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Please get out of my mind already. If I saw you now I would stare at you deeply, walk into your arms and kiss you passionately but I can't do that. I do not want to relive my past with you. I am with my husband now and we love each other and trying to keep a long distance marriage working. You are also married and who knows if you have a family of your own. Why do you come into my thoughts and make the memories of our co... read more

I feel so strange right now.

I partially blame it on this show I recently started; it involves romance, which is a genre I'm not big on, but I watched it anyway. It got me thinking about romance, in my life.

I've never been the best at social situations, but over the years I'd like to think that I've massively improved myself when it comes to engaging in conversations, and eye contact, and things like that. For a real long time, getting in a romantic relationship was never ... read more

Why are you so busy trying to "protect" people's "minds"

You perverse what love means in every other culture in America
What kind of person are you when you belittle or try and strip someone's beliefs or their freedom of speech?


Why is so much money spent on dangerous equipment to "prevent and stop crimes " in your community
When the money could be spent on other programs helping youth find alternati... read more

If your parents treat the world as dangerous

They are the dangerous ones

Fear is the ultimate precursor to violence, most hanus acts are committed out of fear.

White cops killing unarmed civilians
Fear of the different, fear of the music, fear of the wild, fear of love. They use it to manipulate you and then anger you. Just love but do you. They're just children ... read more

I've been friends with this girl for a few years now, and during the first year - due to her a**h*** behavior and actions towards me and my friends - I had several arguments which ended the friendship for a while. Anyway, stupidly I kept trying to see the good in her and we made friends again this time last year. However since then, its just been more of the same nonsense, and its gotten worse. I had feelings for her the year before we started taking again and she knew this, ... read more

Yes yes i understand mom and dad the world is......

-f***ed up
-dog eat dog
-killed or be killed
-love hate
-mind controlling
-mind bobbing
-gentlemen comes last
-nowhere close to being no ones dream
-love using
-heart crashing
-heart crushing
-not really fair
-face first crashing
-not really peace... read more

You screamed, "I hate you!"
You shrilled, "I wish I never knew you!"

You said, " I don't want you."
You let your mom tear me down. My life. My personality. My pain. My struggle and strife. You let her belittle the man you said you'd never betray.

You said, "maybe in 5 or 10 years."
You said, "who knows maybe we'll find people that suit us better."

You yelled, " Your f***ing crazy, I hate you."

I walked out came back and held you because I knew it was out of pain. You stil... read more

I've decided tonight is the night I'm going to kill myself.
My mom doesn't listen, she just watches her f***ing kpop and goes on twitter andd she is always on her damn phone and when i talk to her she yells at me. My dad yells "PUTANG INA" and everything else at me.
I'm done trying to love my family only to get yelled at or mocked or anything. I've been dragged down stairs and choked by my uncle, with my family expecting... read more

"Good luck dating when you're a Trump supporter."


You know that covers about half the voting population of the US, right? That dating pool is plenty big. Besides that, there are plenty of non-voters, independents, and MAYBE even a handful of Democrats who aren't complete a**h*** .

My wife and I are both Trump supporters, and we still love to go on dates together.

It's Hillary You let your mom tear me down. My life. My personality. My pain. My struggle and strife. You let her belittle the man you said you'd never betray.

You said, "maybe in 5 or 10 years."
You said, "who knows maybe we'll find people that suit us better."

You yelled, " Your f***ing crazy, I hate you."

I walked out came back and held you because I knew it was out of pain. You stil... read more

I just read this on one of those 'dating' apps (I won't embarrass myself by saying which). In the little blurb, the person writes:

"Please have had at least one parent who loved you and cared for you as a child so that I may know that you formed healthy attachment habits and are open and possess the ability to involve yourself in a healthy, functional, long-term relationship with another adult."

I mean, I guess good fo... read more

I don't want this baby. Only because it's HIS Its too late to abort it he makes me wish I never met him he's nothing but a fxckin' liar. ((Other me)) I'm so in love with this baby if only I had the guts to convince the father we were never meant to be make him realize we're both lost n he can still be apart of his life n he cant force me to be with him.. ((also me)) we can make this work. I'm not depressed at all he's ne... read more

my boyfriend is really possessive and doesn't trust me at all. it's a long distance relationship and it's gotten to the point where i can't leave our chatroom on my phone because he'll think i'm talking to someone else. i'm suffering from a lot of mental health problems, especially depression, and i'm struggling to handle this. i'm constantly being told that i'm not doing enough as a girlfriend, and i'm never going to be trusted. i deleted every social app i have and he still... read more

30's, married, 2 kids, bread winner. Married for 9 years.My relationship is just about dead. My husband is not romantic, has kind of turned into a boring old grandpa who never wants to go out, not at the same sexual energy level as I am, he's got a tiny dick, and he's terrible in bed. He was my first and i loved him so much for many years, but he broke my heart multiple times with emotional (not physical) infidelity in t... read more

I love the romantic relationships that develop from a friendship especially an extended friendship. There's a foundation that that love has been built on and I just love it. I hate all the fast paced hookups it's so much more beautiful for love to grow out... read more

I hate not being able to love you , I hate being in the foster system as I've been for 3 years , I hate feeling like my whole life is crashing down and there's nothing I can do about it , like I'm losing everything , everyone . I just want to be okay but I know it won't be

I love BETTY NUGS!!!!!!

if there was a god all the people i fall for wouldn't be constantly ripped from my life. maybe i'm not meant to be loved. i want to give up so bad. i loved her so much

I don't feel like my family understands me. It not because of my sexuality. (I'm straight) but its how they treat me. I felt like if I need to cry I can't. But instead just crying to myslef. My mom and dad hit me and my siblings when we were younger. But know that I'm 15 they stopped. My parents only hit me for discipline reasons. They don't drink or do that sort of crap. But my mom told my siblings that we were moving rooms. I hated it. I dont think my mom understands me hat... read more

I broke up with my online partner of 2 years because I felt like I barely ever got to see them. They were really nice about it and told me they understood. It was especially heartbreaking because I felt like neither of us really stopped being in love with eachother. I was actually ready to marry them. But the distance was just too much for me to deal with. I felt really lonely all the time. Sometimes they'd only log in t... read more