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I feel so stupid .
Can't even f***ing stand walk or breath without it hurting .
I try to speak and al that comes out are tears.
Your fine .
Already planning on your next .

lmao this group of girls around the neighborhood laughing all the time about being "insane" and calling themselves "bad b****es". But they're acting exactly like every most basic girls your could meet and they call me weird because i just wear clothes that are comfortable without giving a f*** about whether it's sexy/good looking or not.

Too funny. Go home with your stupid "can't handle this" Shirt. Your boyfriend said ... read more

I wish my weeaboo brother understood he is not Japanese, that just because other people dont speak Japanese doesn't mean they're dumb and won't notice HE doesn't really speak it, that adding "kudasai" after a bunch of random "Janapese-like" sounds does NOT make him sound japanese and that looking down with a hood on his head and whispering gibberish, does not make him look dark and cool. It just makes him look like a f***read more

I feel uncomfortable in my own body. I have pretty mediumish breasts and even the word makes me want to gag and scrape my tongue despite not even saying it aloud. They're so f***ing annoying and useless and disgusting and I f***ing hate them. They get in the way of everything and I can't even run anymore without feeling like someone's staring at them. I could be alo... read more

You want a good muttr?
I'll give you one
I know a married couple and they guy only wants to f*** his wife in the a**. That's it.
Funny thing is she lets him too.
The p****? He has no use for it. Its just sitting there going to waste.
Ladies- let me here your thoughts on this. Would you stand for it?

my sisters a f***ing attention seeker. ive had depression after my fathers suicide and Ive never told my mother and my sister.
my sister hated my father and hates me because we both would raise our voices at her.
she's a brat. a complete f***ing brat. all she does is whine about everything. if we try to help her, she claims she has a panic attack and begins crying.
... read more

I don't usually do this but have a lot I need to get out. There a problem with this generation small talk became real talk people stopped giving a crap about people. I'm a nice guy but am constantly been used by people and I'm really sick of it. My whole life I've just seen people using people including friends. If you can watch ur so called friend go bankrupt and still screw them there's something wrong with u I hate this world a complete waste of time f*** outta of here you don't love me you love the lifestyle f*** you get a job

if you got off the drugs then your memory wouldn't be so damned skewed! JUST DIE YOU f***ING ADDICT!

Some people need to be chained in f***ing basements, away from civilization. I am so done with sh**y people who have no filters, no tact, no diplomacy, no integrity, no grace. Just sh**y people who have no clue how to treat others. The parasites of society. Just let this day be over already.

I just feel so empty right now. Numb, too. Yet I feel this deep ache in my heart that sends out pulses of intense pain throughout my body. Sometimes it hurts so f***ing bad that I just want to die so I don't have to feel it anymore. Or just cut myself so badly that I start worrying about how long I've got left if I keep doing this rather than feeling the pain of my hurt. I really want to cry, but I have no tears. Nothing... read more

You f***ing lied to me about rape... and them get pissed when i stop kissing you lmao wow

Omg!!!! I hate my f***ing job!!!! can't wait to get out of here!! I just hate everyone.. The people I work with are 50 years old and they act like high school girls so much drama ughhhh

Why am I here in the first place.
If I'm aborted in the womb I could f***ing not live this life and I mean it.
Trying to reach my dreams and help people and be the greatest. Oh, f***. Is it real? No! I just came from a broken poor-a** asian annoying f***ing family. BROKEN ANNOYING FAMILY. Dad left, just an anno... read more

I've never been one of those people who hates on religion

but it's gotten to the point now where masses of REAL people are being massacred in the name of IMAGINARY people every day

what the f*** are we supposed to do about crazy religious people without hurting the not-crazy ones?

Some lesbians LOVE hating on other groups, but when others dish it out, they can't take it. At times, you sympathise with their plight, when having to deal with not just straight male fetishists / homophobes, but also homophobic "queers" and trannies that sexually harass them. But when they attack you endlessly, even as you try to side alongside them, the only natural response is, "f*** it, they deserve it"

f***ing in the a**. f***ing transvestite. Liking f***ing p****. Sirian starseed.

Wish I could tell the guests at my job to f*** off. I hate people who think they're so privileged.

Man-hating dykes think that everyone wants to sleep with them when they're so f***ing ugly and delusional.

Clearly, every man that hates them has to be STRAIGHT, and desperately wants to sleep with them but can't.

Destroy all man-hating dykes from the anonymous lesbian forum, The L Chat, that talk about wanting to burn men alive, wishing for all female animals to kill all men, or for some virus to kill us all off.

Google "I genuinely hate men L Chat" to see for yourselves, but especially page 421. Filthy lesbians that think they're superior because of "WOMAN POWER!" and that they like women. Wanting to exterminate men and turn all women into man-hating shrews like themselves.

Straigh... read more