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What genius decided that apartments needed overhead lights in every room EXCEPT the living room? Even the frigging hall has a light but not the one room of the house where a family will spend the most time. Every apartment I have ever lived in has had this glaring flaw.

It really is the people who have less that suffer more. So there is this incident in my workplace and it caught on fire. It is an accident and nobody really wanted it to happen. but those who have authority in our company just put the blame with the staffs, i mean junior staffs, security, housekeeping and maintenance. What upsets me is that they didn't want the accident to happen. They are just working... just working to support their family disrespect me so much for no reason, I wish I had better family members who can at least be nice to me. I feel so alone.

I absolutely loath myself at this stage in my life! I can't commit to study fulfillments and most of all my mother-the only person who gives a sh**-is about to turn their back on me.
I love her, and hate myself for not being motivated enough to do what I need to do to get on in life!
I feel soo g**d*** alone as I live away from family! Nothing at this stage is certain, I.e rent, food or teachers still willing to give a c... read more

i really miss my grandfather
but its not like that. hes not dead, and im almost positive he's depressed just as much as i am
but he wont talk to me. i used to have him wrapped around my finger and now hes NEVER GOING TO f***ING GIVE A sh** ABOUT ME LIKE HE USED TO
SHE TREATS HIS... read more

My mom is my entire world. The only family that I have and I'm losing her so quickly and I'm not ready to let go. He COPD just progressed to stage 4 and they labeled her as respiratory failure. I'm not ready for the time to come to lose my best friend. On top of that, the man who mentally and physically abused me 10 years of my life is moving in tomorrow and I feel so hopeless and lost.

Isn't church supposed to be a place of rest? I'm so tired... Tired of fighting with my church family! Tired of trying to prove WHY I have the right to exist. WHY I have the right to speak up when something's wrong. WHY...Why I do anything! Why am I wearing this? Why did I post that? Why don't you have a REAL job?! (I have a job, they just don't like it.) I'm sick! I had a rough week. f*** off. I'm not going to church.

Blood doesn't matter. You can be my aunt, my cousin, my uncle, and my frickin parents for f***sake and I could cut you off as unrelated. I choose who my family is by how much they appreciate me and how much I love and care for them.

I had a big fight with the family and unfortunately i got kicked out to move so i moveded with my gf thinking it out me better but no we have argument then when i want to leave to get some
Air out side she took my shes and said start a waiting and so i did a and as soo as i came be she dug her naisbin the the come on fast forward she said leave and i was paking up my stuff and she threw water in my eves with stings which... read more

I have this guy who has been in my family before I was even born He dated my one of my oldest sister but now he's with my other sister he's at least 40+. He's a cool guy and I gotten close to him he told me he was in love with me and I was like no your not and I don't see you in that way because I'm 18 and I don't like older guys. #fml

I'm in such a tough spot. My boyfriend dumped me a week ago two days before my birthday. I made sure he went and got evaluated because we had talked about depression a few months back - but the break up seemed so soon. He was diagnosed with severe depression, and apologized to me for hurting me so badly. Still, he told me it was too much.
I've been given a lot of hope from my friends/family/people who have been in depres... read more

And once again I am reminded of how much hell I'm going to go through looking for a freaking prom dress.
Like, I'm sorry I'm modest and want a nice looking dress at a price my family can afford?

My coworker is a f***ing four year old in a grown man's body. He has a vendetta against me because one day, FIVE MONTHS AGO, I asked him not to look over my shoulder at my computer screen. How did I know he was looking? He commented on what I was looking at, AFTER I had asked him not to. Now, he makes a point to abandon me at the desk so I have to handle a rush alone. He'll go to the back and chat at one of the other workers, then claim he had to take his shingles meds becaus... read more

I had an interview the other day that usually, I'm very nervous about going to and excited. This one, I was just, pretty much whatever, which I should've taken as a red flag. I won't say the company because I'm pretty sure other locations and their owners are much better than this one.

I went in 15 minutes early, and since it was a cafe, you'd think it's welcoming after you say you're there for interview. Unfortunately here it was very bland, and it's really a plus if they o... read more

ok, f*** this, I gotta get my head out the gutter. So here are all my problems and I've gotta try and get some perspective and see the bright side and stay positive. Ok, in no particular order...

Problem #1: Arsenal just lost 3-1 to West Brom. This may sound like a petty problem to start with, but what it means is that the football related abuse that was getting out of hand at work, and I'd been finding hard to deal with, is now set to get even worse.

Solution #1: I've deci... read more

so u spend more on ur mother for mothers day than me your partner on my birthday,certainly got ur prioties right.....not .
lets not forget christmas you gave all your neices and nephew cash gifts and two of these neices are adults,but u tell me i have to wait until january and you will give me the same amount of cash u gave ur family !!!!!! so that meant u was giving me £20 yet you could not afford this at christmas for... read more

Im having a panic attack. I'm crying. I dont even know who I am anymore, I feel like I'm just a sort of different version of my friend. I feel worthless, useless, and anything else you could call me. Everyone would think I have a good life, with 6 guys liking me, but I just keep losing and losing and I think I'm about to lose IT. I lost the person I love, I have extreme family issues, I dont know who I am and what to do ... read more

I wanted to kill myself one day after another f***ed up argument with my so called wife, and dealing with too damn much at the time. Decided what better way than in my car while trying to break the damn sound barrier. Well, not really, but it will break the 200MPH mark. I left the house pissed thinking about where I want to do it...found a good stretch on the Interstate and let er rip, at about 160MPH I felt alive, excitement, hope, and remembered life is worth living. Maybe ... read more

I was on a chatroom even though I wasn't allowed to and even though they were strangers they were all so nice to me and they made me feel wanted and they understood my problems when no one else would. Then my family saw it and they said I could never go on it ever again. Those people helped me because they supported me when I was alone and they loved my art work and no one else did. They were the closest people I had to ... read more

I got denied from my top choice college yesterday. I've been dreaming about this college for the longest time. I did everything they wanted and I still got denied. Me and my best friend were supposed to go together. She got in and she's going. I'm just so upset , I'm in love with this college and I'm so depressed. I can't eat or sleep and all I want to do is be in bed crying. I don't even like my second choice that much. I just don't know what to do I feel like all my plans f... read more