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My roommates bf threatened his roommate with a knife in the middle of the night. Apparently, he got pissed off at his roommate because he took his laptop as a joke when he needed it. So to get back at him, he got on top of him in the middle of the night, put a knife to his neck and whispered that he could kill him in a matter of seconds and no one would no. This scared the sh** out of me because he is really creepy to begin with and is also training to be a nurse. That means,... read more

I f***ing hate all you posers.
a** kissing pathetic excuse of humans
Go die in a hole.
Nobody gives a f*** about how good you all are at boot licking.

I hate how fake people are
This world is full of sycophants and wusses who don't have the balls to take a stand, and those who do, end up being hated, and are being labeled as a rebel.
If being courageous enough to fight for what I believe in makes me a rebel , so be it. I am a rebel.

f***ing fakes claiming to be your friends on one hand and jumping at any chance to stab you in the back, on the other.
Honestly it's the ... read more

If a woman loves you, ALL her effort will go in to pleasing you. Time and time again it's proves true. If she thinks you're worthless or she's not ready to woman the f*** up, then it will show. Don't sweat it.

My mom is a complete b****. I'm a young adult, going to college, and completely capable of my own damn choices! She insists on making the little time I have left at home HELL and then plays her stupid church music pretending to be a little steeple mouse and want me to go with her. There is NO WAY IN f*** that I am going to church with that old hussy.

If a man loves you, ALL his effort will go in to pursuing you. Time and time again it's proves true. If he thinks you're worthless or he's not ready to man the f*** up, then it will show. Don't sweat it.

Please cut yourself and f***ing die from my edges world. f*** you.

So, the night before last night, me and my boyfriend had a fight. I recently found out that he had another crush from the 14 other crushes he had, and he never bothered to tell me. In fact, he only told me there were 11. I wanted... no. I NEEDED to say stuff to him, but I couldn't. It hurt me too much to say them, because I was scared of what he might do (I was in an emotionally abusing relationship). So, I told him I simply needed a break for a few days. He freaked out, we h... read more

The more I learn about food the more I learn that the food pyramid is misleading corporate bulls***, and "myplate" isn't much better.
Veggies, should be like more than half the damn plate, fruits and grains should make up whatever's left with the fruit section being slightly smaller. While most your calories should come from carbs, there are a TON of carbs in grains and fruit. It doesn't take a lot to do the job. Nix the "protein" section, vegetables actually have lots of goo... read more

f*** this bulls*** I am an idiot.

Don't go dude. Meant so much me and I think I f***ed it up.

so my cousin asked for my instagram and i didn't want to give it to her but i'm too nice to say no, especially since i've been staying at her place. so i give it to her blah blah. like two weeks after her guy friend wanted to talk to me so when he called, she gave it to me and he was like "she showed me your pics and you really attracted me", why the f*** would she send someone my pictures without permission. i don't wan... read more

Some days I make peace with the fact that I will never be in love. The other days I just want to not exist anymore. People around me just assume I am ok, when really I am barely holding on. When your an adult, people assume you've been in a relationship, had your first kiss, or lost your V card. Well I wouldn't know the first thing about that. No, I won't join some online dating service with you. No, I won't tell you my wildest spring fling. No, I never been married and I don... read more

What's with all these sappy f***ing posts? The cheeseball meter is off the charts on Muttr right now.

Kill meeeeeeee, being ugly f***ing suckss

I'm just so f***ing pathetic

Eating 18 slices of cake makes you a f***ing fatass. Saying your dad touched you then haning out with him makes you a dumbass.

I don't know. Right now I want to say I don't care. If I never got another stupid drunken text from you, I just wouldn't f***ing care.

Yup I'm glad my friends moving on I really need a sparring partner and I am so pent up I need to f***ing punch something
Or go for a damn run Jesus I need to get into a routine I am so sick of feeling this unease from not moving or something and I need to play chess because I love puzzles and I love solving things not a mind bender for now just something where I have to use and rinse and repeat tactics

please please please notice my tone of typing
ask if im okay
please f***ing ask if im okay
i dont want to burden you by coming to you with unwanted venting
dear god please