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You know the moment you flash back to someone from your past that never existed? Of course you don't. You probably don't have the traumatizing level of psychosis I do, but go ahead and take a seat by the fire and get cozy for a good old story.

During my youth I lived over so much abuse and neglect that I grew up thinking it was normal. Years later I come to find its not how life should be, and begin lashing out. At around the age of 5 now, my outside appearance was that of j... read more

My boss told me he is going to close my store when the lease is up. We do a good job at selling or whatever there but there is no money to be made in this town i guess. I only wish this new job worked out. I dont know what to do anymore. Some days i just want to give up. I am scared. I wish i knew what job security felt like . I wish i could provide for my family. I wish i had a read more

I'm stuck between a rock in a hard place right now. I'm pulling the weight for more than one family member in a house that would only be called "lived in" by a hoarder. I'm at my wit's end and feeling extremely hopeless. My parents are threatening each other with divorce which is something they should have done before things got this bad. I'm technically an adult so there won't be a custody battle, but I'm going to catch... read more


I don't know where to turn at this point, I don't have anyone, few family members and almost no friends. Never in a million years have I ever felt like I've been crying out for help and no a single person can hear me.

I am a college student, I just took my MCAT exam last Friday, I've always worked hard, I've always spent most of the day in the library and have made deans list every semester. I've invested $1,500 in MCAT... read more

My boyfriend keeps telling me to relax. I have ovarian cysts while studying for an ACT, writing college essays and applications, worried I won't get into my dream college cuz of my GPA. He gets a 31 on his first ACT without trying and straight As. I get a 23 with 12 hours of tutoring and so much studying. I work my butt off to barely get a 3.4 because of my ovarian cysts and severe periods and spurts of depression. I know how to relax. But he says it to me like I'm incompeten... read more

I feel like I'm nothing I feel like I have no one that is there for me my mom says I'm worthless and a b**** almost every day my brother sides with her and he beats me every once in a while but it's not like oh broker and sister fighting he chokes me a a fearfully chases after me to push me I can't live with my dad or see my dad bc my mom won't let me she won't even let me when I'm supposed 2 which is whenever bc it's joint custody I don't know if I should even see my my dad ... read more

I was nothing but a good friend to you for the four years I've known you. We had a rocky friendship but I didn't care because I would've done anything for you. Year one, you stopped being my friend because I was raped and you thought I was just trying to get attention. Year two, someone spreaded a rumor saying I was holding hands and making out with your first baby daddy on the bus, when he was talking to me about you. He thought I could tell him why you treated him like sh**... read more

How the f*** do all these 20 year old Youtubers have like, brand new BMWs and sh**? Do they get loads of money from their videos or do they just come from rich families or what? I swear me and my family have always been dirt poor, and it's honestly depressing to see how some people regard that stuff as so normal. My whole family can't even afford a single secondhand... read more

Yeah, this is long. Just need to vent about my horrible mother-in-law...

What the hell am I expected to do? Sure, I could attempt to broker a peace with that wretched woman, but for what?? She's pulled so much crap over the years and seems to go out of her way to be hurtful, passive-aggressive, etc. She's openly insulted my kids and then wonders why she no longer has access to them.

I know my husband is hurting. He hates that he has to keep his own mother at arm's distance ... read more

Doxxing is just bad.

Because, yeah, it may just start out initially with the doxxing of the target's info and data. Which, ok, may be legitimate if there is substantial proof.

But then once the initial person is doxxed, it always seems to set in motion an extended doxxing of the target's family, friends, work colleagues, etc... all of whom may or may not be involved with whatever thing the original personal is being do... read more

You know what, I'm sick and tired of people who think they are right, ok i'll admit everything.

Homosexuality is 100% sick and wrong, and anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly not right in the f***ing head.

Religion is retarded, anyone who belives in any religion is a f***ing moron.

If you take politics seriously, your out of your f***ing mind.

If you belive we wont kill life on this planet with the greenhouse effect than your a selfish bastard.

If you think money is a ... read more

I had a beautiful wedding in Bali and not a single one of my friends showed up and I had to convince my only family to attend!

Ummm..... Did I just accidentally admit that I am gay?
Okay so I was playing would you rather with my family right, and the choices were be poor but with a hot guy, or rich with a homosexual girl (I'm a girl, and my family is homophobic) and I said I wouldn't mind dating a girl, we got distracted after that, so they forgot, i think, but did i basically admit that I'... read more

i've said that his many times but: NEVER WORK AT A ESTABLISHMENT OWNED AND STAFFED BY ONE family

the waiter on the afternoon shift today (grandson of the owner, son of my boss) will leave at 3pm on the dot - regardless of whether his tables have finished eating or paid

this means that I, the bartender who has her own job to do, has to clear plates, reset tables and collect money for him. i wouldn't mind doing it if it ... read more

For some time I've been very aware of my own thought processes and tracking the paths they take, taking care to actively be metacognitive. These paths all go different ways, usually in groups, but they have their common points. It may be helpful to maintain some sort of journal, something to confide in. This is that journal.

For so long I've lived in various fantasy worlds that I've begun to loathe the one I've been given. I read books to travel, play video games to do, watc... read more

I put two cereal boxes in the refrigerator.

I told my mom I wanted to mess with her.

The real reason?

I wanted to mess with her...

... and I was too lazy to put the cereal in the kitchen closet so I figured she would put it away if I put it in the fridge with the milk.

But hey, I've put forks in the fridge before just to mess with her, this is nothing.

#family #funny

My unborn baby's father doesn't want to be a part of his child's life. When I told him I was pregnant, he pretty much said to get rid of it. At 9 weeks, I tried the medical abortion. At the follow-up, the doctor said everything was fine (I mean I bled a lot so I thought I'd passed the baby). I wasn't getting my periods which are normally regular, I assumed it was my body readjusting after the abortion. After my 3rd missed period, I decided to go back to the doctor-the medical... read more

I have been recently been putting myself out in the dating pool again after a horrible break up with my most recent ex. But recently I have been wanting more of everything that all my friends/family members seem to have going for them. Like having someone to hold me at night or to hear a baby of my own crying in the night. And every guy I have started a conversation with has been either been looking for a ONS/FWB or is j... read more