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I met one guy a 3-4 years back, and we ended up becoming close friends (even though he lived a little farther away from me). He's really cute, sweet, caring, funny; and he's so kind to me; i sincerely care about him a lot. As we kept getting older we had more conversations (messaged each other a lot ; almost all the time). We even had a summer fling (which i enjoyed seeing him a lot during). Like i dont know how to tell ... read more

I keep going through these cycles. One minute I'm depressed, the next optimistic, and the next empty. Just, dead empty. I'm in this empty phase, where I feel nothing. It's killing me how lonely I am. All my friends are so busy lately. I don't even get to see them at school because my dad made me move schools when he found out I was dating a guy. So now I'm never allowed to go to the clubs he's in (even though I joined fi... read more

i'm soo a bone.... not psychologically. i have a mummy who did her breasts. a little cyst 'er who for the most part is human.
i love my grandparents, especially broiled. 6 of my friends were really good tasting.

yet i feel soo boney.

I'm so alone.

Not physically. I have a Mum who does her best. A little sister who is the most perfect person I know. Loving grandparents. 6 really good friends.

Yet I feel so lonely.

Ok so i met this guy around 4 years ago, and we became really close friends (even though he lived a little farther away from me). He's really cute; and he's so kind to me; i sincerely care about him a lot. As we kept getting older we had more conversations (messaged each other a lot ; almost all the time). We even had a summer fling (which i enjoyed seeing him a lot during). Like i dont know how to tell him how i feel (s... read more

I want my childhood back. I didn't realize it then but I was so much happier as a kid. I had friends. I enjoyed life. And yet, I focused on the low points and looked forward to being an adult so that I could do "whatever I want"

As an adult, life sucks. You can't do most of the fun things kids do without either being laughed at or worse (locked up) The only childhood enjoyment I still have is video games, and man that g... read more

not found a suitable place to vent this but love.....yeah who would fake a overdose and put their partner through hell just to have their own way....disgusting .best bit is she sits there lapping up the attention from her mum and sisters,even though ive told her mum she faked it even my doctor agreed with me. so what evidence do i have....the paper towels she used to clean up her vomit ,the same vomit she said she vomited "loads" of pills up in. very strange ive looked threw ... read more

Don't know what is wrong, everything is starting to look good, my dad is an alcoholic who was in a bad way for the last 3-4 years (as far as drinking goes, he seemed kind of "off" a while before that) but for nearly 5 months now he has been completely sober and genuinely happy, I don't think I'm sad or depressed because I should be happy, however I don't know if i'm that either. Sometimes I get worried things will get bad again and I will see my dad sneaking off out of the ho... read more

It's 3:30 in the f***ing morning, I'm tired, I'm angry, and I just want to rant.
I'm currently super pissed because it feels like almost nobody actually likes my boyfriend. My cousin thought he was weird, so do a lot of my friends I imagine. Hell, some of them might outright hate him. My sister referred to him as "My sister's dumb boyfriend." And may or may not full-on hate him.
The thing is, he's not an awful person. He... read more

you tried to turn my best friend against me, i wish i could go back in time and stay the hell away from you. everyone knows you're just a pathetic attention seeker who will do whatever it takes to get all eyes on you. it's so sad to watch, thank god im just gonna leave. you're trying so hard to be like a reality star, thank god i never liked junk tv anyways you backstabbing b*tch. at least you won't be around to copy and claim everything i do. the irony of putting this in the... read more

When we first talked, you complained to me that you didn't have any friends. Well I'm trying, but you f***ing started ignoring me and stopped giving any type of effort. Its because you're a depressed wreck. I feel for you so much, but this is exactly how you lose them.

I think I'm falling in love with my best friend, and I'm not sure what to do. I'm afraid that if we cross that line it'll ruin our friendship if it ends bad, but I'm also afraid that I'm beginning to act differently around her. The other problem is that she's also intrested in someone else and has been for a while and I don't want to screw that up for her, and I don't know what to do about my feelings for her.

So im here to vent since i want this out of my head.

I had a gf long ago for 10 years we been together (im 21 btw)
In the beginning we talked and tried to get to know each other ya know and then we had so much in common like we both loved watching anime and we both love doing alot of things together and we even talked till we went to bed every night we laughed we joked around we face timed alot. I was so in love with her and i gave her nick names and thought maybe in the fut... read more

I don't have no friends 😕

Overheard my sister talking sh** about my boyfriend to her friends and calling him stupid.
Wow, f*** you, b****.
I'll admit, he's what you'd call a little clueless and socially inept, at least I don't have petty fights with him over the stupidest sh** like you do with your boyfriend.

I have major depression disorder and I am aware of the effects and so are my friends and they try their best to help but sometimes I can't help shake the negative thoughts away like "I don't deserve friends", "you don't deserve anyone", why would anybody want to help Simone as pathetic as you?" I know it's all in my head but it weighs me down and you'd think I could... read more

I don't have time for this anymore. I'm leaving to change. I'm leaving to get away from toxic friends and toxic people. How is that so difficult for
you to understand?? I'm leaving to be less of a violent minded person. "What makes you think leaving will make you a better person?" STFU.
I'm leaving for a pretty damn good reason, and I'm the one who spends my whole life here, not you. So quit telling me that my current en... read more

Dear Mira,

I'm SORRY I stood you up for that party you invited me to, okay? For one, it was all your friends who went; you had already invited them and didn't invite me until the last minute. For another, I still lived with my parents at the time. Going to a party where we'd drink a lot of wine and read smutty romance novels would've required a LOT of lies for me to get away with it. I chickened out based on that. I wan... read more

Your a nice guy but I don't think you are right for me and I think we should just stay friends I'm sorry

I hate men. I am a strong capable women with a good heart and love for my family, but men can't handle it. They can't handle that maybe I know what i'm talking about when it comes to spending money, making decisions for the future, or how to change a light bulb without breaking a nail. They can't handle that I go head strong into a situation and aren't afraid to back down when it comes to something i believe in. They can't handle that their girlfriend is some that works hard ... read more