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My guy friend likes me WAY MORE then I like him and I am not quiet sure how to tell him. I am a girl that falls for a guys looks, but when he fell into my lap I began to fall for his personality. I always love talking with him and have considered giving him a shot despite him not being my type. But he slowly got more and more intense as time went on and I did not know how to handle it. I have always been a push over when... read more

Unrequited love is something I'm very use to. But it hits hard every single time. I really, really want him to feel the same, but he doesn't.

Would love to sleep with a bbw

What do I do? They are threatening suicide, I have no idea what to do.... I gave them the Suicide prevention number... I hope they'll be okay. They have a lover too. Heck, I never met them or know who they are. But I'm so scared right now...
#Suicide #Suicidepervention #Help #helpplease

I love my bf with all my heart. He is an amazing guy and I want to show him my love and be supportive in every possible way.
He is in the middle of a divorce and he has 3 kids. 2 are his blood and the other that he claims but was already born before his soon to be ex wife got with him.
What pisses me off about this is he pays child support for all 3 kids and hardly ... read more

My three year old daughter is out of control. Im trying so hard to teach her to do the right thing and to be kind, I pray for her and with her daily, I always talk to her and I never spank her out of anger. She has some bad friends already (they are technically family) who teach her to do awful things like flash strangers and use cuss words. I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE. I don't know what to do. Everyone acts like my kid is the only bad one, but she is just the one getting caught. ... read more

I love seeing this chick act like everything is just fine and dandy online but in real life my mom's evicting her and her bf's family.

Your man should've payed rent with that money instead of buying a new car boo.

Bring in love with someone is a dangerous state to be in. The pain, anxiety, and stress that comes with it love i don't believe it's worth. If I could go back in time I would never let you in.

All I want is a hug from my grandpa... I wish he was still around to give me one. I know he's watching out for me though. I love you, Papa...

I just love how my mom treats my brothers girlfriends more like her daughter than me🙃 OH but my favorite part is how she puts me down in front of them and calls me a b****.. its just amazing, such a wonder mother.

Sitting across from someone whom you still love from the bottom of your heart who used to love you in the same way but doesn't anymore has got to be one of the worst feelings

Don't you just love it when you can't stop thinking about someone who can't stop thinking about someone else that is not you?

I wish more than anything that I could talk to a man about my lovelife...
I wish I could hear the man's perspective. The man I'm in love with is mysterious and incredibly difficult to interpret.
I wish I could show a guy friend all my texts, and get his advice about what to do.

I f***ing hate stink bugs!!! They've kept flying into th apartment these last two weeks! Luckily there are also a few small spiders (impossible to keep them completely out since we re in the countryside) and they have been imprisoning the stupid stink bugs in their webs. Gotta love them spiders

If only I could quit work and return to be with my love.

I've loved you since I was 16. It has been 12 long years. When will you love me back?

So I know this is just going to get buried under other situations and whatnot but I'm still gonna say it. I'm a high school senior. I'm going to one of the games tonight, but every time I go to one I get this overwhelming feeling of depression and sadness. I see those guys walking with their girls and having amazing times and laying out on blankets watching the game or maybe the stars etc. I've NEVER known what it feels like to have a girl be with me for me. I've never had a ... read more

Major life decision:
This man I have loved for five years, and been good friends with, asked me to move in with him. He lives four states away.
We have had a strange relationship for a year that began in lust, but over the course of the year turned into serious "I love you"s.
He said it to me, I said it to him.
Now, he has been a player with girls in the past, but I... read more

why do I love a monster

I hope that you didn't that I was serious on our trip. Look deep down within yourself and ask yourself do u really want true love. Or do you want to go on pretending for the rest of your life? Did you really expect for me to not talk to my gf after we got back? Come clean with your spying on my phone and maybe we can have somewhat of a decent marriage. It kills you to know that I'm cheating but you can't say or do anythi... read more