bottom before i met her . she dont like the truth. so for years her mum and two sisters didnt bother when my partner hit rock bottom,never went to visit her. but nearly as soon as we get together they start ... read more

First got into a relationship with mia for nine years and also im 21 years old ever since 2016 we broke up got is lsreal guy to finger you and then after that got back together only to break up again and keep saying isreals name for months and months then you put a knife to my throat cause you thought i was texting another girl when actually i was texting my cousin cause she was on the boarderline of killing herself then on my birthday you f***ing argued with me and had the b... read more

In another life, with more understanding family, different friends, and a society that didn't train me from childhood to think a certain way. I could have a relationship with another man. #In another life #Love #Life #AlternativeLife #Earth2 #Curiosity #WhatCouldHaveBeen #Gay #Straight #Bisexual #NoMoreLabels #Fantasies

In another life, with more understanding family, different friends, and a society that didn't train me from childhood to think a certain way. I could have a relationship with another man. #In another life #Love #Life #AlternativeLife #Earth2 #Curiosity #WhatCouldHaveBeen #Gay #Straight #Bisexual #NoMoreLabels #Fantasies

Dear everyone on my Dad's side of the family, who is too cowardly or just can't be bothered to make an effort to be part of my life or fix things after my dad, or rather their brother, their cousin, their nephew, their uncle, or WHATEVER he was to them ... ruined my childhood for me.

If you all won't make any effort to speak to me, then why should I make any effort to keep phoning or contacting any of you? Why should I ... read more

I feel so f***ing stupid, I just really feel dumb. I'll admit, I had a little bit to drink and am an emotional drunk, but I'm in so much pain that I just don't know what to do. Just recently I lost a friend, this person was supposed to be my best friend, my ride or die, and they literally f***ed me over. I've been friends with this person for over five years, and they've done a lot of sh** to me that I would just let go because I really wanted them in my life. I hadn't had fr... read more

So my mum just took my phone away. And I really need to get it back. You see, my uncle died a few years ago, my parents (one who was emotionally abusive and one who was physically abusive) got divorced and then almost immediately remarried to different people, and I started cutting and had suicidal thoughts. It was a really bad time and I'm still trying to get over it. To this day, I still have really bad nightmares and panic attacks that I have to take medications for. I fou... read more

I don't understand. What was so important that you had to scam so many people? Money? Didn't you already have a big house, warm blankets, a shelter, food/water as you liked? Why did you become so greedy? Why was having the things a normal person dreams for not enough? And it wasn't like you scammed strangers. You scammed friends, people who thought of you as family. I just really don't understand. How in the world were y... read more

Sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me and I think awful things. I think that I'm worthless and that I'm just a huge burden to my friends and my family. I've grown up with emotional abuse from my own parents and I can't believe I'm still taking it at 20 years old. They make me feel powerless. I'm just this weak person that's too afraid to stick up for myself, because they've made me believe that I'm not good enough. ... read more

My bf who i have been living with for 2 years has moved back to his parents house. Because he got arrested for weed disqualifying his student visa. Which means he can no longer drive. I kind of hate this country right now. I kinda of hate him. And i feel utterly alone because the culture i am from doesnt accept relationships out of your immediate nationality and ethnicity. So i dont have family support. I am the only per... read more

I feel so used. Everything you need you call me. I do everything for this family. You use me and I never complain. Don't you see I'm not happy...don't you even care? What about what I need?!
I wanna leave here and never look back. I hate you so much sometime...but here I am. I'm still her. And you still don't care 💔

If you don't know what to get for a young kid's birthday, buy them tickets to a fun science museum.

It'll make for a fun family day that's better than toys.

A few years ago after my mother died and my father left my family for good, I was adopted by both of my grandparents. I now live with them as well as with my uncle and eight year old cousin. So far it's been pretty rough living with them. Almost every day both my grandma and my uncle scream at my younger cousin and I. They call us names (stupid, sissy, brat, etc.) and basically blame all of the

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    No, not OP... Go back to your phone xoxoox VVVVVV...
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