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Every time there is something good going on (birthday, Christmas, Easter) my husband always fights with me, either the night before or the day of. Seriously.. every time it ruins the whole day. Other than that we usually get along, like wtf?! I love him to death but man it really ticks me off.

I'm just so g**d*** pissed because the past days I've been planning what and when to do things so that I can have a more stable schedule. I set it so that I wake up at some time and then I'll go on a "motorbike"(called Moped in swedish) and then I'll ride and then I'll meet up a friend to this time so I can draw. This is an example. Seems fine, right? Well my family thinks otherwise. So, hear me out please, I love my fam... read more

I love my boyfriend but the sex just sucks. He lasts 7 minutes max, after he cums the sex is immediately over, he doesn't want to go down on me because he's never in the mood, and he won't get hard doing it, and if I start touching him and I ask him to touch me (and I always have to ask), he'll get soft again and then it's my fault for killing the foreplay by ASKING THAT I f***ING GET SOME TOO, and then after he cums he ... read more

Sounds bad but I honestly don't want to be in a relationship and just taking care of someone else's kid once in a while is hard, but I would like kids of my own one day, so I think I'd go for a one night stand and never tell the guy and be happy knowing my genes and family name will be passed along. That is if I never fall in love and date/marry a guy but what are the chances?

to all girls may I ask these questions if your taken or single which ever and I got a question for guys to and I'm still learning and I had a gf but I was the one being beat up in the relationship and I just wanna ask these questions to get it off my chest so please answer gentle please

if you see your man sleeping on the couch or the bed are you gonna be mad?

when you girls feel lonely can you think of some ways why are you lonely?

do all girls or do some girls read more

I dont think I love you anymore, but because I once did, I don't want to hurt you :/

love can be shown in many ways. Romantic love is hard to determine, devotional love is scarce, but I love lots of people like I would a brother or sister. Most people I love I haven't met with face to... read more

So lonnng story short.. I was in Europe with a tour group with people my age. There was this guy, let's call him Jimmy. Anyways, Him and i as well as a bunch of other people from our group went out to a bunch of bars. I drank a lot, this was the most drunk i got all trip. At the end of the night Jimmy tried to kiss me. I rejected him because i had a boyfriend. I texted my bf the next morning about it. And ever since then he has hated Jimmy before getting to know him

Fast for... read more

So I have a kik and I've been giving a bunch of people my nudes and I feel kinda cheap but I love the attention. Im a horrible person

love is not something that happens to people like me

All I want is to spend the rest of my life with you. You're the only man I've ever loved and ever want to love. No one else could ever come close to you. But yet you compare me to every other girl. How is it I'm not good enough for you?

We can't love each other
I'm gonna end it before we get into anything more than this kind of friendship.

I should have the heart to do so
I'm gonna terminate anything that might cause me pain or regret in the future

I wanna date with a marriage minded person like me.

So--- It's quite sad but I can't be with you. You're like that guy who once liked me :( sorry, can't repeat that sh** anymore.

I wanna find my true perf... read more

It's hard to accept love after being raped.

I'd love to know the gluten free recipes if you're still here.

If youre boy/girlfriend pressures you into sex,thats not okay.It doesnt matter if they say they love you,or that if you dont sleep with them theyll break up with you,NO MEANS NO DONT DO IT.YOURE PROBABLY IN A BAD RELATIONSHIP.
Peace be with you.

My boyfriend is too much for me sometimes...too lovey dovey. Everyone can tell who wears the pants in the relationship (me) and who is WAY more smitten (him).

I love it when my dog puts her head on my feet when I'm on the computer. It keeps them nice & warm, plus I like the love :)

my boyfriend got a job recently, and although i couldn't be happier for him, i feel jealous and sad. i mean, i too have a job, but from all the snapchats and texts he sends, he seems like he's having so much fun and making lots of friends easily. we're long distance and have been dating for nearly seven months, but i fear he might forget about me with all these new people and find someone better than me. there's already girls hitting on him and while he rejects them, it still... read more

Why are my friends asking me for love advice. I've been single my whole life so how the f*ck would I know what to do?!

Is that Kia your cover photo ironically? Or do you really love your Kia?