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I have been watching a lot of life and deep relationship advice videos. And you know what? They are a HELL of a lot WISER and a LOT more helpful then my family has EVER been to me. Like this one guy said, "we cant always trust family because they did not have great mentors and they will most likely not be great mentors for us." Which is 100% true. I mean, there is a... read more

I lean WAY to much on my guy friend for support. My family is not emotionally available and I do not have any friends where I live. I am currently working as much as I can to save for college and I do not know anyone around my own age here. I moved to my dads house recently and have no idea how I should make friends. Normally, I would be in school or meeting old friends, but I have none of that now. The guy I am talking ... read more

I pull away and get really afraid if I get attached to someone emotionally. My family is very emotionally distant and always have been. They are there for me when I need something, but it is only with certain things. But if I am having trouble with my emotions or with life they tend to sweep things under the rug, expect me to deal with it and just say get over it. I know I am an adult now, but sometimes I still need some... read more

You aren't obligated to keep in touch with family.

Tfw when you want to go to a psychiatrist but you dont have enough courage to talk about it to a family member. I kept procrastinating on it. Must talk soon. #mentalhealth #potato

I'm becoming pretty cynical... I don't know why. Not cynical in a way where I think the world is horrible, I always have hope in humanity and people. It's just that everything that used to be fun just seems so lame and awful now, I'm bored out of my mind! It seems that everything I see I see what's stupid about it and just can't enjoy it. I don't like pop or electronic music anymore, metal sucks now too all fashion styles I've stopped liking, I'm bored of my sport and I don't... read more

Have you ever just hated something that was brought into your life and in a sense stuck with it? My family bought a puppy two years ago that has peed on 2/3 of our towels, at least 1/5 of our clothes if not more, and peed on all of our furniture that isn't in a locked room. My sister is an irresponsible 23 year old that believes if he lives outside he's going to get taken by hawks, and despite buying him, hardly changes ... read more

I remeber touching my father's penis as a child and I don't really want to know what that means. The things is I love him so how is it possible that he might have done something to me as a child. The things is I don't remember him forcing me to touch it, so I might have just don't it by accident( like when you do something as a child because you dont understand why it's wrong). The worst is thats all I remember so I don't know if I was really molested or not l, someone please... read more

"Distances makes the heart grow founder".. ever heard of that saying? I have and it's bulls***. My heart grows founder for him each and everyday while he is with other girls. Why is it one sided ? . I know he lies , but I'm so head over heels for this boy that I feel weak and I give in. I honestly sit here waiting while he acts like a child . He says he wants a family with me but does nothing to change when I don't like ... read more

i am trying to accept the things i have which are not the best... i have nice-ish clothes and shoes , i dont have a nice phone, yep no iphone 7 plus or macbook pro, just a older android and a car that i MIGHT be getting is a 2003 ford hatchback, nothing nearly new, i have a dog, a shelter dog, nothing special but i love him to death, i would like to have nicer things, yes but my best friend right now has a macbook pro and a iphone 6 plus.....i am super jealous... read more

Always been told family is there to talk too. They will have your back. Thing is they backstab just as bad as an enemy if not worse. Can not keep anything private. I was just told my venting/issues were great conversation starters. Other family members seem to have it worse so instead of listening, everything gets turned around. I always listen and give advice but n... read more

I have the worst anxiety when my entire loud a** family is home. Today consisted of going to the bathroom to cry every couple of hours, it's been hell.

I wish if only this guy who teaches other guys how to be treating me would just leave me alone! There is no third chance! You will never have me in your life if I ever ended up with the guy who has blue eyes! Even if he is your friend! I have stopped forgiving you! Because the first time my life got destroyed because of you! And now you wanna destroy my life for the second time! I will not get married quickly like the past! I wanna teach you a lesson! You make yourself innoce... read more

I know I matter a small bit. Maybe even a medium bit. But I don't matter a whole lot. I'm the person who stands in the background of pictures that no one really knows. I'm the kind of person who follows all of my friends, but if I left things wouldn't really change. I'm the kind of person who at family events is sitting in the next room while everyone else is having a great time. I'm the kind of person who for the life o... read more


I'm going to be writing about a sensitive topic. Suicide. It's a very important topic, that we have to talk about more. Have you watched 13 Reasons Why, or read the book? You have absolutely no idea how another person is feeling unless you ask. You can save a life simply by asking how they are, what's going on with their lives and if they're okay. A few years ago, my uncle committed suicide and shot himself in the head. He was drunk, but still, it wasn't the guns fault. ... read more

You always have to do that, you hurt me then do it again.
Involve people who have nothing to do with things.
You never truly listen and then you twist things.
I'm sick f feeling crap because of you and your dam family.
Stop lying to them, me or grow some balls and stop allowing this situation to continue.

I can't believe my family cancelled our internet. Now I'll have to go out and meet my friends in person? Like... in the outside world? Under the sunlight? Breathing the polluted air?

am i the only one ????

that while playing "raw smackdown" with my 3kids, we got way to carried away with the game ,(well myself and my 7year old did) and i "accidentally" on purpose chest bumped my 7year old (after his rko came down on me quiet unexpectedly), harder then necessary just to prove that "im the winner" ? and that half an hour ago i bribed him with chocolate so he stops crying(from the harder than necessary chest bump earlier this evening and sits in front of the... read more

In need of friends who I can rant to whenever and about whatever. I would gladly be the same kind of friend to you.

Must be able to listen to me rant about my relationship, friends, school, family, etc.

Must be able to listen and give your opinion but please don't try to shove your opinion down my throat. 😅

Things you should know about me:
19 y/o Filipino girl who can solve other people's problems except her own.

#FriendApplication #Friends

I f***ing hate my family, and I hate having to lay low about it. They have the wrong idea about how I feel about them.

Wish I didn't need them.