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I like her so much that I actually wish she never entered my life. I love her but I wish I never met her. I can't stand being jealous of other guys just because she happens to acknowledge them. I can't stand not being able to see her as much as I'd like to. I can't stand us never talking, but I'm hesitant to text her because I never texted her first and it's been a while since we've texted each other and I don't know if ... read more

My love look what you've done.
You promised me endless love, a family, a forever .
Told me you loved me and would never let me go, Told me I was your world and that you'd die without me.
I didn't know forever was so short, I wouldn't of accepted it...
Since you did what you did you left me alone to fend for mys... read more

Ever heard the phrase "your words are stronger than your actions".

You probably heard of it, but you don't take a second to actually go in depth with those phrases, as in why words are stronger than actions. Truth be told that words hold a huge impact on some people, no wonder people go jump off a roof, slit their wrists, and jump off a bridge. Actions do the same but you don't see everyone trying to harass, choke, or even kill others on a daily basis.

Words are just anothe... read more

ive had one best friend, and she was my soul mate. i mean she really was my everything. and then things happened and she ditched me after years and i sunk LOW but the thing is im okay now. we talk now, sometimes. we're going out for dinner this week. but. its not like it used to be. and it never will be. she missed so much. i did so many things by myself that i should not have had to be alone for. i was just a kid. i was a kid and she left and called me selfish and hurt me an... read more

Dear Grayson,
I will never love you again. You have let your body go to sh**. You treated me poorly in high school, chose a pedophilic woman over me, dated children when you graduated, and even had the nerve to cheat on me with one of them.
A real man came into my life and showed me a lot about myself, the world, and how things can be nice. I have never felt so love... read more

Life just sucks lmao. It's 3am and I'm sitting here, crying like a p**** a** b****. Crying about the fact that I can't connect with my parents as much and my other family that I live with are just a**h*** to me. My love life is just pointless with the fact that my family is manipulative and controlling. Boys can never stay with me. I can't do things I am interested in or want to do because of family. Family is the core ... read more

My boyfriend acting like everything is fine while obviously, something is wrong with him. Up until last wednesday, we used to be on the phone all the time, talk about everything, watch videos together, hang out with his friends and all. Something happened a month ago, something i regret a lot, it has nothing to do with cheating but still really hurt him.
I tried to explain and he told me he's fine and still loves me, we'... read more

Come sit look in my eyes and don't look away I'm gonna fight all your demons till the end my beautiful queen.

Take my hand and dance with me under the glazing moon and stars and ima treat you like my majesty.

No please don't cry milady as I shall force open the clouds above and make sure the suns ray hits your beautiful red cheeks and face.

No shadow will ever come near your way as me in front I will always protect you no matter how much the shadows hurt I wont never let i... read more

As much as you drive me crazy, I love you for loving me no matter what

I feel like the only thing keeping me here is money problems. love is turning to resentment.

I want you to want to talk to me. You do sometime but I wish it was everyday. I have a problem, a problem called love.

Advise needed!!!!

So, I'm dating this girl, and we've been dating for over a year and I think I love her. But I'm also talking to my ex whom I dated for 3 years. Some part me wants to end my current relationship but I can totally see us together. But I still like talking to my ex and I need to choose one but if I choose my ex. How do I let my current gf down? She's so sensitive and I don't want to hurt her. What shoul... read more

If no one told you they love you today, just remember I do. I may not know you personally, but we are all souls going through this life together. And life gets hard, and it can feel hopeless and meaningless at times. During those times, remember you are not alone, I love you, and you will make it through.

Sometimes I imagine myself with her. I want a life with her. I want to watch the sun set with her, and stay up way later than we should looking at the stars. I want to learn how to cook, so I can surprise her when she comes home from a long day of work, so she doesn't have to do it herself. I want to leave her love letters where they don't belong, so that when she reaches in her coat pocket she can be reminded of how muc... read more

WHY did my boyfriend step BACK as soon as I leaned IN to our relationship? He was the one pursuing me, being sweet, promising a future and making plans . As soon as I believed and started trusting him and fell in love with him ...he backed away. It's gotten to the point where he says "I don't think I'm the guy for you/that will make you happy", "I think dating you was a mistake", "I don't think I want to marry for anouth... read more

My group of friends want to make a youtube channel and we're planning a skit but we need the 'leader' 's approval on the skit.

Thing is though the leader is going through a heavy breakup, even if the two sides hated each other- the whole thing is still pretty 'bad feeling'. I'm not fully aware of the idea of love so maybe i'm wrong on this though.

two of my friends are in a relationship [and they're stereotypical coupl... read more

Well, Dearie, what a fine kettle of fish you've found yourself in, eh? You've been cut off, shut out, berated, and smeared. Oh, Dear, isn't that exactly what you did to me for years???? Hrmm, that's odd, because it's almost as though you are getting back what you've dished out!!! Well, there is one, teenie, tiny difference: when I deliver karma, I give it to ya 3 fold. It's one of those magical laws, you know what I mean? I don't just beat the horse into a leather purse, I sa... read more

My dad is half mexican and I am a quarter. I have never been a group of mexicans besides my family. But today my dad introduced me to this mexican guy he used to work with at this restaurant. He is so short, has a tooth missing and his nickname is Perra (which means b**** in spanish). I thought it was weird at first, but I love it. I love that guys since of humor!

I'm black and I love all people, even those who hate others for their differences🤗😘

A coward who needs me to solve her problems for her, a pushover that'll allow any guy to f*** and abuse her apparently for love and attention, and her only show of being "strong" is when she's standing up to me with violence when I close my bedroom door that's perceived as an act of war, and relies on others to "like" her and puts on a goodgirl act.
Gee and you wonder why I don't "like" you Kali.