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I love him to the ends of the earth--we've been together a year in four days. The literal only problem I ever have is that he used to cheat.......a lot. He never got penalized for it. It still freaks me out, and I'm always cautious. He just left for a week recently and came back with two girls' numbers. I don't mind his female friends at all, but these guys live in a different state and all of his previous cheating has b... read more

Today I made a list of people I think would come to my funeral. It was less than ten. People always tell me how nice they think I am- but no one ever shows interest in being a friend to me. But at the same time, every morning I wake up and hate myself. So it makes whyno one wants to be my friend- I know I wouldn't want to be. I hate how I act, how I look, what I say...My boyfriend is my best friend and I love him more than anything- but it's not the same as having a group of ... read more

I know that he's abusive mentally, but I met this boy last year and I've just had the biggest crush on him. Let's call him A. A was a part of the play last year as crew & he's hella tall, I thought he was cute but I didn't really care because I was an actor on stage & never really saw A because he was crew. But on opening night I was nervous af & he hugged me, and it was really nice. But after that, I never really saw him until marching band season. He played bass clarinet & ... read more

are mothers supposed to be supportive and loving? bc i cant remember the last time my mother made me feel proud of something ive accomplished, or supported me in what i wanted to do with my life. she says that im a bad daughter bc i dont read enough classical books n havent learned to be play the piano like she always dreamed i would, and yet i have a 4.0 gpa and take ap classes to make her proud, let her have something to brag about to her friends. I have for a little over a year now. I have always had a bit of a crush on him, and I can mostly keep it at bay. He's been obsessed with this same girl for the last six months or so; he asked her out and she rejected him. Recently, he's started hanging out with her a lot more often and tomorrow is the third day in a row she's agreed to hang out with him. I think she's starting to ... read more

I made the mistake being logged on to my friends snapchat when this boy asked her for a picture of her face😭😭i sent him a picture if my face😭😭the worst part is that we were talking and going to hang out tomorrow😭😭😭😭😭what should i do?

okay. i'm a really neutral person and i feel like i've never done anything deliberately wrong in my entire life. i'm nice to people, have good friends and never try to take sides over others when my friends fight. i'm VERY rarely the center of an argument. people don't fight because of things i caused. i get caught up in the drama of my friends, but they're never available, or they never want to. However, every time I say no, I get guilt-tripped because I apparently don't spend enough time with them, even though I always initiate our social interactions. Excuse me if I'd prefer t... read more

Just a rant about my annoying roommate.

She talks to me about how she wonders why she doesn't have a boyfriend, and that she usually thinks that she looks so good. tbh she looks pretty average if not basic, especially since she uses that dog filter from snapchat for every one of her profile pictures. I'm no looker myself and also look pretty average, so it really bothers me when she goes on Instagram and looks at couples and says that she looks much better than some guy's gi... read more

Today I reconnected with you after a little mishap. It was my fault, but I'm glad we're still friends. The only problem is, my ultimate goal consists of being more than friends. I'm in the wrong for this. You'll never know this but honestly I want to love you and be there to comfort you always. I wish you were beside my side, hand in hand. You're ignorance didn't re... read more

Apparently, in my family, the eldest child is the least liked, because I give up so much for my little siblings, and what I receive in return is false hope, which is smashed before my face, and two younger siblings that get everything they want. Oh yeah, 10 year old sister gets an awesome phone, a haircut, and my ex best friend, 6 year old brother gets to add to his pile of unused toys every other day, along with total control over the T.V. All I get is the haircut I have wan... read more

Hey, I got bad grades in school, didn't have many good friends, didn't know what my passion was, had depression and terrible anxiety. Then I got out of school. I met someone I love and plan to be with for the rest of my life. I love to work with food, so I pursued that, started getting paid 19.11 an hour for a management position w cheese (grocery store job w/ a union!). I can tolerate myself more than before, we just ad... read more

I'm actually really sad now so will continue to post on this site; My grandmother is my world. She's given me everything I've asked for when she didn't have it. I wanted a 400$ camera for one of my birthdays and my grandmother didn't have the cash for it. So that same day she opened up a credit account with the store and bought it for me. I can't be more thankful for anyone. I love her so much. She's given me her last when she only had change, I'm not exaggerating. I wanted t... read more

my girlfriend and i agreed to breakup
i feel like something's missing yet i feel free
i'm just gonna say that it's all her best friends fault for this drama that happened that escalated into a breakup with her

I have the biggest crush on a guy I just became friends with this year. Normally my crushes don't mean much and I don't really care much to think about us being in any kind of a relationship I just passively like the. This is the first time that I have thought a lot about what it would be like to be with him and how much I wish I was prettier so that he would go out with me. Thing is... he has a girlfriend... of course. ... read more

I hate that promise. I hate that she gets to spend more time with him. I hate that I had to leave right when things were just starting to go right. I hate that there are times where I can't talk to him because if she finds out, we're dead. This isn't cheating. They're not even together. They're friends. It's all because of a stupid promise that he stupidly agreed to, because a certain someone needs a whole f***ing year t... read more

On the bright side I watched my friends graduate today.


I DON'T HAVE NO friends
I DON'T HAVE NO friends

So I have some bad anxiety issues, and I’ve been confiding in/getting advice from a friend who’s dealt with similar things and has experience with psychiatrists and stuff. I’ve wanted to be better friends with her for a while now, but I’ve just been to nervous to ask her to do anything. Part of me was really worried that she’s take it the wrong way.

But around two weeks ago she told me that she’s going to th... read more

What did I do to deserve this I need you i want you I'm sorry 😔💕
You're all I want and I messed it up because I couldn't accept the fact you wanted someone else and got jealous ruined a friendship I doubt you even care what I have to say so i won't text you I'll
Just hurt