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I'm so f***ing lazy. Especially if I just sit at home all day. I simply cannot work. I've been spending all my time mindlessly watching Youtube videos. It's such a waste of time. I get no satisfication from it. I feel like complete utter sh** at the end of the day. So unproductive. It's entertaining but I always feel worse about myself, at the end of the day. Really need to kick myself in the a**.

I'm a 76ers fan and I hate Ben Simmons with a passion. He's not hurt he just doesn't wanna play because he's a self entitled little Australian f*** boi. Bet if a kangaroo was stealing shrimp off the "barby" Ben Simmons would run and jump then.

f***ing hell, i'm so bored! Just gambling right now. I can't wait for my next psychologist appointment.

I'm really feeling super depressed and I don't even quite understand. Maybe it's that life never seems to work out for me. Maybe it's because I don't really have friends. Or maybe it's because I just hate myself and the way I look.
I'm not sure why I'm depressed but not being tired leaves me with too much time on my hands to think.
I know depression isn't uncommon. Hell I've been through enough therapy to know that.
I just wish this mental pain would end. I just started a new... read more

He wore a dress and then he f***ed me.

I hate my stepmom. Even when she was my dad's GIRLFRIEND she was an authoritarian. It seemed like she was trying to be my mom and she constantly calls me hey son. Which is weird because I still have a good relationship with my actually mom. In fact we got into a mini fight tonight where apparently I was ignoring her. I wasn't, I just didn't feel the need to respond because she had told me something I already knew for the fifth time. So since she's a teacher (preschool, whoop-... read more

Dallas Cowboys? f*** em they suck.

f*** you Cancer!

f***ing Avagadro's number piece of sh** goddamnit f***ing chemistry like why the f*** do I care how many atoms is in 34 ml of water you f***in. Science nerd. I ain't no chemist. I ain't gonna become a chemist. f*** THE CELTICS! b**** made franchise hope you get jumped in the draft lottery gd piece of sh** team, fans, and city. f*** Boston.

Joe Budden from Bridgeton, NJ is a racist piece of sh**. Kill yourself Joe you dingy black mother f***er.

I know you raped him. I know you did. Nobody else probably knows but me. I see you every day in the f***ing hallway and I know what you did. You stole years of happiness away from him and I will never forgive you for that. Be glad that I choose not to tell anyone out of respect of my best friend who has to go through so much because of you. I hope you learn to become a better f***ing personally and besides they're just stupid fenris recolors lmaooooo get some skill designi... read more

This is f***ing hilarious. A republican just told me "he's winning" because the American government just repealed PRIVACY PROTECTION. YOU'RE NOT WINNING you idiot, the oligarchs are winning. They're winning hard off of your ignorance.

f*** Trump. f*** all these sh**y Republicans in our government who care more about themselves and f***ing money than the f***ing environment and the people in the country they have power over. f*** t... read more

My upper-middle class neighbors complain about us enjoying our land (literally just walking around appreciating the land, it's beautiful) and they complain about the fact that we are "rednecks" (we don't have a farm so I'm not sure what he's talking about, he also has never actually talked to me) but then they turn around and think it's okay for their teenaged daughter to invite her sh**y friends over so they can rev their sport-car engines and blast the sh**iest music from... read more

So because I'm white I am not allowed to dislike Obama because if I do its automatically because he's black LMAO such BS I hate Obama because he was an awful president who did nothing for the poverty stricken. Also I didn't vote for Trump I know you're thinking I did because I'm white but in all honesty I hate the guy always have. I'm from Atlantic City look at what he did to that city he f***ed it up. Can't run a mf cas... read more

How many times did I tell you leave me alone? I blocked you back then because your f***ing poison

I shouldn't have unblocked it or added your new one. Its like you have this knack for f***ing yourself over and finding anyone to blame but yourself. And then you come right back to me because Im the only one who felt right. Play your game. Theirs plenty of other lame ... read more

You're such a f***ing drama queen. I'm not saying you don't know how to cook just because I tell you that you don't need a whisk to whisk eggs. That does not deserve some dumb a** lecture about how you've cooked before. I was just trying to be helpful. It won't happen again. And then your stupid remark about why you didn't want to watch another episode of that show. I don't give two sh**s about your political views. I'm ... read more

I f***ing hate being forced to do things I don't want to do. I hate how I never get to do anything I want for once, my parents force me to do extracurricular activities that waste my time and I have no interest in. Everything they force me to join is just extra stress and gives me anxiety. I don't have freedom in my house. I can't even walk to the park right by my house to play basketball without my mom or dad following ... read more