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working at a business owned and staffed by one family is ridiculous - if the grandsons of the owner f*** up while cooking/waiting it's somehow my fault, they run up ridiculous tabs on the bar that we all know they'll never pay because their granddaddy owns the place, and if they don't bother coming in then i have to cover their shift at the same time as mine because their mum is the boss ๐Ÿ™„ pray for me

When you're watching a cam couple and then you realize it's your family member because of the blankets they own and theโ€‹ custom made mural on their wall that i helped out with and now I'm just sitting here disgusted and weirded the f*** out and don't even want to masturbate anymore. Also because it's my little niece. Yuck. I don't trust porn anymore.

So as we all know today is Fathers Day. Personally, this is one of the hardest holidays in the year for me. When I was born, my biological father left me after I turned 2. My mother remarried when I was still very young, and I was always thought he was my real father. Little did I know, there was no blood relationship between us. Not only did I dwell on this with no one telling me otherwise, but I had to find out he wasn't my actual father by my older sister. When I was 12. Y... read more

as a kid I would fake an illness or purposely hurt myself to get attention. Needless to say, being the "baby" in the family was lonely.

I was venting yesterday that I bet when I asked my partner for us to go to a show next Sunday she would say she would be to tired from going to her cousins wedding the day before.take in account she's not invited to the reception so she is willingly going to drive a 160 miles round trip for about a half hour wedding ceremony.yet again putting her family before me.everytime I want us to go somewhere she has something on t... read more

I think about dying early. Is just that my life seems to suck more than it doesn't and I feel isolated very easily and cut off from ppl. My own family have all joined ranks with an ostracized family member who helped. Destroy my marriage and family. While they have had their happy ever afters with their kids et... read more

When you're as miserable as you are now, do you feel that dread of the possibility of this going on for decades? For the rest of your lifetime? That pit in your stomach?
The ice in your veins? Doesn't it terrify you?
Why would you want to prolong your suffering?
It doesn't need to be said, but life isn't like the movies. People live miserably. I see it in my grandmother. My grandmother who loves me more than anything in the world. My grandmother who is the person in my read more

All I know is.. I love my parents and my family. They love me. And I don't need any sort of help/ support from my fiance's family coz I have an awesome one. And I have awesome friends who will be there for me.

You ever feel like you're just never good enough? Never good enough for the family you have and friends that actually care about you? The fact that any sort of compliment towards you makes you feel sick and you would rather have everyone see just how horrible you feel you are. It's not fun. literally the only time I feel good is the first two seconds after someone insults me cause it's like yes finally someone's not blin... read more

my head hurts, my sleep schedules ruined, I don't want to see anyone in my family or who they got with. Stop coming over to our house and just let us be alone, we're trying to grieve.

I went against all my friends and family to be with him and what did he decide to do? He decided to play me, he decided to feed me lies saying he loved me and he'd do anything for me. The worst part is he actually never saw me like that he just thought I was an easy target and decided to aim at me. He only dated me to keep himself entertained and to get closer to my bestfriend..

When I think of my childhood, I only have 4 memories. One is getting my head stuck in the banister of the stairs (no idea of age) and having to wake up my Dad who was really grumpy about it, and another is my Dad dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe with the kids at my birthday party (I was 6). The other two are a bit more personal; one is my Dad being arrested (I was 6), and one is looking up what he did when I was about 7 (because it horrified me). I can't remember anything else spec... read more

So my partner can't be bothered to even make the effort to get dressed and go out with me ,yeah I was practically begging her but she's adamant she is off to see her cousin get married,she's not even invited to the reception but hey she willingly is going to drive 160 mile round trip just for the wedding ceremony yet can't even be bothered to put any effort in when I beg her to go out with me. Yeah she promised me in January she was going to put me first so we are now in June... read more

Drinking and watching Rick and morty while my family is away. This is the life

Please can you help me, I'm obsessed with Blanche from Eurovision and it is getting out or control. I am angry because I can't be friends with her. My family and friends do and say things that annoy me, like talking about inappropriate things like grooming or cheating in a relationship. I want to go swimming, go to the cinema, go on the dance machines in the amusement arcades, go to the spa, go to the funfair, go fishing... read more

In a confusing way, I'm happy and sad that I'm in this family. I am happy that I always stay in my office and do my own work without having to go back home and face the family drama we're in right now. In a sad way, my family members have lots of drama. The main actor? My mother. She will criticize my siblings ... read more

I'll be going to my mother in laws with my family. The thing is I don't have anything interesting to talk about with her. I'm not as sophisticated and interested in politics. Think about me as Mindy Lahiri meeting Danny's Mom... yes.

So pissed off you never keep to your word about anything and deliberately will not repay family because you hate them even your kids! It's despicable, I can not understand why you behave like that. You get jealous if anyone has a relationship with anyone but you, everyone has to worship you and bow down to you yet you sponge, you lie, you cheesy, you treat people in this f... read more

I want to settle and buy a home and plant roots. But where? My family I'd in Charleston USA but I don't want to live there. There's no where I really want to live in. Not in America, or New Zealand, where I am now. There's no place I can call home and all I want is a place to call home.

I hate my sister. I hate my dead parents. I hate my extended family and I wish I was left with enough money to just move out. God I dream of having a job after this degree that I can just have my own place and be away from them. My sister is just so toxic, so narcissistic it ruins my day/night.